How to Make Rafiki’s Walking Stick in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Rafiki’s Stick in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley has just a new quest called Stars to Guide Us that lets you unlock Simba from The Lion King. One of the tasks in the quest requires you to craft  Rafiki’s Walking Stick, and this guide will show you how to make one and complete this task in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Make Rafiki’s Walking Stick in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Stars That Guide Us in Disney Dreamlight Valley has one of the tasks where you have to make Rafiki’s Walking Stick. This means that you need three different ingredients before you can craft the item and give it to Rafiki.

The items you need to make Rafiki’s Walking Stick are:

  • 2x Purified Night Shard
  • 5x Softwood
  • 5x Fiber

The first items you need are two Purified Night Shards, a type of item that you can craft at a workbench. To make a Purified Night Shard, you will need 10x Night Shards and 2x Dream Shards. Night Shards can be dug out from the ground all throughout the valley, while Dream Shards are obtained when you remove Night Thorns, or feed critters.

The second item you need for Rafiki’s Walking Stick is Softwood. Softwood is a common item that can be found in Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, and Peaceful Meadow. Softwood are light brown sticks that you can pick up from the ground, or if you are lazy and have a lot of money, you can buy it from Kirstoff for 5 gold per Softwood.

The last item you need is Fiber, and luckily, it is another common item like the Softwood that you can easily get. To get Fiber, you need to have at least one Seaweed to use on a workbench. This will allow you to have Fiber.

When you have all the right amounts of materials required to craft Rafiki’s Walking Stick, use all the items on a Workbench to craft the stick and to complete this task. All that’s left is for you to return back to Simba where you left off, and place the stick right in front of the lion.

That’s how you can make Rafiki’s Walking Stick in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Post your comments below.

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