Soulja Boy Selling Cheap Emulator Boxes as SouljaGame Consoles

SouljaGame Consoles

Soulja Boy is buying cheap emulator boxes from the market, slapping a new name on them and selling them as SouljaGame Consoles. In fact, the name is not even there. There is no SouljaGame branding on these consoles.

These are simply normal emulator boxes that can run games from a variety of devices and Soulja Boy is selling them on his website, Souljawatch. The site was initially set up for selling his watch lineup but apparently Soulja wants to expand to other products as well and the first thing that came to his mind was a game console or should we say, an emulator.

The console comes in two variants; one is handheld while the other is a proper console. If you head to the official site, the handheld console SouljaGame Handheld and the SouljaGame Console is up for a discounted sale of $100 and $150 respectively. Their regular price is $200 so a launch discount is currently running on both consoles.

The SouljaGame Console comes will around 800 built-in games including PlayStation, PC, SEGA, Neo Geo. NES and Game Boy Advance games. This is currently not known which games are actually on the console but the product listing mentions these platforms as included. It runs on Linux OS and supports up to 32GB TF cards. The console supports 4K HDMI but we have no idea how will it play the games in 4K.

SouljaGame Consoles

The next sentence also states AV output and 720p support with ‘Perfect and Fluent’ framerates. Coming to the handheld variant, it has around 3000 built-in games and supported platforms include Nintendo Switch, 3DS, PS Vita, Neo Geo, Game Boy Color, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance. It has a 3’ screen and can be connected to a TV with AVI cables.

SouljaGame Consoles

At this point no other information is available but we can be sure that these are much cheaper consoles and Soulja Boy is simply selling them with a fancy name and higher prices. No one can even confirm what sort of hardware both these devices are using at this point. If you really want to opt for a Retro console, there are plenty of other options available in the market. Do not go for emulators with a fancy name.

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