Rage 2 Beginner’s Guide – ARKs, Feltrite Upgrading, Best Beginner Weapon

Rage 2 Beginner’s Guide

In this Rage 2 Beginner’s Guide, we will guide you in getting up to speed with Rage 2, especially if you are just starting out with the game. We will detail how what you should expect in early gameplay, what ARKs are, how you can use Feltrite to upgrade weapons or gears, how you should undertake Projects.

Rage 2 is a little challenging in the early gameplay, but with the various upgrades that you can attach to your guns and abilities, and even have better health, the game gets very easy to master. You can alternatively increase the difficulty to take on a more challenging approach if you are interested in that.

Rage 2 Beginner’s Guide

Below we have detailed what are the best ways to get on track with Rage 2, and how you can efficiently progress in the story of the game.

Find ARKs

Before you decide to go into your next mission and are eager to get to the conclusion of Rage 2, it is best if you visit ARK locations first. Take a look at your map and locate where the ARKs are.

ARKs are usually guarded by a lot of enemies, however, they have a lot of storage and ARK chests that contain several useful crafting and resource materials. Focusing on getting these chests can set you up pretty nicely for a head start in the game.

The ARKs also contain super abilities that give you an advantage in combat. From Shatter abilities to Double Jump, these power can be taken before you begin the next main missions, and essential for the gameplay.

Repair Car

If the state of your vehicle is deteriorating, you can repair it with your focus energy to bring it back to life. However, if you require a new vehicle altogether, you can do this from the vehicle menu, and then selecting the vehicle you own.

It’s best to call your ride in an open area as it prefers a road that it can be brought to. so look for an open road first.

Project Requirements

The first few missions in Rage 2 will unlock the different Projects you can engage for Project Dagger. This is your skill tree in the game, as there are four different skill trees. To obtain Project Points you need to complete various tasks that include clearing out enemy outposts and completing activities for the Marshall or collecting data pads.

When you do have enough Project Points, you can then go to the Project Points tab in the menu to unlock new skills.  The Marshall skill tree will contain a few useful skills that increase your speed when crouching or reload weapons while sprinting.

Upgrade Damage from Wellspring

Once you reach Wellspring, you can use rare resources to buy health upgrades that remain permanent or your overdrive meter, and universal damage dealt. These are damage focusing upgrades that provide your character plenty of advantage to make the fight easier for you.

Increasing the damage upgrades come with 5% of increase each, and the maximum damage you can increase for your character is 50% universal damage. With this, you can spray down bullets, and take down huge monsters with ease.

Talk More with NPCs

NPCs that are in each settlement will always have something to talk about. Speak to them and they will reveal a secret mission for you. Once you complete their mission, be sure to talk to them again for a reward in exchange. So its best to not miss out any opportunities for rewards.

A thing to remember is that there is no side mission menu so you cannot track what the objectives of the mission are. So its best to talk to anyone if they have a dialogue prompt.

Best Beginner Weapon

In the early stages of the game, you will have access to use Combat Shotgun. This is a very useful weapon in the game, as it is very efficient in taking down the armor of enemies, and leaving them vulnerable with the following shots. With enemies that are without any armor, you can one-shot them by getting a headshot.

The weapon is also great with hip firing as it will spread the bullets and allow you to hit multiple enemies. You can either aim or hip fire, as both capabilities of the Combat Shotgun allow you some variation in dealing damage.

Feltrite Upgrade

You can level your Nanotrite powers with Feltrite to increase your abilities. For this, you need to collect Feltrite that improves the stats of your abilities and makes you very powerful in battle.

As you collect the Feltrite, you can use them to upgrade your weapon or character. You can do this in the menu, in the Nanotrite tab where your list of abilities is contained. Here you can use the Feltrite to upgrade any of your ability for more health or overdrive meter.

Since it takes a lot of Feltrite to upgrade, its best to collect as much as you can in the open world. Feltrite is obtained by killing enemies in the game. Alternatively, you can also find them in chests, or by destroying Feltrite engines on the ground.

This concludes our Rage 2 Beginner’s Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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