Stellar Blade Can Locations Guide – Can Collector Trophy, Black Pearl Outfit

Stellar Blade Can Locations

As Eve travels through the Stellar Blade world, she’ll find different types of drink cans scattered around. These cans are like old treasures from the past. When she collects them, Eve’s backpack gets bigger, so she can carry more grenades, health kits, and other useful things. In this Stellar Blade Cans Locations Guide we will tell you where all the cans are located.

Cans Locations Guide – Stellar Blade

Below you will find the locations of all the cans located in the game according to the different regions in the game.

Eidos 7 Can Locations

You will find three cans in Eidos 7.

Potential Blast

You can find this in the Construction Zone area. When you’re in Eidos 7 and facing the Construction Zone Supply Camp, go northwest. Look for a ramp with a pole above it that leads into a broken building. Go inside, beat the Cricket Slasher who jumps you, and keep going up until you reach the highest floor. Fight all the enemies you meet there, then check the table near the mesh fence by the windows. You’ll spot the Potential Blast Can there.

Elixir Carrot

You can find this item in the Flooded Commercial Sector. Remember, you’ll need to lower the floodgate here during the Oblivion side mission to get it. Once the floodgate is down, go to the shopping area below the monorail station that you can now reach. Go down one level and find a café at the end of the path. Look inside this café, and you’ll see the can on a shelf to your left.

Cryo Original

You can find this item in the Flooded Commercial Sector. Remember, to get it, you first have to lower the floodgate during the Oblivion side mission. After that’s done, go down to the shopping area under the monorail station, which is now not flooded and accessible. When you reach the bottom, go to the other side of the plaza from the monorail station, and you’ll see the vending machine mentioned. Use it to get the can.


You will find eight cans in Xion.

Dionysus C

Located in east Xion. Go into the alley just to the west of the bulletin board and go up the stairs on your right. At the top, you’ll see the can next to a railing.

Bayern Weissbier Dunkel

You can find it in the eastern part of Xion. Go down the alley next to the hair salon on the left side. Keep going straight until the path bends to the left. Instead of turning left, continue going straight ahead, and you’ll spot the can.

The Machinetta Caramel Macchiato

You can find the can in the north Xion area. Go to the spot marked on the map, and you’ll see a vending machine up some stairs on the east side of the plaza. Use the machine, and the can will come out.


You can find it in the northern part of Xion. Just follow the map marker, and you’ll see the can on the ground along the raised path in the northeast corner of the plaza.

The Machinetta Americano

You can find it in the middle of Xion. When you get to the spot marked on the map, you’ll be in a long pathway. Walk across the high path on the right side of the pathway, and you’ll spot a vending machine. Use it to get the can.

Red Behemoth

You can find it in the middle part of Xion. When you get to the marked spot on the map, there’s a vending machine at the start of a long path. Use the vending machine to grab the can.

Mountain Sparkle Mont Blanc       

Located in West Xion, right beside Sister’s Junk Shop. Go up the walkway above Sister’s Junk and go to the area just behind the store. There’s a vending machine there that you can use to get the Mountain Sparkle Mont Blanc drink.

GrainT Oolong

In the southern part of Xion, there’s a rope located at a specific spot, right where the second bridge starts from the helipad toward the entrance of Xion. Climb down this rope, walk across the platform you land on, and head down to the rocks below. Pass by the supply box in this area, then jump to the rock in front to find the can.

Stellar Blade Can Locations

The Wastelands Can Locations in Stellar Blade

You will find fifteen cans in The Wastelands.

Cryo Cafe Original

In The Wasteland’s Great Canyon area, you’ll discover this. Follow the map marker to a big boat. Walk through the middle of the boat and come out the other side, then turn left. Up on the ridge ahead, you’ll spot the can.

Behemoth Green

Located in the Great Canyon area of The Wasteland, we need to take a little side trip to find this can. When you get there, instead of a can, you’ll find a spot swarming with enemies. Beat them all and then search for a metal ball at the back of the area. If you walk into it, you’ll kick it. Once you bring the ball to a certain spot, you’ll find a small machine with two buttons on the ground. Kick one ball onto one button, and then move the other ball onto the other button. This will open up a chest to the right, spitting out a can. Grab it to cross another can off our list.

Potential Tempest

Near the Solar Tower in The Wasteland, there’s a spot where you’ll find a stack of shipping containers with a chest on top. But to get to it, you’ll first need to activate three terminals in the area. The first one is just north of the chest. The second is northwest, guarded by a Hedgeboar. The last one is southwest, near a billboard and another Hedgeboar.

Once you’ve activated all three terminals, return to where you started and you’ll see an orange box. Move it to the right side of the containers. It might take a bit of time to climb up, so adjust the box if needed. Once you’re on top, activate the final terminal to open the chest, and inside, you’ll find the Potential Tempest can.

Corsair Lager

In the Scrap Plains area of The Wasteland, you’ll find a can on a tall steel structure. To get it, you need to activate a switch on a podium nearby. When you do, the structure will lower, allowing you to climb on it. But, as you rush back to the structure, two turrets on each side will shoot at you. To dodge them, sprint forward and use nearby objects for cover. Once you reach the platform, hide behind the blue block until the structure goes up again. Then, open the chest to get the Corsair Lager can.

Bayern Hefe Weissbier

Located in The Wasteland’s Basin area, go to the marked spot and you’ll see a vending machine along a long desert road. Use it, and a can will come out.

Cryo The Clear

In The Wasteland, there’s a place called the Forbidden Area. You can find it in a special section. To enter, climb down using the ropes at the top of the Forbidden Area crater. As you go down, about halfway, you’ll see a gate. It opens by itself. Walk through it, and you’ll find the can on the other side.

Pixie Zero

Located in the Scrap Plains, when you get to the marker, you’ll stand on a long ridge of dirt overlooking the area. Move to the left side of this ridge and look down. You’ll spot a metal canopy with a trapped drone underneath, just below where you stand. Use your gun to aim at the canopy and shoot the three highlighted yellow girders when you activate your scan ability. Once they’re destroyed, the drone will be released. As a thank-you, it will fly up to the ridge and dig out a can near the green shipping container behind you.

The Machinetta Cafe Latte

You can find the can in the Power Plant, which is a bit past the Junkyard in the Scrap Plains. When you get there, you’ll have to move three carts onto pressure plates around the plant.

The first cart is on the right side of the plant. The second one is upstairs past the supply box on the top side of the plant. The last one is on the left side of the stairs on the other side of the plant.

Once all three carts are on the pressure plates, a cutscene will start, and a box will fall near the plant’s entrance. Break open the box, and you’ll find the can inside.

GrainT Corn

You can find this on the way from the South Barren Land to the Junkyard. When you reach the spot, you’ll notice a vending machine along a long path that goes towards the North Lake Mall sign. Use the vending machine to get the can.

GrainT Barley

To reach the puzzle near Altess Levoire, it takes more than just walking. First, we need to climb the mountains to the left of the entrance. Go left of the entrance, through the gate, then climb the cliffs to the top of the mountain. At the top, deal with any Mutators, then head to the marked spot on the map.

There, you’ll see bars and handholds leading across the mountains to a drawbridge in a gated-off area. Follow this path, cross the bridge, and drop into the gated-off section. Defeat the Lump guarding the puzzle, and then we can begin.

Here’s another puzzle involving pressure plates. We need to open the floor shutter at the center of the area by moving carts onto the surrounding pressure plates to make two specific numbers. Let’s go through the steps.

Start by pushing one of the two nearby carts onto the pressure plate in the top left corner of the puzzle. This will make a rope nearby to drop down. Climb up the rope, then go left and drop down into the fenced-off room below. Inside, there’s a cart and a switch. Hit the switch to raise the fence, then push the cart out into the center of the puzzle area.

Now, we have everything we need to solve the puzzle. Stand between the two pressure plates below the shutter and look up at the billboard. It shows the numbers 23 | 03. These are the numbers we need to make using the carts.  Look at the two panels in front of you. The left panel should read 20 and the right panel should read 04. To solve the puzzle, we need to change the left panel to 23 and the right panel to 03.

It’s quite simple. Take each cart in the area and push it onto the pressure plate opposite the left panel. This will create the correct number and open the shutter, giving us the next clue.

Mountain Sparkle Halla

In the Great Canyon area of The Wasteland, there’s something cool to find. But to get there, you’ll need to have learned how to do a double jump, which you get after taking the first hyperdrive from Altess Levoire back to Xion. Once you’ve got that skill, you’re ready to go find it. Start by going to the map marker on your map.

Even though the cool thing is a bit far from here, we’ve got to find some handholds and bars to reach it. When you get there, look for some handholds on the cliff to the right of the entrance to a nearby ravine.

Use your double jump to get up there and climb onto the rocks above. From there, you’ll see some bars ahead of you. Cross the first two bars, then jump to your left to grab onto a third one. Jump from there to the rocks sticking out of the ravine wall, and then move to the left onto two more sets of rocks.

When you get to the last rock, use it to go around the corner of the ravine, and you’ll see one last bar in front of you. Use it to jump onto the mound right ahead, then fight the enemies you find there. Inside the box in this small area, you’ll find the cool thing you were looking for.

The Haven Green Tea

Head to the Solar Tower area in The Wasteland. Make sure you can jump twice in the air, then go to the marked spot on your map.

Once you get there, you’ll be on a small bridge made of rocks, next to a chest. Open it to get the Racers High design pattern. Look south and down from here. You’ll see some bars and handholds, like in the picture. This part can be hard because you need to jump precisely. Jump from the ledge to the bars below, then use them to jump to the wooden platform across from them.

From the platform, use the handholds above to move along the cliff until you see two bars. Swing across them and jump to the wooden platform sticking out from the cliff. Use double jump to land on it, then climb up the handholds above. You’ll find two more sets of bars. Jump across them, and when you get to the last one, jump forward. Use double jump to adjust your jump to grab the handhold ahead. Then, you’ll see two more bars on your left. Swing across them, then double jump to grab the handhold they lead to.

Now, just climb the rest of the handholds and a ladder to reach the top of the cliff. At the top, you’ll find the can in a crate next to a tree. Open the crate, and the can is yours.

Nectar Orange

In the Great Canyon area of The Wasteland, there’s something special to find. But to get to it, you need to be able to jump twice. Once you have that ability, go to the marked spot on the map in The Wasteland. There, you’ll see an orange crate you can move around. Take it and push it over to the big sign across the street.

Use your scanner to look at the sign. You’ll notice a part sticking out on the right side that you can grab onto. Put the crate under that part, then climb onto the crate and jump again to reach the sticking-out part.

Once you’re there, climb up to the sign’s main walkway. From there, you can go to the crate on the other side of the sign and break it open to get the can inside.

Elixir Green

You can find this in the Scrap Plains area of The Wasteland. When you get to the spot marked on your map, you’ll see two tall steel cages that you can’t jump to. On the left side of the platform, there’s a raised area. Look closely and you’ll spot a metal ramp aiming towards the cages. Use this ramp to leap from the first cage to the second one. Then, drop down, go inside, and pick up the can from the floor.

Cryo Zero

You can discover this in the Great Canyon part of The Wasteland. When you reach the marked spot on your map, you’ll come to a place where four paths meet in a narrow valley. At the end of the northern path, there’s a chest. When you open it, a flying target will come out. Shoot it, and it will fly to the middle of the valley. Shoot it again there, and it will go to the end of the southern path. One more shot and it will drop the can.

Stellar Blade Best Skills

Matrix 11

You will find three cans in Matrix 11.

Cryo Cafe Vanilla

In the Rail Yard area of Matrix 11, you’ll come across this after defeating the Stalker boss. Go up to the train cleaning controls on the platform to your left after the boss fight. First, move the train so it’s straight across, letting you reach the platform on the right side. Once done, leave the controls and cross over the subway car bridge to the other side. There, you’ll spot a device with a rope, which you can lower to the ground.

Lower the rope, then return to the cleaning controls and adjust the train to be diagonal, with its back facing the lowered rope device. After that, leave the controls, drop down to the lower floor, and use the rope to climb up to the platform on the right side. From there, jump onto the train car, cross over it, and use it to reach the platform at the back of the room. Once there, jump down to the lower left platform where you’ll find the can next to some boxes.

New Foundland Dry

You can find this in the Juggernaut Boss area in Matrix 11. First, defeat the Juggernaut, then use your scanner to check the pile of debris in the top right corner of the room. Underneath all the rubble, there’s a supply box and a can. Climb up the rubble and shipping containers to reach the top. There, you’ll see a hole you can jump through. Drop down and go under the stairs to your right, then enter the room ahead. You’ll find the can on the floor in this room.

Corsair Ale

In Matrix 11, there’s a place called the Train Graveyard. Once you beat the Juggernaut boss in the Temporary Armoury, you’ll go through a long tunnel in the graveyard. Keep swimming to the end of the tunnel until you see a fence. Underneath the water, find a hole on the left side of the tunnel in the fence. Swim through it, come out on the other side, and then look to your right. You’ll find the can on a walkway there.

The Great Desert

You will find sixteen cans in The Great Desert.

Nectar Grape

You can find this in the Oasis part of the Great Desert. When you reach the map spot, there’s a vending machine just below the Oasis fishing spot. Use it, and you’ll receive the Nectar Grape can.

Haven Earl Grey

You can find this item on the broken Hypertube near the entrance to Abyss Levoire in the Great Desert. Once you get there, climb up the Hypertube and go all the way to the end. You’ll see the can inside a crate waiting for you.

Behemoth Black

You can find this puzzle in the Central Buried Ruins part of the Great Desert. When you get there, you’ll see a big parking area with a box under a sign that says 12213. To open the box, we have to move three crates to different spots in the parking lot.

First, let’s solve the puzzle. The number on the sign is important. Even though it looks like one code, it’s three codes combined. Each spot in the parking lot has a number on it. To solve the puzzle, we need to move each crate to a spot with a number to match the code on the sign.

So, move one crate to the number 12, another to the number 2, and the last one to the number 13. When they’re all in place, the box under the sign will open, and you’ll find the Behemoth Black can inside.

Mountain Sparkle Everest

In the Central Buried Ruins area of the Great Desert, follow the path beyond the Middle Path between Ruins camp. You’ll reach a big area with a building guarded by lasers. Find a movable crate on the left side of where you came in. Push it toward the lasers.

While doing this, you’ll face two groups of enemies: Creepers and Mutated Creepers first, then two Lurkers. Beat them and keep pushing the crate until it reaches the lasers. Push it into the lasers to open a path on the left side. Go through it and open the crate inside the building to get the Mountain Sparkle Everest can.

Liquid Nuclear

In the Central Buried Ruins area of the Great Desert, near the Opera House, you can find a special item. To get it, first go to the spot marked on the map. When you get there, you’ll see a rundown house with a locked gate beside it.

Use the scaffolding nearby to get into the broken house. Then, go through the hole in the wall to your right. Inside, there’s a room with a box you can move around and a dirt path around some rubble. Take the box and follow the path, fighting enemies that appear. The path ends under a hole in the wall marked with yellow paint, showing it’s climbable.

Jump onto the box and through the wall. You’ll end up in a backyard with enemies and tentacles. Defeat them all, then search for a box near the gate we saw earlier. Inside that box, you’ll find the Liquid Nuclear can.

Johnson’s Highball Ginger

Located in the Central Buried Ruins part of the Great Desert, near the Opera House. When you reach the spot, you’ll find a strangely quiet area with red barrels and a vending machine against the back wall. As you enter, three tentacles and a Lurker will pop out of the ground. Beat them, then use the vending machine to grab the can.

Potential Frost

You can find the crate in the West Buried Ruins area of the Great Desert. To get there, start from the spot marked on the map. Look for a bright sign with an arrow pointing up near a yellow ladder that’s on top of a bus. Climb up the ladder and onto the bus.

From there, jump across to the building on the left, then keep going to the next rooftop. On this rooftop, you’ll spot a seesaw, a yellow pole between this building and the one to the left, and an orange box that you can move around. Grab the orange box and slide it next to the side of the seesaw opposite the pole.

Stand on the seesaw to lower it down, then push the box against the side of the seesaw. Once it’s in place, run up the weighted seesaw and leap to grab onto the pole. Use the pole to swing yourself over to the next building, then drop down to the lower part of the rooftop. Now turn around, and you’ll see the crate behind two lasers. Jump through the gap between the lasers and open the crate to get the Potential Frost can.

The Haven Milk Tea

Located near the Opera House in the Central Buried Ruins, there’s a puzzle waiting for you. But the tricky part isn’t just solving it—it’s finding enough carts to solve it.

In this enclosed area, you’ll come across three platforms with pressure plates. Stepping on these plates adds numbers to a glowing orange hologram above the central unit. Your goal is to make specific numbers to open a door on the far right side. But here’s the catch: the numbers you need and how to input them are given right away. The left platform needs 4, the center needs 6, and the right needs 7.

But to achieve these numbers, you need carts to weigh down the pressure plates. Let’s tackle each platform step by step. To get carts for the left platform, face the central terminal and look behind it. There’s a door blocked by rubble with an explosive barrel in the center. Blow it up, and you’ll find a cart inside. Take it to the platform and put it on the bottom left pressure plate. The second cart should already be there, so move it to the top right pressure plate. That’s one platform sorted.

Now, go to the middle platform. This time, search for an open doorway to the right of the scaffolding across from the platform. Inside, there will be two carts. Push them to the platform and put them on the plates on the left and right sides of the central terminal. Then, go to the platform on the right side of the area. Across from it, you’ll spot a broken bus crashed into the fence. On both sides of this bus, there are two carts. Push them onto the plates on the platform.

Lastly, go to the shutter behind the platform on the right side and operate the terminal. It will open the shutter, and behind it, you’ll find the can inside a crate.

Stellar Blade Can Locations

Liquid Fire

In the Great Desert, there’s a place called the North Buried Ruins, which you can see on the map. When you get there, you’ll see a collapsed building with a path going inside that leads to the roof. Climb up the rubble, and on top, you’ll find a crate. Open the crate, and it’ll start a shooting challenge.

You have to stand in a blue area and shoot explosive canisters that come towards you. There will be three rounds of canisters, so keep shooting until they’re all gone. Once you clear the sky, the crate will open, and you’ll get the Liquid Fire can.

Cryo the Malt

In the West Buried Ruins area of the Great Desert, there’s a can hidden. To get to it, follow the spot marked on the map. Once you’re there, you’ll see a building near some tall stone pillars with poles sticking out of them. Aim your cannon towards the left side of the building and look up. You’ll spot a target. Shoot it, and a rope will drop down. Climb up the rope and jump onto the roof of the building. There, you’ll find the first of three junction boxes. Before we activate it, let’s understand what’s going on here. When you flip the first junction box, you’ll have to quickly flip two more within a time limit. If you run out of time, the boxes reset, and we have to start over.

So, we need to move fast. When you’re set, flip the switch and then jump across to the poles on the pillars we saw earlier. Cross both poles, then jump to the handholds across from them. Use these to reach another pair of poles to the left, cross them, and jump to the ladder ahead. Climb up the ladder, and at the top, you’ll find the second junction box. Flip it and then go right.

This next part is tricky and might take a few attempts to get right. We need to reach the building opposite to where we are now. There are handholds on the side of that building leading up to the roof. But, it’s a very long jump. Look for the metal grate on the floor facing the next building, then back up so you can run and jump with enough momentum. When you’re ready, sprint forward, and at the last moment, do a double jump and then a dash in mid-air. If you time it well, you’ll grab onto the handhold.

Now, go up to the highest point of the building and smash the last junction box right in front of you to finish the challenge. After that, you can go down the ladder on your right. Then, press the button on the terminal near the shutter of the building where you will find the last junction box. Go in and break open the crate you see to grab the can.

Johnson’s Highball Lemon

You can find the can in the southeast part of the Great Desert map. Follow the map to reach the cave entrance. Once there, go inside. A rock will fall, trapping you. In the middle of the cave, two Lurkers will show up from the sand. Beat them. Then, grab the box on the right side and put it under the handholds on the back wall. Climb on the box, then up the handholds to reach a higher ledge. Open the box there to find the can.

Nectar Cranberry

You can find this in the Central Great Desert area. Go to the map marker shown above, and there you’ll see some drones fixing a walkway connected to the Great Desert wall. Climb onto the handhold on the left side of the wall near the walkway. This will help you climb up to where the drones are. Once you’re up there, jump over the drones and follow them until you can reach the walkway. Once you’re on the walkway, open the chest on top of it to get the can.

Milky Pop Zero

The can is located to the west of the Tetrapod landing pod in the Central Great Desert area. To get there, first head towards the marker shown on the map. When you arrive, you’ll notice some grips on the side of a big rock. Climb up and then spot some poles on your left. Before you jump to them, aim your gun and look for a target above the poles.

When you hit the target, it’ll lower a rope at the end of the poles. Use the poles to launch yourself to the rope and you’ll go up to the rock above. Up there, you’ll find a chest with the can inside.


Located in the Oasis area of the Great Desert, marked on the map. When you get there, you’ll spot a construction sign near a lurker pacing back and forth in a straight line. Go to the middle of the lurker’s path and set up a mine. When the lurker burrows into it, it’ll blow up, and the lurker will pop out along with a box containing the can.

Cryo Cafe Mocha

In the Northern Great Desert, which you can see on the map, something is interesting. Look for a spot marked on the map. There, you’ll find a box. When you interact with it, three targets will pop up behind the box. Shoot them in this order: middle, right, then left. If you do it right, the box will break open and a can will pop out.

Newfoundland Dry Zero

Located in the Central Great Desert, close to the Path of Exiles, marked on the map. When you get there, you’ll see a vast desert area with a Lesser Lurker next to a wooden crate partly covered in sand. Take out the Lesser Lurker first, then shoot the crate with your gun. That should make the can inside the crate pop out.

Spiral 4 Can Locations in Stellar Blade

You will find four cans in Spiral 4.

Milky Pop

Located in the Hypertube zone of Spiral 4. After beating Belal for the first time at the end of the Hypertube, head up to the Supply Camp in that area. On the right side of the camp, pipes are sticking out of the wall.

Jump onto these pipes and use them to get to the walkway behind the camp. Follow this walkway around the room until you reach a long pathway. At the end of this path, you’ll find the can.

Liquid Lightning

You can find this in the Space Logistics Complex. Go along the path until you get to the Supply Camp right after passing through the conveyor belt challenge. Look straight across from this camp and use your scanning skills. You’ll spot a can hidden behind shipping crates near an Orca banner. Move around the crates and grab the can to collect it.

Nectar Apple

In Raphael’s Space Centre area, when you go into the lobby of the building, go behind the Information Desk. Look to your right and use your scanner. You’ll find the can hidden behind some seats arranged around a light.


In the Maintenance Sector, keep going until Eve has to climb outside the tower using hanging beams. Once you can jump back in, go inside and defeat the Machine Hive in the next room. After it’s gone, don’t go the usual way. Instead, go to the ledge behind where the Hive was and look right. You’ll see a long corridor you can reach by walking on the ledge. Slowly go into the corridor and follow it to the end to find the last vending machine. Use it and get the can to complete your collection.

Missable Can: It’s easy to overlook this can because once the mission in the Maintenance Sector is done, we can’t go back there. But don’t worry, if you miss it, there’s still a chance. Just head to the Great Desert and fish in the Oasis pool. If you didn’t find the can in the Maintenance Sector, it might show up inside a Shabby Box there.

Black Pearl Outfit

Once you find all of the cans in Stellar Blade, you will be rewarded with the Black Pearl Outfit for EVE which is free, and you can equip it right away once it is added to your collection.

Stellar Blade All Outfits

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This concludes our Stellar Blade Can Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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