Rumor: Obsidian Entertainment Studio To Be Acquired By Microsoft

Obsidian Entertainment Studio

A rumor has surfaced since last couple of days mentioning that Microsoft is close in acquiring Obsidian Entertainment Studios. The studio is very well known for some of the best RPG element games.

Reportedly, Kotaku mentioned that a person with knowledge about the deal said that it is 90% done. While another person who also knew about the acquisition said: “It’s a matter of when, not if.”

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Obsidian Entertainment Studios have accomplished some of the finest works. Few of the famous role-playing games from studio includes: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2004), Fallout: New Vegas (2010), Wasteland 2 and South Park: The Stick of Truth (2014), Pillars of Eternity (2015), and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (2018).

Obsidian Entertainment studio was founded in 2003 and since then it has remained independent. The studio was founded by Feargus Urquhart, Chris Avellone, Chris Parker, Darren Monahan, and Chris Jones.

Obsidian and Microsoft have a rough business relationship. They had a deal previously, which later on did not happen. In 2012, Obsidian was working in Stormlands game. The game was slated as launch title for Xbox One console. The game and all the work put in it was later or cancelled by Microsoft and it caused some serious problems for Obsidian Entertainment studio.

This was the history back when Microsoft Xbox One launch and its big seats were under a leadership which failed to capture the attention. Now, since last couple of years, Phil Spancer has done a lot to bring back the charm to Xbox One console in consumer electronics.

Under the leadership of Phil Spancer, we have seen many new features for Xbox One. Backwards Compatible is one of the features worth praising. The feature literally brought back Xbox One charm as it allowed select Xbox 360 games to be played on Xbox One console.

What do you think about the rumor, let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.

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