Hades 2 Nocturnal Arms

Hades 2: How to Unlock Nocturnal Arms

In Hades 2, Melinoë might have magic powers, but it’s important to make sure she has good weapons if you want to fight off the many enemies in the Underworld….

Stellar Blade Combat Guide

Stellar Blade Combat Guide – Tips and Tricks to Master the Combat

Stellar Blade is a tough game that needs quick thinking and the skill to defend against various enemies and their combo attacks. Memorizing and practicing are key, but we’re here…

Stellar Blade Memory Stick Locations Guide

Stellar Blade Memory Stick Locations Guide – All Memory Sticks, Where to Find

During Eve’s adventure through the remains of Earth in Stellar Blade, she’ll find the bodies of people who died in the ruins. When she checks these bodies, she might discover…

Stellar Blade Can Locations

Stellar Blade Can Locations Guide – Can Collector Trophy, Black Pearl Outfit

As Eve travels through the Stellar Blade world, she’ll find different types of drink cans scattered around. These cans are like old treasures from the past. When she collects them,…

Stellar Blade Endings Guide

Stellar Blade Endings Guide – How to Unlock Good Ending, Bad Ending, Secret Ending

In Stellar Blade, you have three ways the story can end. The ending you get is based on what you choose at the end: whether you shake Adam’s hand or…

Stellar Blade All Outfits

Stellar Blade: All Outfits and Nano Suits Unlock Guide

In Stellar Blade, there are special clothes called Nano Suits and outfits for EVE. You can get them by playing and progressing through the game. These clothes just make EVE…

Stellar Blade Best Skills

Stellar Blade: Best Skills to Unlock First in the Game

As soon as you begin, Stellar Blade introduces many new words and a big Skill Tree, which might feel like too much at once. But don’t worry, we’ve made a…

Rise of the Ronin Character Respec Guide

Rise of the Ronin Character Respec Guide – How to Respec, Unlock Respec Ability

At the beginning of the game, you get to pick where your Blade Sharpening skills come from. As you play more, you might want to change your abilities. Luckily, in…

Rise of the Ronin Silver Coins

Rise of the Ronin: How to Farm Silver Coins

In Rise of the Ronin, there are two kinds of money you can use, and one of them is Silver Coins. These coins are not as easy to get as…

Rise of the Ronin Combat Styles

Rise of the Ronin: How to Gain Combat Styles

In the game Rise of the Ronin, every weapon starts with a basic way to fight called a Combat Style. But don’t think that’s the only way to use them….