Stellar Blade: Best Skills to Unlock First in the Game

Stellar Blade Best Skills

As soon as you begin, Stellar Blade introduces many new words and a big Skill Tree, which might feel like too much at once. But don’t worry, we’ve made a list of the top skills you should focus on first in Stellar Blade. This Stellar Blade Guide will help you understand things better and choose the best skills to unlock first so that you can navigate through the game and boss fights with ease.


Before we get deep into the guide, remember that if you want to reset your Skill Tree in Stellar Blade, you’ll need something called an SP Initializer. This item is special and can be bought from vending machines at Supply Camps or certain stores like Sisters’ Junk in Xion. It costs 200 Gold.

Once you have the SP Initializer, go to a Skill Tree terminal, and find the Skill Tree you want to reset. Then, when you’re ready, press Triangle. A message will pop up, asking if you’re sure you want to reset your Skill Tree. Lastly, Blink is a really important skill in Stellar Blade because it helps you block certain attacks. You’ll get it automatically as you play through the story, so we’re not talking about it here.

Best Skills To Unlock First in Stellar Blade

Now, we check out the skills that you should go for first:


Ambush is a skill in the Attack tree that lets you sneak up and quickly defeat enemies with one hit from behind. It’s really helpful for dealing with tough Naytibas opponents. You can also upgrade with Exospines to make Ambush easier and get more benefits afterward. You won’t always get the chance to use Ambush, but when you do, you’ll be happy you have it. In a game where you don’t have much stuff to heal yourself, taking out a strong enemy quickly before it can hurt you is helpful. If you keep going in that direction, you can also attack other nearby enemies and get more of that special energy called beta energy.

Lightning Rush And Infinite Rush

Pressing the Triangle button to dash towards an enemy and attack is important to do well in Stellar Blade. Lightning Rush and Infinite Rush are both upgrades of the basic skill, Rush. They make Rush even better by increasing how far you can dash and how strong your attack is. We suggest using it at the start of fights, after hitting combos that push enemies away, and to keep up with bosses who try to escape.

Beta Energy Recharge and Beta Energy Theft

Having skills that give you more Beta Energy is useful. The Beta Energy Recharges on both the Survival and Attack Skill Trees boost your Beta Energy when you make Perfect Parries or successful attacks.

Getting the Beta Energy Recharge from the Survival Skill Tree is a good way to learn Perfect Parries, which are important early on. Both skills are great to have.  If you combine the Beta Energy Theft skill from the Attack Skill Tree with Ambush, it’s even better. This works well when you surprise a group of enemies. For example, you could focus on defeating the toughest Naytiba to charge up your strongest Beta Skills.

Counter I and II

Counter, located at the beginning of the Survival Skill Tree, comes after Perfect Parries. It lets you quickly move behind enemies to make a strong attack, even if they are facing you. Perfect Dodges also have a similar move called Reflection, but at the moment, you’ll probably be doing more parries than dodges. So, it’s a good idea to start with Counter.


Repulse, the purple version of Blink, makes you jump away from enemies instead of passing through them. It also reveals shiny yellow spots that you can shoot at with your wrist gun from a distance. It’s smart to get Repulse early so you’re ready for any enemy attack.

Shield Breaker

While Shield Breaker isn’t as universally useful as Slash and Triplet, it’s handy for breaking through your enemy’s shield so you can hurt them more. If you charge up the Shield Breaker, it deals even more damage. As you improve it, you’ll hit shields harder and charge faster. If you’re short on Skill Points, you can wait to upgrade Shield Breaker since it works fine as it is early on. But it’s worth upgrading later because it helps you take down enemies easily as you go along.

Focus Boost And Reflex Boost

In Stellar Blade, it’s important to use Parry and Dodge moves to avoid getting hit by enemies. Just blocking won’t fully protect you, and you might still take some damage. Luckily, there’s Focus Boost to help. It makes it easier to do a Perfect Parry, so you can dodge attacks perfectly and not get hurt. This also helps you knock enemies off balance for a strong counterattack. Reflex Boost does the same thing for Dodges, especially useful against certain attacks. You could manage without these boosts to keep the game challenging, but they’re really helpful for making fights easier.

Double Dodge

After reaching the Reflex Boost, Double Dodge can be unlocked at the final level of the Survival Skill Tree. It helps you move away from enemies or dodge when you’re in a panic. If you use it with Reflex Boost, you get extra chances to make a perfect dodge, making it easier.


This is a great moment to get Reflection. When you dodge perfectly, you can use Reflection to attack back and stun the enemy. It also makes you attack faster for a short time, which helps you win fights. Now that you’ve learned the basic skills, focus on improving your Beta skills like Triplet and Slash. They can be expensive to upgrade, so you can pick other skills first while you gather more points. Later, you can refund those skills to upgrade Beta skills when you have enough points.

Triplet Upgrades

Triplet, a powerful skill activated by pressing L1 and Square together, deals amazing damage to one enemy at a time. Plus, it stuns the enemy with the third hit every time. We’ve seen it stop an enemy’s attack and even defeat them completely. That’s why we suggest leveling up Triplet as soon as you can. Doing so will unlock Quadruplet, where the stunning move happens first, making it easier to counterattack swiftly and throw off your enemy’s balance.

Slash Upgrades

While Triplet deals great damage to one enemy, Slash sends out a blade of energy that hurts many enemies around EVE. It not only hurts them but also makes them unable to move for a short time. Plus, you can make it stronger by charging it up. Even without upgrades, Slash is good at getting rid of nearby small enemies. But when you upgrade it, it can do even more damage to enemy shields and can even be used again right after.

All Beta Skills are helpful, especially Shield Breaker and Shockwave when they’re upgraded. But if you’re picking skills to start with, it’s best to focus on Triplet and Slash first. They’re the most useful at the beginning.

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What are your thoughts on our choices of Stellar Blade Skills to unlock first in the game? Would you go for some other skills? Let us know in the comments section below.

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