PSVR Foot Motion Controller Launching This Spring, Promises Improved Movement

PSVR Foot Motion Controller

PSVR has been getting some real traction these last few months with some really titles coming out on it and now it has been revealed that PSVR Foot Motion Controller 3DRudder is also coming out this April which acts like an accessory for VR headset and it promises improved movement.

The new controller is called 3DRudder and it will be used as a foot motion controller which aims at delivering more precise and a more immersive control to the players. So far moving has been a big problem in most PSVR games where players would simply point and click to move ahead in a level in most games.

The Foot Motion will introduce a new aspect of control with the PSVR headset. At this point, it claims to support over 30 games however the accessory actually supports a very small number of games at this point. The Foot Motion Controller will be a great accessory if you can use it to play games like Skyrim VR and Borderlands VR.

Check out the trailer for the product below.

The trailer claims that the Foot Motion Controller will grant full freedom of movement to players. A feature which is highly needed with all VR headsets. Along with that, it will ensure that both hands of players remain free as it can be easily used by the feet even while sitting.

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The device looks simple to operate and works like a pressure plate where you can simply put more pressure in the direction where you want to move on the plate. It will allow you to move around the stage like you do in normal games. It supports forward, backwards and both left and right turning support giving more movement flexibility in VR game.

3DRudder Foot Motion Controller is releasing for PSVR in April 2019. We will love to try it out and see how much it improves the overall VR experience.


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