Rage 2 Combat Guide – Combat Tips, Vehicle Combat, Best Weapons

Rage 2 Combat Guide

In this Rage 2 Combat Guide, we will show you the best way you can take on the various challenges in the open world of Wasteland in Rage 2. This guide will give you tips on basic combat, vehicle combat, and what the best pair of weapons are for a flawless technique of taking down enemies.

Once you get the Wasteland unlocked, and step out into the open world of Rage 2, you will realize the challenges are yet to come. Fortunately, Rage 2 offers a variety of combat moves, abilities, and weapons that can make you a ferocious fighter in the game.

If you are just starting with Rage 2, read our Rage 2 Beginner’s Guide to get a better understanding on how to get up to speed with the game.

Rage 2 Combat Guide

Below we have detailed some general combat tips in Rage 2, and what type of combat should you expect while driving your vehicle. Additionally, we will also list a couple of weapons, which are a deadly 1-2 combo in any battle.

Basic Combat Tips

Rage 2 comes with a lot of fun combat techniques that you can use for your advantage. However, it is not only about your abilities, but the environmental objects that help you in combat as well. That is of course if you can use them wisely. Here are a few tips in how you should combat on foot:

Weapon Melee

When you find yourself too close to an enemy, try to weapon melee the enemy to throw them off balance. This will not only push them a little but give you time to respond with your own retaliatory fire.

Gadget and Weapon Combo

An effective way of fighting in Rage 2 is to mix up your movement, weapon fire, and gadgets. When this game is all about using everything you have, you should know how to use and when to use everything that you are carrying.

A combination of an assault rifle with grenades can be a deadly combo in taking down enemies. Using a grenade on a group of enemies, before spraying them down with bullets will make it effective and fun.

Mixing up your unique weapons, and using your abilities will also leave the enemy dumbfounded. For example, Grav-Jump to an enemy’s location and land behind to launch a melee attack that obliterates them

Nanotrite Abilities

These are special superhero abilities that help you perform unique moves on the enemy. For example, the Shatter ability allows you to melee punch an enemy with huge kinetic energy that rips their armor and throws them afar.

There are also many other Nanotrite abilities that you can use and are also vital in the combat gameplay of Rage 2. These abilities can also be made more powerful by upgrading them with Feltrite.


The more you use your abilities, the more you charge up your Overdrive Bar. When the Overdrive is activated, it turns you into a ferocious fighter that is a very powerful version of yourself.

In Overdrive, your weapon damage also increases, while your health is restored as well. When in Overdrive, it is best to take out as many enemies you can, or better if you target a large group of enemies.

Explosive Barrels

You will spot these red and white striped barrels that are filled with explosive material, ready to explode if they come in contact with bullets. Use these barrels to take out enemies that are close to them.

This not only will save your bullets but also takes out multiple enemies at the same time.


This is a special ability that reveals enemy and chest positions. Think of it as an area scanner that helps you locate hiding enemies that can ambush you if you are not aware of their position. Using

Focus is vital in the basic combat of Rage 2 and it also helps you fight effectively. Additionally, Focus will also attract all Feltrite near you, so you don’t have to necessarily walk over them.


Talking about Feltrite cells, it is an item that helps you upgrade many items in the game. From upgrading weapons and gear to Nanotrite Abilities. These are superhero powers or abilities that help offer you unique ways to take enemies down.

When an enemy killed, they drop Feltrite cells. Collect them as much as you can and then use them to upgrade your items in the game menu.

Vehicle Combat Tips

In Rage 2, the enemy can strike any moment, also when you are traversing to a location in your vehicle. It is best to be aware of any scenario that can arise when you are in your vehicle and should know what to expect. Here are a few tips:

Vehicle Combat

Combat from your vehicle is slightly different as you have to shoot with the L1 button and R1 to switch between your weapons while driving. Additionally, you can also dodge attacks by pressing the Triangle towards the direction you want to dodge. This move can also be used to ram enemy vehicles.

Upgrade Your Vehicle

Your vehicle can be upgraded to better its performance. Upgrading also equips some really cool weapons to shoot at the enemies or their vehicles. The best kind of weapons are the ones that shoot projectiles. Keep an eye for such upgrade and equip it you when you can.

Enemy Roadblocks

You will come across goon roadblocks quite often. The only way to get past is to take them out by clearing the enemies here. Once you have defeated all the enemies, you have to raise the Road Choker to get ahead. This can be done by searching for a driving wheel that will raise the Road Choker. It also rewards you with 100 in-game currency for clearing the road, and also gives you project points.

Best Weapons

Rage 2 offers you many unique weapons. However, as we mentioned before, the game likes the player to utilize everything they have at their disposal. This why pairing your weapons, abilities and gadgets is the most fun and effective way in any combat.

Having said that, there are still some weapons that work brilliantly when you pair them. The Combat Shotgun is undeniably the best weapon given to you early on in the game. However, pairing it with the Ranger Assault rifle makes it a deadly 1-2 combination that you can have.

To get the Combat Shotgun, you have to complete the first mission called “Blackout” of the game. This weapon can be obtained from an ARK that you have to get. In the first mission, you will come across Marshall in the sewers, where you will come across the Gun Barrel ARK. Inside the ARK will be the Combat Shotgun.

The Ranger Assault Rifle can be taken from a dead Ranger. This is the Ranger who was killed by a giant mutant. In the opening mission, you watch one of the last living Rangers fighting a giant. Your character then Puts on the Ranger gear and becomes the true last Ranger, inheriting the Ranger Assault Weapon.

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