Tate Multimedia’s Steel Rats Gets A Gameplay Trailer at PAX West 2018

Steel Rats

Steel Rats is an upcoming motorbike combat game that is developed by Tate Multimedia. The gameplay that was shown at PAX West highlighted the main characters on motorbikes fighting against violent alien robots. The trailer also teased each of the biker’s abilities and combat skills.

Steel Rats was first announced in October of last year and developers are pushing for a release this year in 2018. However, a release date is yet to be announced. The game will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC users.

Steel Rats – Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay of Steel Rats looks to be based on a post-apocalyptical world where you play as one of three characters on motorbikes to fight against an invasion of robots, known as Junkbots.

Combat style in Steel Rats is destructive and speed focused if we talk about abilities of a character, and of course all these attacks are performed while on a motorcycle. In addition, there are elements of stunt actions too. As shown in the trailer, bikes can raise their front wheels and turn them into a saw blades that let you take down enemies through obstacles.

Steel Rats

Tate Multimedia also provided an overview of the trailer:

“Breaking news from Coastal City, as an alien invasion by a mysterious and deadly species of Junkbots has begun. Fearless reporter Veronica Vance is on the ground bringing you the first details of how this disaster started and the identities of the Steel Rats, a heroic biker gang doing what all good biker gangs do: saving their city from aliens.

Where did the Junkbots come from? Who sent them? Is that a toaster they’re using as a weapon of destruction? These are the questions plaguing the people of Coastal City and only through this extra special video edition of the Coastal Post will you get your first glimpse of the invading armada and see what brought a city to ruin.

Meet the colorful characters and personalities that make up the fearless Steel Rats, a biker gang with no choice but to defend their city from the invading horde. See their spectacular riding skills! Witness their leather clad, spike-laden shoulder pads! Gasp as they take to the streets at full throttle, ready to wreck and ride.”

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Let us know what you think of Street Rats by Tate Multimedia. Would you like to see it on the Nintendo Switch as well? Post your thoughts below.

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