Unleash the Power of Wizordum Episode Two Spells Chaos This Summer

Wizordum Episode Two

Wizordum, the retro-style first-person spellcaster developed by Emberheart Games and published by Apogee Entertainment, is gearing up for an epic battle against wickedness with the highly anticipated release of Episode Two. Set to launch on PC via Steam and GOG this Summer, Episode Two promises to take players on an enchanting journey filled with thrilling new features and spellbinding adventures.

Special Announcement at OTK Expo

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 4, 2024, as Wizordum gears up for a special announcement during the OTK Expo showcase. Tune in to catch the exciting details about Episode Two and what’s in store for aspiring mages.

Check out the Episode 2 Teaser below:

Episode Two: A Journey of Magic and Mystery

Following the successful cleansing of corruption from Grimbrook, Episode Two delves deeper into the heart of Chaos as players embark on a quest to uncover its elusive source. Explore all-new locales, encounter formidable foes, and master a revamped magic system that adds depth and excitement to the spell-slinging experience.

Unleash New Spells and Abilities

Episode Two introduces the powerful Storm Gauntlets, allowing players to harness godlike lightning bolts to obliterate enemies. Existing weapons also receive new secondary attacks, such as the Fire Ring’s flame-breathing ability and the Spellstriker’s Arcane Rock explosion. These enhancements add layers of strategy and devastation to your magical arsenal.

Conquer Diverse Biomes and Challenges

Prepare to traverse both familiar and brand-new biomes in the expanded Campaign Mode. From magical forests infested with spiders to swamp ruins filled with bog beasts, and mercenary-laden warships, each environment presents unique challenges and surprises. Dare to brave the perilous Mountain Fortress, where deadly traps and obstacles await at every turn.

Wizordum Episode Two

Upgrade Your Magic and Customize Your Playstyle

Collect coins scattered throughout quests and visit the newly added sorcerer’s shop to upgrade spells, unlock alternate attacks, and acquire valuable enhancements. Experiment with multiple difficulty options and speedrun-friendly levels, or unleash your creativity with the in-game level editor to craft custom challenges and share them with fellow wizards worldwide.

Symphonic Suite and Community Feedback

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Wizordum with the captivating “Symphonic Suite from Wizordum,” available on Apogee’s YouTube channel and major music streaming platforms. Developer Primož Vovk expressed excitement about the community’s feedback and teased even more content for the upcoming 1.0 release.

Wizordum Episode Two

Join the Magical Adventure

Wizordum is currently available on Steam for $14.99, offering players a chance to embark on a magical journey filled with mystery, combat, and endless enchantment. Prepare to wield the power of magic and dive into the world of Wizordum like never before with the new update.

Would you be interested in jumping back into Wizordum to try out Episode Two? Let us know in the comments section below.

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