Nova-box Releases Remake of Debut Game Echoes on PC and Nintendo Switch

Echoes Switch

Nova-box, the developer renowned for narrative experiences like Along the Edge and Across the Grooves, has announced the release of the remake of their debut game, Echoes. Echoes is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

The game’s launch trailer, premiered during the ActuGaming French Direct showcase, offers a glimpse into the captivating world of Echoes. Originally released exclusively on mobile devices a decade ago, the game has undergone a significant overhaul, featuring a revamped script, enhanced visuals, and a remastered and extended soundtrack tailored for the PC and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Check out the Launch Trailer below:

Echoes invites players into the tranquil town of Greenhearth nestled in the rural American Northwest. The sudden demise of protagonist Ricky Fox’s best friend, Arthur, prompts the NYPD detective to embark on an unauthorized investigation in the Oregon countryside. As Fox delves into the eccentricities of the townsfolk and delves deeper into the mystery, players unravel a gripping narrative brimming with unexpected twists and revelations. However, venturing too far into the shadows may awaken something sinister lurking beneath the town’s serene facade.

The game’s stunning black-and-white hand-painted illustrations dynamically evolve with each chapter, transitioning from subtle grayscale tones to a vivid technicolor crescendo. This visual journey mirrors the narrative’s eclectic blend of genres, seamlessly transitioning between film noir homage and 80s horror tropes, delivering a captivating and immersive experience.

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Echoes Switch

Echoes challenges players to uncover the truth behind the enigmatic events in Greenhearth, offering a narrative-driven adventure filled with suspense and intrigue. With its engaging storyline, evocative visuals, and atmospheric soundtrack, “Echoes” promises to captivate players on both PC and Nintendo Switch platforms.

You can experience the mystery and unravel the secrets of Greenhearth today by purchasing Echoes on Steam or Nintendo Switch. The PC version is offering a 15% discount until June 5.

Would you be interested in trying out the new and refreshed Echoes on PC via Steam or Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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