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Nearing the launch of Overpass, Zordix Racing and NACON have released a brand new video for their upcoming off-road simulation title Overpass. The latest video showcases more gameplay from Overpass and highlights some of the challenges that players will need to overcome as they drive some of the best off-road vehicles from around the world.

According to the new gameplay video, Overpass will feature two unique track types: Obstacle Courses and Hillclimbs. Both of these track types will require the players to adapt to the track demands and overcome the challenges each track type throws at them. In Obstacle Courses, players will be required to know how to cross each natural or artificial obstacle in the best way possible.

For overcoming these obstacles, you will be required to carefully use the throttle and decide where the wheels should be positioned in order to have maximum traction and ensure that the vehicle goes up rather than down. Different in-game mechanics such as the differential lock will be used in these circumstances to allow or disallow the wheels of the vehicle to rotate at different rates in order to find the best throttle required to get over the obstacle.

On the other hand, Hillclimbs will require players to find the best and the fastest path up to a hill’s summit. These tracks are shorter but also come with additional challenges and obstacles making them tougher than the Obstacle Courses. However, both track types require careful analysis of the terrain and optimum use of onboard assists such as 4WD, differential lock and many others.

Overpass pits you against the toughest terrains and obstacles in some of the most powerful off-road vehicles available right now in the world. Previously, Zordix Racing also revealed the official gameplay trailer and officially licensed vehicles that you will be able to drive in Overpass when it comes out next week. Overpass is slated to release on PC on February 27, 2020, however, the console release has been pushed further into March and will now release on March 17, 2020.

Our review of Overpass will go live on February 27, 2020, so stay tuned for the review in which we will go in detail with Zordix Racing’s new racing simulator.

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