Experience the Rush of Cosmic Euphoria in VR with STARWAVE this September


Developer Tigertron and Skymap Games have announced the release date for STARWAVE, a cosmic VR experience that combines high-energy music with exhilarating freeform movement. Launching on September 5th, 2024, for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3, STARWAVE promises a vibrant universe where you can feel the rhythm of the stars and paint the night sky with your movements.

STARWAVE is not just a game; it’s a voyage through distant galaxies filled with dynamic energy and pulsating beats. The game will allow you to soar through the cosmos, interacting with celestial phenomena like supernovas, stardust trails, comets, and asteroids. Each action, whether it’s swinging at supernovas to light up the sky or charging up comets, brings an adrenaline rush and a sense of cosmic harmony. You can check it out in the latest trailer for the game below:

One of the prominent features of STARWAVE is its emphasis on freeform movement. You can create your own style and navigate through the game’s 36 unique areas across six different galaxies, each offering distinct electronic dance music tracks. This ensures that no two journeys are ever the same, providing endless replayability and a personalized experience that evolves with each playthrough.

The soundtrack of STARWAVE is integral to its immersive experience. The game features a pulse-pounding hyperspace soundtrack that complements the vibrant visuals and energetic gameplay. As you travel through various galaxies, you will discover new music styles that enhance the sense of adventure and excitement.


Beyond the high-energy gameplay, STARWAVE also offers a meditative side with its ‘Stargazer’ mode. In this mode, you can gather star energy to create stunning constellations and take a moment to relax and observe their progress. It’s a serene retreat that contrasts beautifully with the game’s more intense moments, providing a well-rounded experience that caters to different moods.

STARWAVE keeps the experience fresh with daily challenges that encourage community participation. You can also tap into the real-time cycles of Earth’s moon for bonus incentives and aim to complete streaks to climb the leaderboards. Additionally, the game features hidden crystals scattered throughout the starfield, offering mysteries and rewards for those who hone their skills and explore diligently.


STARWAVE is the result of a collaboration between industry veterans with experience in blockbuster franchises like Guitar Hero, the awe-inspiring classic Child of Eden, and the VR phenomenon Supernatural: Unreal Fitness. This collective expertise has culminated in a game that pushes the boundaries of what VR can offer.

STARWAVE will be available on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 starting September 5th, 2024. Get ready to experience a daily rush of interstellar euphoria without the need for subscriptions. If you are interested in playing it when it launches, you can head over to the Meta Quest store and add it to your wishlist.

What are your thoughts on STARWAVE and is it something that you might be interested in playing when it launches later this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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