Stellar Blade Combat Guide – Tips and Tricks to Master the Combat

Stellar Blade Combat Guide

Stellar Blade is a tough game that needs quick thinking and the skill to defend against various enemies and their combo attacks. Memorizing and practicing are key, but we’re here to offer helpful tips to make it a bit easier for you. So, here are some important tips to help you get better at Stellar Blade’s tough fights. For this very purpose, we have curated this Stellar Blade Combat Guide for you.

Combat Guide – Stellar Blade

Below you find some helpful tips and tricks that will help you understand combat in the game easily.

Know Your Combos

In Stellar Blade, there are eight different combo moves you can use. You don’t have to learn or use all of them, but it’s not great to rely on just one either. Longer combos can deal more damage, but they’re also more likely to be stopped by enemies. Remember, once you start attacking, you’re committed to that move until it’s finished. So, moves like the third hit of Incursion 3 (which goes square, triangle, square, triangle) where you swing your sword a lot, are risky because enemies can interrupt you.

Each combo has a number next to its name, which shows its level. This can be important because some Exospines and Gear pieces give extra damage if you use moves of a certain level or higher. So, think about all these things when you’re fighting.

The Training Room 

While learning while working can help you get better, training is still really important for success. Training is easy to get into and lets you try out Eve’s new skills and abilities. Some players might want to skip it and keep fighting the Naytiba, but that’s not a good idea. Training helps you understand how to use combat tools effectively and get the timing right in fast fights. Remember, practicing a lot helps you get really good, so it’s worth taking advantage of it.


In Stellar Blade, like in the game Sekiro, parrying is not just a suggestion but almost a must. When enemies turn red, they’ll start a series of attacks that you can hardly stop, and the only way to avoid getting hurt badly is to parry their strikes.

To parry, you need to block right before the attack hits you. Just pressing the block button repeatedly won’t help, so you’ve got to learn the timing of the enemy’s moves. This makes Stellar Blade a tough game. But here’s some good stuff: First, each time you parry, you mess up the enemy’s balance, and when they’re off-balance, you can hit them hard with a powerful attack. Also, if you’re struggling with timing, you can get a skill called Reflex Boost from the Survival Tree to widen the parry window. You can also use Gear and Exospines to make it easier. And if all that doesn’t do it, you can switch to Story Mode anytime to slow things down and make parrying simpler.

However, you don’t have to parry every single attack. Sometimes, it’s easier to block a few hits first and then look for attacks with simpler patterns to parry. Just make sure you’ve got enough health and shields to handle the damage from blocking.

Stellar Blade Can Locations


In Stellar Blade, it’s better to block attacks than to try to avoid them by dodging. Timing for a perfect dodge or a perfect parry is similar, but if you’re too early with a parry, you’ll still have to block the attack. However, if you dodge too soon, you’re likely to get hit. Also, dodging perfectly doesn’t disturb the enemy’s balance.

However, some attacks will need you to dodge. If you time it perfectly, you can counterattack strongly after dodging. But dodging most attacks is risky, so unless you’re low on shields and stamina, it’s safer to block attacks that can be blocked.

Pay Attention To Colors

The color of an enemy’s attack in Naytiba serves as a warning to Eve about what kind of strike is coming her way. This helps the player know which action to take to avoid getting hurt. To get good at combat, it’s important to understand these colored attacks and know what action works best to dodge them.

There are four colors of attacks: red, yellow, blue, and purple. When an enemy flashes red, it means Eve will be hit by a bunch of attacks, so blocking or parrying is the best way to avoid damage. Yellow attacks can’t be blocked, so players need to try dodging them. Perfect dodges are also possible here. If an attack is blue, Eve can use blink to move and dodge the strike. And if it’s purple, she can use repulse to push back the enemy and avoid the attack. Being able to recognize and counter each colored strike is important for using Eve’s defensive skills well and avoiding big hits. Remember the colors and how to deal with them.

Know Thy Enemy

In Stellar Blade, Eve faces various enemies during the 12 to 16 hours of the main story. These enemies, known as Naytiba, come in different forms and are found in different places. Each type of Naytiba has its strengths and weaknesses. Players need to figure out these traits and adjust their fighting strategy accordingly to succeed in this exciting sci-fi adventure.

Combat Consumables

It’s easy to overlook consumable items, but grenades can come in handy when you’re in a tough spot. Pulse grenades go after an enemy’s shield, Sonic grenades mess with their balance, and Shock grenades knock them down, giving you time to heal or use long combos without worrying about getting hit back. You can also lay Mines, which do big damage to an enemy’s shield and are perfect for starting a fight when enemies have spotted you but aren’t too close yet.

You can buy Combat Consumables at most Supply Camps and stores. To use them, hold down on the D-Pad and pick the one you want.

Stellar Blade Best Skills

Burst Skills and Beta Chains

Later on in the game, you’ll unlock Burst Skills, which are super strong abilities that use Burst Energy instead of Beta Energy. You get Burst Energy by dodging certain enemy attacks or using a special move called Beta Chain.

You can only get Beta Chain by unlocking it in the skill tree, and we suggest getting it early. With Beta Chain, when you finish a combo, you can hold down the last button to do a more powerful attack that costs one Beta Energy. If it hits, you gain Burst Energy.

Burst Chains are great because they often stop enemy attacks, letting you keep attacking. It’s smart to save your Burst Energy for big boss fights because three out of the four Burst Skills not only do a lot of damage but also knock the boss down, giving you a chance to deal more damage or take a breather to heal.

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This concludes our Stellar Blade Combat Guide. Feel free to share with us any of your combat tips and tricks in the comment below!

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