Microsoft Has Long Term Plans for Halo: Infinite, Could Use Games-As-Service Model

Halo: Infinite

Halo: Infinite is Microsoft’s long-awaited sequel to Halo 5, which was revealed during E3 2018, and since then no official word has come out from Microsoft about what the game will include or what could be the model of the game. Recently, some job openings have popped up on the career’s page of 343 Industries, which are clearly giving some hints as to what Microsoft and 343 Industries have in mind for Halo: Infinite.

The job listings on their career page are clearly pointing to the fact that Microsoft is not planning on a short-term business model with Halo: Infinite. The position for Online Experience Design Director clearly hints at Halo: Infinite’s long-term support as the JD suggests that the

Microtransactions are also making a comeback in Halo: Infinite as they were highly successful in Halo 5: Guardians. This further adds to the argument that 343 Industries wants to support the game for a long time. We would not blame them for choosing this business model for Halo: Infinite because every major franchise is taking the same route because it is the most profitable business model at the moment.

When talking about Microtransactions, we are looking at possible cosmetic items to be included in the game, which will allow the players to customize their players according to their personal choices. The following JD appears on the job listings as well which confirms about the cosmetic items coming to Halo: Infinite.

Apart from Microtransactions, the PC version of the game will also have some sort of anti-cheat mechanic to keep hackers and cheaters out from the PC version as the PC version is the most hacked version most of the times.

This comes from the fact that 343 Industries is also looking for a candidate to fill the position of Senior Software Development Engineer who will be working on “PC client anti-cheat and security features for Halo Infinite.” This shows that 343 Industries will take the cheating and hacking very seriously for the next title in the franchise.

Hiring such individuals mean that 343 Industries wants to sustain the game for a long time and they are not making it just for a short period of time. This could be good for players as well as they can expect the game to have content and support for a long time.

343 Industries normally supports their games for a long time anyway as it is evident from their previous titles as Halo 5: Guardian and Halo: MCC still get some update patches every now and then which ensure that he games and servers are working to their full capacity.

So far, we have only seen a trailer of the game’s new engine and sadly, no other information has been revealed about the game since the E3. We are eagerly waiting for 343 to release more details about the game as the new engine of the game looks very promising.

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