Stellar Blade Endings Guide – How to Unlock Good Ending, Bad Ending, Secret Ending

Stellar Blade Endings Guide

In Stellar Blade, you have three ways the story can end. The ending you get is based on what you choose at the end: whether you shake Adam’s hand or not. Also, there’s a bar that fills up as you play, and it affects which ending you’ll see. Each ending comes with its special trophy. You’ll need to see all three endings to get the Platinum trophy for Stellar Blade. This Stellar Blade Endings Guide will help you unlock all the different endings in the game easily.


Endings Guide – Stellar Blade

Before we begin, I want to point out something about the game. You can’t save your progress in different files. The game only has an auto-save feature. Also, once you finish the story, there’s no option to choose a specific chapter or anything like that.

This means that if you want to see all the endings in just one playthrough, it might be tricky. But it’s possible. Here’s what you can do: focus on playing through the main story and don’t do too much of the extra stuff on the side. That way, you won’t finish Lily’s bar too soon.

Note: Lily’s bar is like a progress meter that pops up on your screen when important things happen in the story, when you meet specific characters or finish extra tasks. But, it’s tricky because you can’t see how much of the bar you’ve filled up because it’s not shown anywhere in the game’s menus.

You’ll be okay if you don’t finish too many extra tasks or Citizen Requests. Just make sure you haven’t filled up Lily’s bar completely before reaching the main quest Orcal’s Testimony. Before reaching the point where you can’t turn back (flying to Orbit Elevator), exit the game, save your progress to the PS Cloud, and turn off the automatic sync for Stellar Blade.

To do this, go to Settings -> Saved Data and Game/App Settings -> Saved Data (PS5) -> Sync Saved Data -> Auto-Sync Saved Data -> Turn off Stellar Blade.

Here’s a simpler version: Make sure you save before reaching a point where you can’t go back. Keep one save on your cloud and another on your console. When you finish the game once, you can download the save from the cloud, replace the one on your console, and start from where you left off before.

Return To The Colony (Good Ending)

In the final main mission, called EVE Protocol, there’s a crucial moment when you meet Adam for the last time. He’ll ask you to hold his hand. If you say no, you’ll have to fight against Adam as he turns into the Elder Naytiba. Your progress on Lily’s bar doesn’t affect this ending, but this battle is your last big challenge. Once you defeat him, you’ll see a quick scene and then get the “Return to the Colony” ending.

Cost Of Lost Memories (Bad Ending)

To get the bad ending, go to the point of no return (visiting Spire 4/Orbit Elevator) without finishing Lily’s bar. Just skip doing many Citizen Requests, and you’re good. The portions you get from story events won’t get you to 100%. When you have the final choice with Adam, hold his hand and fight Providence, which is Lily’s mech gone wild. After the fight, you’ll see the Cost of Lost Memories ending.

Secret Ending (Making New Memories)

To unlock the final secret ending, you must fill up Lily’s bar completely. You’ll know it’s full when the icon’s bar breaks open in a short animation. Once you reach this point, during a crucial moment in the story when you’re talking to Adam about visiting the Orbit Elevator, Lily will suggest going to Eidos 9 instead. This will trigger a secret main mission called Secret Garden, which you must complete.

As you continue through the story, following the usual path, you’ll come to the final decision point. This time, when Adam extends his hand, grab it again. You’ll also face a battle against Providence, but this time, the ending will be different.

To Take Or Not To Take Adam’s Hand?

You get to decide what choice you want to make, it’s all on you. But if you’re unsure, we can help you figure it out. Throughout the game, Adam has tricked Eve, but he has reasons you can understand. His goal is noble: he wants to make Xion safe again and create a new type of human by combining the original humans, called Naytibas, with the Andro Eidos, who are the new humans.

On the other hand, Mother Sphere’s story has always been a lie hiding a dark truth. This artificial intelligence caused the original humans on Earth to be wiped out because it wanted only the “improved” Andro Eidos to live there. Mother Sphere then lies, saying that the current people on Earth are real humans (when they’re Andro Eidos) and that they must destroy the monsters (Naytibas) to survive.

In reality, Naytibas were once humans who were changed into the creatures you see. This transformation was done by Raphael Marks (Adam’s other name). He chose to do this because he believed it was the only way to protect what was left of humanity from the Andro Eidos.

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This concludes our Stellar Blade Endings Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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