Mega Man 11 Reveals Robot Master Tundra Man & Acid Man – Trailer and Details

Mega Man 11

Capcom has revealed the next bosses in the game, a Robot Master called Tundra Man and the final Boss, Acid Man that will appear in Mega Man 11. Tundra Man, an ice boss who likes to figure ice skate, slides around, performs pirouettes and sails elegantly through the air as Mega Man tries to fight him.

A trailer for Mega Man 11, shown at Tokyo Game Show shows off some of the levels, a few seconds of music and the Japanese voice-overs. There are many various bosses but with the recent reveal of Tundra Man, and the TGS trailer showing Acid Man as the final boss of the game, we have a decent idea what the gameplay will offer us.

Want to dance? Feel freeze!” Tundra Man, a Robot Master with a penchant for ice skating and a flair for the theatric, has just been revealed for Mega Man 11! This elegant boss is sure to be a fan favorite, so read on for more about the marvelous Robot Master and his sinister stage set in a museum that’s been frozen to its core.

Tundra Man resides in a museum that has a lot of hazards for Mega Man. This museum hosts dangerous icicles on floors, walls and ceilings. As you can make out, running into these spikes can ensure an insta-kill for Mega Man. The floors are also slippery, which makes such accident more likely than usual.

Enemies in the museum include robotics snowflakes that quietly float around downwards, birds that drop blocks of frozen ice from up high, and stationary Gabyoall security robots that lie in wait amongst the slipper terrain.

Defeating Tundra Man in the boss fight will equip you with Tundra Storm, channeling Tundra Man’s Aerial Twists to create a column of icy winds in an attack that can hit enemies above and below the Blue Bomber. This can be very helpful if you want to send enemies into a deep freeze, turn on the Power Gear for a frozen blast that covers the entire screen

Meanwhile, a final boss has also been revealed in the game known as Acid Man. He joines the rest of the bosses in the game that were previously added. Acid Man was only shown in the Tokyo Game Show trailer. The fight with Acid Man will take place in a chemical plant, as Acid Man himself is covered in a green poop and shoots acid towards Mega Man.

Mega Man 11

The trailer is in Japanese and comes with quite a few information. We have to wait and see until an English trailer comes out where we can provide you with more details about Acid Man and the other bosses of various levels. Here are all the enemies that can be seen in the trailer:

  • Block Man
  • Acid Man
  • Blast Man
  • Fuse Man
  • Rubber Man
  • Torch Man
  • Pile Man
  • Tundra Man

Mega Man 11 is just under a couple of weeks away and launches on October 2, 2018. The game will be available for players on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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