Rage 2 Nanotrite Abilities Guide – How to Unlock Superpower Abilities

Rage 2 Nanotrite Abilities Guide

In this Rage 2 Nanotrite Abilities Guide, we will show you all the Nanotrite abilities, and how you can unlock them in Rage 2. Nanotrite abilities are superhero powers that you can use in the game during combat. These powerful offensive attacks or passive abilities can also be upgraded.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the more you use these powers or abilities in powerful combinations, the more it will allow you to go into Overdrive Mode. In this mode, your abilities become stronger and scarier in battle.

Rage 2 Nanotrite Abilities Guide

Below we have listed all the Nanotrite abilities, how you can unlock them and ways you can upgrade the abilities.

How to Unlock Nanotrite Abilities

Nanotrite abilities are obtained from ARKs. These are pods that can be found all around the open-world of the Wasteland. ARKs are usually well guarded by a lot of enemies that you have to kill first.

When you have opened the ARK pod, you will get some new weapons and clues that will lead you to an ARK with a specific ability. These abilities are very useful especially the ones offered at the early stages of the game. It is best to go after ARKs before you venture out on completing all the missions first.

How to Upgrade Nanotrite Abilities

Nanotrite Abilities can be upgraded by collecting a resource material called Feltrite. This material is usually dropped by defeated enemies, or found in chests as random loot. Feltrite can then be used to upgrade abilities from the menu.

Abilities require a lot of Feltrite to upgrade, so its best to horde as much as you can if you want your superhero abilities to be more powerful and give you the buff that you need in combat.

You can also use Nanotrite Boosters to upgrade abilities to make them more useful in the field. Each Nanotrite power has unique perks that make them more effective. In order to upgrade them and access these perks, you will require Nanotrite Boosters.

All Nanotrite Abilities

Below we have listed all the Nanotrite abilities in the game with their effects.


Rain destruction from above with Slam, a devastating ground-pound attack. The effectiveness of Slam is based on height; the higher up you are, the more powerful the Slam. Grab some air with a double-jump and smash your enemies into chunky red goo.


When you absolutely need to get people out of your face, hit them with Shatter, a lethal kinetic blast that forces enemies away from you and sometimes just outright makes their heads explode.


Vortex lets you pull your enemies out of their comfort zone. Aim and toss Vortex near a crowd of enemies to yank them all toward one spot, leaving them primed for a well-timed grenade, rocket or other area-based attack.


Toss out your own portable shield with Barrier. Block incoming fire and instantly kill pretty much anything that comes into contact with your Barrier. A well-timed Barrier and Vortex combo will drag your enemies directly into your killer shield.


Grav-Jump uses a booster that gives an extra burst of life when you are airborne. Alternatively, you can combine this with Slam for a more powerful ground Slam attack.


Gives the player a chance to save themselves from drying. This ability is automatically activated in the field when you are taken down.


With this ability, you are protected from incoming bullet damage, and it also heals you over time. It also regenerates your health when picking up Feltrite. Upgrades increase damage reduction from enemy bullets.


This ability highlights enemies so you can know their location. When it is upgraded, it will highlight enemies and Feltrite with a farther range.


This ability allows you to run faster, like a speed boost. It is useful when you want to chase down enemies to blast through them.


With enough use of your other Nanotrite abilities, your Overdrive bar will charge up. Once Overdrive is activated, your abilities gain unique features and will be boosted the entire time the mode is active.

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This concludes our Rage 2 Nanotrite Abilities Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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