How to Catch a Glittering Herring in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Glittering Herring Disney Dreamlight Valley

One of Elsa’s friendship quests will have you find and catch a specific fish called Glittering Herring to cook up a recipe. This guide will show you how you can catch a Glittering Herring in the Disney Dreamlight Valley to complete What Home Feels Like friendship quest for Elsa.

How to Catch a Glittering Herring in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Glittering Herring is part of Elsa’s quest where she needs you to catch the fish, a main ingredient for the Arandelle Fish Pie that players will have to cook. The Glittering Herring looks just like the Herring but due to its special appearance, it suggests that it is a rare find.

When Elsa tasks you with this quest, she gives out a big hint that says that you can only catch this fish on a rainy day. This means that not only do you have to wait for the in-game weather to turn soggy, but also make sure that you go fishing during the daytime. Another point to keep in mind is that you can only catch this fish in calm rainy weather as opposed to the thundering rain which is also a part of the weather system of the game.

By making sure of these requirements, you highly increase the chance of catching a Glittering Herring. There is no special location where you can specifically catch this fish, but you can further increase your chances of catching one by fishing at the orange nodes, which allow you to catch a rare fish.

If not, you can fish in any body of water, whether it is a small pond, and in the right weather and day conditions to catch a Glittering Herring.

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That’s how you can catch a Glittering Herring in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Post your comments below.

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