Stellar Blade Boss Battles Guide – All Bosses, Tips and Tricks

Stellar Blade Boss Battles Guide

One of the standout features of Stellar Blade is its boss battles. As you advance through the eleven main quests, you’ll face Naytibas of various sizes and types. These fights are key to helping you achieve your goal of obtaining the Master Core. In this Stellar Blade Boss Battles Guide, we aim to help you get past these bosses with as little problems as possible!

Boss Battles Guide – Stellar Blade

Below you will find details on all of the bosses in Stellar Blade and how you can defeat them. You should also note that this guide has spoilers related to the main story of the game so if you prefer not to spoil your game, you should not continue to read this guide.


Stellar Blade Boss Battles Guide

Brute is the first boss in Stellar Blade. It’s an Elite Naytiba and is the final challenge in the main quest “7th Airborne Squad,” which serves as the game’s tutorial.

The first boss you fight is called Brute. It has two big red balls for hands, which are its only weapons. But Brute can attack in different ways. Here’s how:

  • If it brings its hands together and moves its back slightly, it will do a slow punch.
  • If it tilts its head a bit, it will quickly punch with the arm that moves first.
  • Brute can lift one arm to its belly, step towards you, and then attack with that arm.
  • If it makes a distinct snarl while raising one arm above its head, it will perform two forward and spinning attacks, with a pause between each hit. Sometimes, a third hit might follow quickly after the second one.

When the boss’s head lights up yellow, start running back. It will attack forward with both arms. Just dodging backward once isn’t enough, as you’ll still get hit. If the Brute hits the ground first, it will only attack once.

If the enemy’s head briefly glows red, get ready. This means it will launch a series of attacks, usually more than four or five. For the Brute, it will attack five times. There will be short pauses between the first and second attacks and the second and third ones, but the last two attacks will come almost simultaneously.

Red attacks are great opportunities to learn the enemy’s patterns and break their Balance. This enemy has nine diamonds, so you’ll need several Perfect Parries to leave it vulnerable. The Brute can be tough for those new to action games. If you can’t beat it, don’t worry. If your HP runs out, Tachy will step in to save you, leading straight to the battle’s cinematic ending.


Stellar Blade Boss Battles Guide

Abaddon is the second boss you face in Stellar Blade. You’ll encounter it in Eidos 7, at the top of the Parking Tower during Scavenger Adam’s main quest. Abaddon is a large creature armed with two long swords and can use thunder attacks.

This boss mainly uses his two long swords to attack in different ways. For instance, if it screams and charges at you, it will do a double slice with both swords, roll briefly, and then execute a blue move.

Note: use Blink (press Forward and Dodge when your sword lights up blue) to dodge the attack, move behind your enemy, and stun them for a few seconds. Also use the Oil barrels to deal bigger chunks of damage.

One common combo is a two-hit attack with its left hand—the second hit comes after a quick jump. You need to parry both hits quickly since they’re fast. Another typical attack is a quick one-two combo with the same hand, starting after it clangs both swords together. This combo is quicker than the first one.

Once Abaddon’s health drops below 60%, it gets power-up, like electricity, and the battle changes. When the camera moves, move away because Abaddon will slam the ground. Now, the boss can do a yellow attack by lifting both swords, calling lightning from the sky. Watch out for circles on the ground showing where they’ll hit. But that’s not all. Abaddon can do two more yellow attacks (these you can’t parry): a big jump with a ground smash and shooting slash projectiles followed by spark balls.

Abaddon has some new moves in regular fights. He can do a double slice forward, then jump back and do a one-two punch. Another move is a two-hit combo, followed by jumping back and another one-two punch. The last regular attack is similar to the first one, where he quickly jumps, but now he adds a third hit.

At the end of the fight, there’s an exciting cutscene where you’ll need to press L1 at the right time.

Once defeated you get: Extreme Polymer Materials, Extreme Nano Elements, the Protection Gear, the Beta Charge Gear, a Weapon Core, gold, and EXP.

The Corrupter

The Corrupter is the third big fight in Stellar Blade. You’ll come across it in Eidos 7 as you follow the main story during the Scavenger Adam’s quest. It’s similar to the Dozers you’ve fought earlier, with four legs, but it stands out because of how it shoots things at you and the weird liquid it spits out.

While Corrupter might seem similar to the Dozers you faced before, it’s actually different. Corrupter has some new moves, including ones with acid. Firstly, it throws acid projectiles, either one or two in a row. Instead of blocking, try to dodge them perfectly by timing your dodge just right. If you can, follow up with an attack (if you have the skill unlocked, hold Triangle after the dodge) to use the boss’s attack against it. Another move is a blue attack where it stomps its head in front of you.

You can use Blink (dodge + forward) if you have it unlocked to dash behind the enemy and stun it.

Just like the Dozers, the Corrupter can charge at you with a stampede. It’s best to dodge this attack, but you can also block it if it doesn’t show a yellow warning before charging. The boss also has some other moves, like headbutting you a few times, pausing between each hit, and then delivering two more headbutts.

There are a couple more moves to watch out for. One is a yellow attack where it throws a large projectile. You can’t block this one, and it leaves a green puddle on the ground that hurts you if you step on it. The other move is a shower of many projectiles, covering a wide area. It’s tough to dodge, but you can block it.

When it’s time to defeat the boss, get ready for a quick-time event (QTE). You’ll need to press the L1 button at just the right time.

Defeating this boss gives you:  Weapon Core, the Shield Destruction Gear, the Melee Protection Gear, Extreme Polymer Materials, gold, EXP, and other materials.


Gigas is the fourth big enemy you’ll fight in Stellar Blade. It’s called Alpha Naytiba, which is one of the toughest foes in the game. You’ll meet Gigas as you progress through the main story, in the Crater area, after completing Scavenger Adam’s part.

When you get close to the pod in the Crater, that’s when you’ll encounter Gigas. This big boss is the final challenge in this area and the first Alpha Naytiba you’ll face. In the scene, there’s a part where you’ll need to press the X button quickly. Now, let’s talk about Gigas’ moves. It might dash toward you and then do a blue attack.

At the start, it might use two yellow attacks: one where it jumps at you, and the other where it lifts the ground around you. In its regular moves, Gigas can punch you with either its left or right hand. But it’s slow to start, especially with the right hand, which often makes it jump backward to create some distance.

To handle Gigas (and most other enemies in the game), it’s smart to know when to do a Perfect Parry to knock them off balance. If that’s too hard, using Beta Skills works well, especially the Square attack, since it does good damage and is fast.

Watch out for projectiles sometimes, especially because Gigas might throw a huge rock at you. But what you really need to watch for is its red attack. The boss will throw four punches at you (you can block them all quickly), and then it will do a big jump attack that you need to dodge sideways.

Once you’ve dealt some damage to the boss, Gigas will enter its second phase. Its hands will turn orange, which means they do more damage. It also has some new moves, like punches that make explosions, a yellow jumping attack, and a two-hit combo that ends with a blue move.

Just stick to your previous strategy, but be ready for these new moves, and you’ll win sooner rather than later.

Defeating this boss gives you:  Extreme Nano Elements, the Crit Boost Gear, the Shield Enhancement Gear, gold, EXP, and a Weapon Core.

Maelstrom (Altess Levoire)

Stellar Blade Boss Battles Guide

Maelstrom, also known as Altess Levoire, is the fifth big enemy you face in the main part of Stellar Blade. You meet it at the end of Altess Levoire’s quest in the Wasteland. It’s a giant creature with lots of heads and Test Subjects stuck on it. It attacks by throwing things of different sizes and shooting lasers from its mouth.

When you get to the Heart of the Infection room, you’ll face Altess Levoire’s only boss, Maelstrom. It’s a big creature made up of lots of bodies and Test Subjects.

During the fight, you’ll see that Maelstrom has three weak spots. Aim your shots there because hitting them does the most damage. These weak spots break after taking enough hits. Once all three are broken, Maelstrom stops moving briefly, revealing a new weak spot inside its mouth.

Now, let’s talk about dodging its attacks while you’re shooting. If Maelstrom points its mouth down, it’ll shoot a beam upward. Otherwise, it shoots a laser from one side to the other. Maelstrom also throws three balls that explode when they hit the ground, leaving pools. And it can shoot many projectiles from side to side. Test Subjects come out of the big projectiles it shoots with its hand.

When Maelstrom attacks with yellow moves, he can either throw three things to the ground or make a big burst, which you’ll notice because the floor will have red lines around it. In this battle, all you have to do is shoot and avoid getting hit. Try to aim at the weak spots whenever you can. You’ll find ammo from the Test Subjects and sometimes on the ground, so you won’t run out of bullets.

Defeating this boss gives you: Weapon Core, resources, the Shield Penetration Gear, the Beta Charge Gear 2, gold, and EXP.


Stalker is the sixth big enemy you’ll face in the main story of Stellar Blade. You’ll meet it in Matrix 11 during the Alpha Signal mission. It’s a fast creature that fights using its sharp claws and can also launch things at you. If you’ve tried the full demo, you might have already battled it since it was included as a bonus boss.

This enemy shows up at the end of the demo as an extra tough challenge. The Stalker throws stuff at you – sometimes a bunch of things you can block, sometimes just one big thing that’s harder to dodge. It also charges straight at you sometimes – try dodging at the last second for a Perfect Dodge.

In the first phase, it might jump and headbutt forward, which is tricky to dodge, so maybe just run away. If you’re struggling, remember you have items like Shock Grenades to stun it for a bit or Sonic Grenades to knock it off balance.

When the Stalker uses its powerful moves, it starts with two red ones. The first is a quick five-hit attack, with the last hit being a bit slower. The second involves three hits, a roll, another hit, and a special move. Besides those, the boss can dash and then hit you twice. It can also swipe with its left claw and spin with its right. And be careful of its blue move.

When the Stalker’s health drops to 60%, it changes its tactics. But just before that, there’s a Quick Time Event where you need to press Square quickly to dodge an attack and deal some damage.

Besides improving its usual moves, like hitting multiple times while rolling, Stalker will now have some new powerful attacks highlighted in red. One of them involves six rapid blows followed by a jumping attack marked in yellow. Another red attack includes a spinning move, a double claw strike from above, and repeating a similar sequence.

When the boss reaches 10% health, there’s another Quick Time Event (QTE) similar to the previous one. After that, there’s a finishing sequence where you’ll need to press a button to conclude the battle.

Defeating this boss gives you: a Weapon Core, Extreme Nano elements, Extreme Polymer elements, the Shield Enhancement Gear 3, the Burst Charge Gear, gold, EXP, and resources, and also unlocks the Burst Skill ability.


Juggernaut is the seventh big opponent you face in the main story of Stellar Blade. You encounter it in Matrix 11, near the end of the Alpha Signal mission. This tough Elite Naytiba isn’t as quick as previous bosses, but it still packs a punch with its powerful attacks. You’ll need to be cautious and dodge its weapon strikes carefully.

The Juggernaut looks like a Skull enemy but is larger and carries a massive hammer in its right hand. Despite being heavy, it can move quickly. Let’s see what it can do.

One of its moves involves dragging the hammer and then delivering a powerful blow. Its combo starts with a regular strike but ends with a pink attack, which creates an opportunity to use Repulse and expose its weak point near its head.

The Juggernaut can also pound the floor three times, creating long lines. In its yellow moves, it may deliver a side blow followed by a spin with a long pause before another blow. It can also strike with just one yellow move.

Note: Don’t let the enemy land the first yellow attack, but you can parry the second one if you want.

This character has two special moves that are blue. One is a punch forward, and the other is a grab. Remember to always use Blink (press O and forward) to get behind your opponent and briefly stun them.

When fighting Juggernaut, watch out for a three-hit combo. The third hit is yellow, so make sure to dodge backward to avoid it.

Things get more interesting when Juggernaut loses some health, about 20% or 30%. It gets stronger. The camera zooms in to show its hammer on fire before it hits the ground. All its attacks become more powerful. For example, when it slams the ground, it leaves pools of fire. Also, Juggernaut gains a new move: a big jump attack in yellow. The only way to avoid it is by running away.

Every boss needs a signature move, and this one’s got a red attack! It’s a five-hit combo, like this: one hit, then a quick one-two, a pause, and finally another one-two.

Don’t forget, you can use battle items, like Shock Grenades, to stun the boss if you need help. The boss will only do these moves we’ve talked about, and it’ll have a final sequence when its health is all the way down.

Defeating the boss will give you: Beta Enhancement Gear 2, the Crit Boost Gear 2, two Extreme Nano Elements, one Weapon Core, gold, and EXP.


Stellar Blade Boss Battles Guide

Tachy is the eighth big challenge you face in the main story of Stellar Blade. Remember the partner you met early in the game? Well, it turns out she’s still around, or at least something that looks like her. You’ll meet her again at the end of the Alpha Signal mission. But here’s the catch: she’s now an Alpha Naytiba, which means she’s tougher and has different stages to battle through. Be ready for a real test!

Tachy is alive and ready to fight us. Let’s see what tricks she has. One of her usual moves is stepping back, then thrusting forward, followed by a second strike. She also jumps to the side and attacks twice. Another common move is a four-hit combo.

You’ll quickly notice that Tachy is a more passive boss compared to previous ones. She doesn’t attack constantly and often keeps her distance. This is helpful because it gives you more time to heal and lets you get close to her quickly to use your Beta and Burst Skills.

Tachy has a few yellow moves. In one, she holds her sword behind her and charges a slash for two seconds. She also has a red attack that includes a blow, a back dash, a forward dash attack, two quick strikes, and finishes with a blue move.

When Tachy loses some health, she will lift one wing. Right after, she will do two very fast attacks that you need to block as if they were one single strike. In this state, she has a new yellow move where she charges her weapon and sends three slashes in front of her. Make sure to dodge these; don’t try to block or parry them. Also, get ready to dodge a quick pink slash forward.

Remember the side attack from the previous phase? Now she has a new version where she jumps to the side, attacks, pauses briefly, and then does a fast two-hit combo. Tachy also has a new red move where she charges her sword on her left, spins and attacks with three close moves, and then charges the sword again for a final blow.

When the boss’s health drops just below 50%, she will teleport, grab you, and trigger a cutscene. Tachy will then have two wings, signaling the start of the final phase of the battle. Her first move in this phase will always involve an aerial attack, like teleporting and slamming the ground with an aura effect or performing three slashes that send projectiles followed by a thrust.

In her red attack variant, she will do a charged slash while holding her sword behind her, followed by three quick strikes that you must parry with precise timing. She will also perform an upward slash with her sword and finish with a blue attack.

For her regular attacks, she has a charged sword combo consisting of two strikes and a third hit. Watch out for her new blue attack where she will glow blue. This attack has a slight delay before hitting, as she disappears for a moment before striking. You need to stay patient and wait for the right moment to react.

Defeating this boss gives you: Burst Expansion Gear 2, the Combat Supply Gear 2, a Weapon Core, Nano Elements, Polymer Materials, Gold, and EXP.

Maelstorm (Abyss Levoire)

Maelstrom (Abyss Levoire) is the ninth boss you encounter in the main story of Stellar Blade. You’ll find it in the Great Desert at the end of the Abyss Levoire quest. It is very similar to the creature you faced in Altess Levoire, with one key difference.

In the Heart of Contamination, you’ll face a new Maelstrom. This one is almost the same as before, except it has two extra weak points, making a total of five. This means the fight might actually be easier. Let’s do a quick review in case you need it. Maelstrom can launch three large, breakable balls that move slowly through the air, several projectiles that go from one side to the other, or balls that land near the boss and create Test Subjects.

Some projectiles can leave harmful pools, and others might glow yellow, signaling that you should steer clear. In fact, you should try to avoid all of them, as blocking will still cause damage and perfect parrying isn’t worth it.

It has an area attack that hits everything close by, so always stay back. Also, watch out for the beam that can shoot from its mouth either horizontally or vertically.

While you’re dodging these attacks, keep shooting at the beast. Aim for the yellow spots because hitting them causes more damage, and once they’re all destroyed, the beast will open its mouth, revealing a new weak point for a few seconds. However, you can still damage it by shooting anywhere on its body.

Defeating this boss gives you: Burst Charge Gear 2, the Crit. Enhancement Gear 2, a Weapon Core, Extreme Nano Elements, Extreme Polymer Materials, gold, and EXP.


Belial is the tenth boss you’ll face in the main storyline of Stellar Blade. You encounter it in Orbit Elevator after you’ve explored some of the Eye of the Hurricane quest and traveled through the Hyper Tube. This boss is a hybrid creature, part cybernetic and part Naytiba beast, and it wields two dangerous blades.

The move list isn’t very large, but it deals a lot of damage. There are two types of red moves, each with more than three hits. One type is a one-two combo, a pause, a third hit, a jump back, and a blue attack. The other type has four quick hits, followed by a fifth hit after a short delay.

Belial also has standard combos, including two different two-hit combos and a three-hit combo where the first hit has a delay before the next two quick strikes. Belial can also go into a defensive stance, using its blades to guard. When it leaves this stance, it performs a yellow slash. Additionally, it has a tricky attack that involves a 180° spin, so watch out.

Basically, we’re not done fighting this boss yet. When we’ve hurt it quite a bit, Eve will chop off one of its arms, and then the boss will run away.

Belial (Second Fight)

Stellar Blade Boss Battles Guide

Belial (Second Fight) is the eleventh boss battle you’ll encounter in the main storyline of Stellar Blade. This showdown occurs during the Eye of the Hurricane quest at the Orbit Elevator within the Raphael Space Center. While it resembles the previous encounter, Belial now sports a striking new arm and has learned some fresh tactics.

In the new battle, Belial uses most of the same attacks as before, but now it has added some new ones. For instance, it can slash forward with a yellow attack, deliver a regular blow, and finish with a blue move. It also has a new forward attack where it slashes twice after glowing yellow. Another move starts with a regular blow, then it jumps and stabs its blade into the ground, causing an explosion later on—a move that can’t be blocked or parried.

What makes this fight challenging is that when Belial’s health bar reaches zero, it automatically regenerates twice due to enhancements. So, essentially, you have to defeat Belial three times in one battle.

The boss plans to use new attacks, like one pink and several blue ones. One blue attack is a quick thrust forward, followed by another blue attack after waiting a while with both weapons ready.

After you reduce its health bar for the third time, a cutscene will start. You’ll need to press R2 in a quick-time event (QTE) to finally defeat Belial.

Defeating this boss gives you: Ranged Enhancement Gear 3, the Shield Destruction Gear 3, a Weapon Core, Extreme Nano Elements, Extreme Polymer Materials, gold, and EXP.


Karakuri is the final boss you’ll encounter in the main story of Stellar Blade, specifically during the Eye of the Hurricane quest in Vermillion Garden. It’s a large creature with several faces and a floating wheel above its head.

Karakuri will frequently attack using a laser from its main mouth. The laser sweeps from one side to the other in two complete spins. Use your double jump to avoid it safely. Since this attack is marked in yellow, blocking or parrying won’t work, so focus on dodging instead. The boss can also shoot the laser upwards from the bottom. Dodge to the sides or run to avoid getting hit by this attack.

If you see Karakuri getting ready to fire the laser and you’re close enough, you can use your Beta Skill L1 + Square to interrupt it. This move requires precise timing to succeed.

In terms of its blue moves, this creature has one attack it uses from far away and another for close range, so always watch out for both. For red attacks, it uses combos like starting with claw strikes, then pausing, followed by a two-hit combo with a shorter pause, and finally a fourth strike.

For regular moves, Karakuri can attack with three consecutive strikes using its large hand, followed by a claw attack from above its head, then a quick spin where it attacks with a wheel, a pause, and another claw strike from above. Another regular combo includes two quick strikes from its left claws, a brief pause, and a third strike from above its head.

As the battle progresses, Karakuri will begin releasing Kokeshis (small creepy babies). These can be troublesome with their yellow attacks and explosions, so it’s best to deal with them quickly using your area attacks.

After you’ve lowered the boss’s health by about 20% to 30%, it will change its appearance and enter a new phase. In this phase, Karakuri will move more actively, leaving trails with Kokeshis. It will also use an explosion attack signaled by a yellow glow and red sparks. Additionally, there’s a new attack pattern involving its red arm.

This new attack starts with Karakuri placing its left arm on the ground briefly, followed by a quick strike, a short pause, another two-hit combo with the same arm, and finishing with a jumping laser attack that sweeps from one side to the other (once). Another regular combo includes a two-hit spin attack, followed by a brief pause and a third strike with its hand.

Apart from these changes, the rest of the fight remains largely the same. Keep pushing forward until you defeat it. As usual, be prepared for a Quick Time Event to finish off the boss.

Defeating this boss gives you: Ranged Protection Gear 3, the Fixed Damage Gear 3, Extreme Polymers, Gold, EXP, a Weapon Core, and Extreme Nano Elements.


Stellar Blade Boss Battles Guide

Democrawler is a large monster with many faces, tentacles, one arm, and a ring floating above its head. It is the last enemy you fight in the Eye of the Hurricane.

When its right-hand starts glowing, get ready for two fast combos of two hits each. If it charges its hand briefly, it will deliver one hit, pause, and then follow up with a two-hit combo. Sometimes, it also uses a simple two-hit combo on its own.

For yellow moves, Democrawler can jump and hit multiple enemies at once. Its red move involves three fast attacks in a row, finishing with a blue move. The blue move is a grab attack.

Additionally, the boss will sometimes throw projectiles. These are small, slow-moving balls that you can dodge by running to the side.

After taking some damage, Democrawler pulls a sword out of its body and immediately performs a powerful swing, known as a yellow move. In this new stage, Democrawler introduces two new yellow moves. The first is a laser that starts at the floor and moves upward. The second move creates circles on the floor that you must avoid. Additionally, the boss has a pink move where it tries to grab you.

The sword also comes with new regular moves, including a sequence of one hit, a pause, and then a two-hit combo to finish. When Democrawler’s health is low, it will teleport away and expand the circle above its head, signaling a new phase. In this phase, it will use more yellow moves involving its sword.

Note: Watch out for when Democrawler begins charging its sword. Once fully charged, it will release a shockwave that can kill you if you’re not at full health and don’t have many HP upgrades.

In this phase, you’ll face many more projectiles. The small balls will move more, the boss will shoot more lasers at you, and it will release two waves of energy when it glows yellow. Don’t be intimidated by the increase in projectiles. You can dodge the first two attacks by running to the sides like before, and you need to jump to avoid the waves.

When the health bar hits zero, the battle isn’t finished. Eve gets thrown into space, and Democrawler transforms into Demogorgon, the real form of the Alpha Naytiba. Now, you’ll face a shooting challenge where you must target Demogorgon’s eyes. They move around as you attack. Hit Demogorgon a few times in the eyes, and the fight will end.

Defeating this boss gives you: Weapon Core, the Beta Charge Gear 3, the Burst Recovery Gear 3, gold, Extreme Nano Elements, Extreme Polymer Materials, and EXP.

Unidentified Naytiba

The Unidentified Naytiba is the fourteenth boss you’ll encounter in the main storyline of Stellar Blade. You’ll confront it early in the Burning Xion quest, inside the Presence Chamber where Orcal has been a recurring character throughout the story.

In its usual attacks, the Unidentified Naytiba often dashes sideways and strikes with its curved swords. It can attack from left to right or the other way around, hitting once or twice quickly in a combo. Sometimes, it will use a swift one-two strike.

During its yellow-phase moves, the creature steps back and conjures three large, slow-moving projectile clouds resembling black clouds. These won’t harm you immediately if you stay far enough away, but it’s a trick: after a few seconds, the Unidentified Naytiba swiftly descends upon you from above.

The boss has a move called the “One Red Attack,” where it strikes three times in a row. First, it raises its right hand briefly to prepare. After the combo, it switches to a different move called the “Blue Attack.” This involves jumping into the air and hovering for a few seconds. Stay cautious during this move because your sword will start glowing blue after some time.

When the boss glows red again, it will dash straight at you three times in a row and hit you each time. After each dash, there’s a brief pause before the next. Be ready for a three-hit attack combo.

If you use your L1 + Square Beta Skill right when the boss starts glowing red, you can stop the entire attack sequence.

After losing about 10% of its health, the Unidentified Naytiba gets stronger. It lifts into the air, spreads its wings, and learns new moves. For instance, it can swiftly fly towards you, leaving behind pools of dark substance that burst after a moment. It might also charge you without using projectiles.

Instead of attacking from above, the Unidentified Naytiba can dash towards you on the ground with its black cloud attack. It also throws a few projectiles from the air, usually seven or eight, which you can dodge easily by moving sideways. Be cautious, as the boss may follow up with another attack. Another move involves throwing a single projectile after shifting from one side to the other. It can also create a wall of beams that move toward you, with circles on the ground indicating their path, allowing you to avoid them more effectively.

In this phase, watch out for a deadly attack called the Insta-kill move. The monster will teleport to the center of the room, hover above, and summon three yellow orbs. Use your gun to shoot and destroy these orbs before they reach the monster. If they touch it, it will unleash a fatal attack that can defeat you instantly, regardless of your remaining HP.

Once you’ve destroyed the orbs, the boss will drop to the ground and become vulnerable for a short time. Take the opportunity to attack it a few times to deal extra damage, then press Triangle to perform Retribution.

When the Unidentified Naytiba reaches around 40% health, it will strengthen itself again by raising two additional flags. This change introduces a new attack pattern: first, it will glow, then strike once, step back briefly, and follow up with a six-hit combo using two curved swords. These attacks maintain a consistent timing, so if you can dodge one, you can dodge them all.

Do you remember the black cloud attack from earlier? It repeats in the second phase—sending out clouds, then flying up and crashing down towards you—but now there are more clouds to contend with. Additionally, the Unidentified Naytiba gains a new yellow attack where it hovers briefly, charges up, and explodes, then swiftly descends while emitting a wave of a dark substance. You’ll need to jump over this wave to avoid damage.

Another yellow attack happens when the boss stomps the ground, leaving dark puddles that explode after a short while. Watch out for circles on the floor to predict where these explosions will occur. Moving sideways quickly is the safest way to avoid getting hit by this attack.

For regular attacks, they haven’t changed much, but now the boss might combine them with other moves more often. Be prepared for combinations of yellow and red attacks happening without pauses.

As always, there’s a final part where you have to press L1 at the right time to win.

Defeating this boss gives you: Extreme Polymers, Extreme Nano Elements, a Weapon Core, gold, EXP, the Combo Attack Enhancement Gear 3, the Speed Increase Gear 3, and other regular resources.


In the main storyline of Stellar Blade, Raven is the fifteenth boss you’ll face. This battle happens at the conclusion of the Burning Xion quest, just before entering the Nest for the final mission of the game.

Raven is the final boss in this quest, and it’s a tough battle. Unlike previous bosses, Raven fights like a faster version of Eve. This means she’s very agile and uses a wide range of attacks. First, her basic moves include a quick one-two sword strike combo from the ground, followed by an aerial attack. She also uses a three-hit combo with a short pause before the last strike. Raven can mix in single or double strikes between these moves.

Raven also has a special blue Grab move. It’s not too different at first, but after she uses it, be cautious when using Blink. She can counter your Blink and then follow up with another blue grab. To counter this, you’ll need to Blink twice to dodge her attacks and then counterattack.

In her first set of moves, she can quickly move sideways, do a quick one-two punch, jump back a long distance, appear right in front of you to attack slowly twice, and then teleport behind you for two rapid strikes. Another combo starts from afar with a leap followed by four consecutive strikes.

During her yellow attacks, she might teleport into the air and strike the ground a few times in a short sequence. It’s better to dodge this move by pressing O instead of trying to block it.

When Raven’s health drops to about 40%, a brief cutscene will show her speaking. Afterward, the second phase of the battle begins. In this phase, she gains new moves: she charges forward, jumps and attacks once, pauses briefly, strikes you three times quickly, and then pauses again before a final strike. Another new move involves her charging her sword, starting with a two-hit combo, a quick pause, another two-hit combo, and finishing with a slashing attack.

When dealing with Raven’s yellow moves, if she’s far from you, she’ll start sending waves as attacks. First, she sends two short waves, then pauses before launching a larger wave. These attacks can’t be blocked, so it’s best to jump or dodge using the O button.

Another yellow move involves Raven charging her sword briefly, making it glow, and marking the floor in a circular pattern. If you notice this, quickly move backward. She will then strike rapidly in multiple directions, dealing heavy damage, finishing with a slash from the air to the ground.

Avoid staying too close when Raven is charging her sword. She can perform a grab attack while airborne which can deplete all your health. You can distinguish this move from others because it doesn’t change the appearance of the floor.

In the next stage, Raven becomes more agile, leaping backward and slashing at you with her sword twice. After her second slash, she’ll strike the ground, creating a shockwave that you must jump over. Her usual attacks remain similar, but she’ll teleport more frequently to confuse you.

During this phase, Raven will occasionally counterattack randomly. This move stops your attacks, including Beta Skills. She’ll kick you and briefly restrain you, although this doesn’t cause damage, it disrupts your rhythm.

When Raven’s health drops to zero, a cinematic scene follows where Eve incapacitates her, signaling your victory.

Defeating this boss gives you:  Weapon Core, the Shield Penetration Gear 3, the Burst Expansion Gear, gold, EXP, Extreme Nano Elements, Extreme Polymer Materials, and other minor resources.

The Elder Naytiba

Stellar Blade Boss Battles Guide

The Elder Naytiba is the last boss you’ll face in the main story of Stellar Blade, determined by your choice when he extends his hand. It marks the final battle of the game, after which the credits will roll.

If you refuse to shake Adam’s hand, he will become your final opponent in the game. He transforms into two different forms: the first one you see when you talk to him, which looks like an angel.

During this phase, Adam doesn’t do a lot. He moves around by flying or teleporting, and he has two yellow attacks. One is a quick shockwave in front of him, and the other is a charged strike on the ground near him. You don’t need to stress about this form too much. Although these attacks cause some damage, it’s minimal compared to what you can do to him.

After you defeat him, the real battle begins. Adam transforms into a complete angel, resembling a knight, and you confront Elder Naytiba’s true form in a different place.

Let’s start with his yellow attacks. Adam can charge up a powerful strike that hits all around him after two seconds. Another yellow move makes him leap into the air and hurl a spear to the ground, causing it to explode shortly after.  Another move involves jumping and slashing the ground with a single strike, often followed by a 360° spin and a thrust.

As for projectiles, Elder Naytiba can summon six orbs around him, which materialize after a few seconds and then fly toward you. They explode upon hitting the ground, so make sure to dodge sideways after running.

When Adam’s spears glow yellow during his red moves, he will quickly thrust forward with all of them. Afterward, he attacks three times in a row: the first two hits with a pause between them (showing his right profile after the first hit), followed by the third hit without a break. In another red sequence, Adam starts the same way with a quick thrust, but then he disappears. After a moment, he reappears in front of you to strike once, followed by a long pause before the second strike. He vanishes again and returns with a quick one-two combo, followed by a third strike after a pause.

Adam’s third red attack involves a quick second strike right after the initial thrust. Then there’s a long delay before a one-two combo with some pause between the strikes. He finishes with a pink move, which leads into a blue attack if you haven’t used Repulse.

One common move involves the boss hitting twice quickly, then jumping behind you and creating two circles on each side. From these circles, two spears will shoot at you immediately, and the boss will finish the move with a quick forward slash.

Another basic combo starts with the boss hitting forward, then jumping and ending with a yellow attack on the ground, creating a large circle. Adam can also just jump and do a regular slash when landing or a quick one-two-hit combo on the ground.

Like in the UnIdentified Naytiba boss fight, this enemy has a move that can kill you instantly. Adam will hit the ground, disappear, and then show up in front of you in the air. He will summon six small angels around him, and you must shoot them before they get to Adam, or you will die.

When you stop the Insta-kill move, Elder Naytiba will fall down, allowing you to attack him briefly and then use Retribution. When Adam’s health drops by about 40%, he’ll get a boost. He can now float in the air, create multiple circles around him, and launch many projectiles at you. You can avoid these by running left or right.

The earlier yellow strike that only created a circle on the ground will now explode a few seconds after charging the final hit.

A new red move involves a quick spin followed by a fast hit, then a short pause. This is followed by a second hit, another pause, a third hit, a pause, a fourth hit, and finally, a quick two-hit combo. Another red sequence includes three fast hits while moving to one side, then a three-hit combo with a brief pause between the first two hits.

For the new yellow attack, Adam can dive into the water for a few seconds before flying towards you.

When Adam’s health is gone, Eve will switch to Tachy Mode. You’ll need to press the Triangle button at the right moment to defeat the boss.


In Stellar Blade’s main storyline, Providence serves as the ultimate boss encounter, determined by your choice when he extends his hand. This marks the game’s final battle, followed shortly by the credits. Additionally, Lily’s exosuit malfunctions, turning against you during this confrontation.

When you hold Adam’s hand, you can merge with him to form a new entity. But watch out for Lily’s exosuit, Providence, which will begin attacking independently. This battle against the final boss involves frequent attacks. The exosuit typically strikes with quick combinations or single-arm movements, giving you a brief moment to react as it prepares to strike.

This boss often attacks with basic moves. These can be a quick one-two punch or a single strike using its arms. You can anticipate these moves because the exosuit pauses briefly before striking.

For its special yellow moves, Providence can dash forward in mid-air. The exosuit turns red beforehand, signaling its approach. Be cautious as it can execute this move when close to you. Another yellow attack follows a regular punch, followed by a ground-pounding punch. A third move involves a forward step, a left-arm strike, and then a blue move. The fourth move is a double uppercut using both arms simultaneously.

Regarding projectiles, Providence has various attacks. It can charge up with its right arm and shoot a projectile directly towards you, then retreat. It can also fly around, stop, and shoot lasers onto the ground before aiming upwards. Later in the battle, it performs a different laser attack, shooting only two beams while floating in the air.

When Providence uses its red moves, one sequence begins with a quick one-two combo, followed by a third strike after a pause, and then two consecutive attacks. Sometimes, instead of the final hit, there’s a blue attack. Another red move starts similarly with a one-two combo, but the second hit is an uppercut, followed by a two-arm slam.

As Providence loses about 30% of its health, the camera focuses on it. Its arms charge up and release a shockwave that players must jump to avoid. It also gains new abilities, like firing yellow projectiles — two laser beams that charge up and shoot in a straight line from its exosuit wings.

If you notice Providence glowing yellow and hovering above you, get ready to move quickly. It will attack using both arms, surrounded by a red glow, swiftly striking towards you and causing an explosion on the ground. Additionally, the boss can charge up its arms while on the ground and create an explosion right in front of you.

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This concludes our Stellar Blade Boss Battles Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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