T-FORCE CARDEA II M.2 SSD & PD400 Portable SSD Announced


T-FORCE is the new gaming brand by Team Group. The brand had a couple of products to show off at E3 2019 but it has some new announcements as well. T-FORCE has now released the CARDEA II M.2 SSD & the PD400 Portable SSD. Fast storage solutions are something that we all need in 2019 and here are some new products that you could look into when you need to upgrade your storage.

The T-FORCE CARDEA II M.2 SSD features the PCIe Gen3 x4 high-speed interface and cooling module with patent gaming fin type design. The gaming fin type cooling module has a patented design (Taiwan Utility Model Patent No. M541645) and has passed rigorous tests and burn-in test. It can be cooled down about 10 degrees in a closed space, and 30 degrees in an open space.

The radiating performance can be increased by 15% compared with a traditional cooling module. Module’s superconductivity – thermally conductive adhesive can effectively accelerate the heat transfer process, so the speed performance won’t be affected by high temperature anymore.


CARDEA II uses a PCIe Gen3 x4 high-speed interface and supports the latest NVMe 1.3 protocol. It has a truly outstanding sequential read/write speed of up to 3400/3000 MB/s, and random read/write speed of up to 180K/160K IOPS.

The portable solid state drive, PD400, uses the latest generation of high-speed USB 3.1 Gen1 interface, which is four times faster than a standard external hard drive. It is lightweight, easy to carry and is pressure resistant, shockproof and waterproof.

Newer SSDs have been announced that come with the PCIe 4.0 interface but you will need an AMD Ryzen system to take advantage of that. If you are looking for the highest performance possible then that is something that you should look into.

Let us know what you think about the T-FORCE CARDEA II M.2 SSD and whether or not this is something that you are interested in buying.

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