Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Tools Locations Guide – Where to Find All

Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Tools Locations Guide

Royal Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley are going to be your basic activity tools that many players will be looking for. The different variety of Royal Tools unlocks different activities that you can partake in. However, each of these tools need to be found in different locations, and this is where our Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Tools Locations Guide will help you out.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Tools Locations Guide

In total, there are four Royal Tools in the game:

  • Watering Can
  • Pickaxe
  • Fishing Rod
  • Shovel

Watering Can Location

The Watering Can is going to be the first tool that you will get your hands on, specifically after you complete the Dream Caste main story quest. Once you have completed the quest, you will find the watering can on the right side of the house.

Pickaxe Location

The Royal Pickaxe is an important item that you will need as it is not only an important tool but also needed to progress in the game. This is because the entrance to the Peaceful Meadow is blocked by rocks that need to be broken down using this Pickaxe.

The Pickaxe can be found near the Peaceful Meadow, where you will find it on the southeast part of the Plaza. Pick it up and clear the way that leads you into the Peaceful Meadow.

Fishing Rod Location

The Fishing Rod is obtained when you help Goofy locate it in the ponds of Peaceful Meadow. When you enter the meadow, talk to Goofy who gives you the quest to fix his stall. One of the tasks in this quest is to locate the fishing rod in one of the ponds of Peaceful Meadow.

The Fishing rod can be found in the small pond that will be to the left of the area. Pick up the item and return it to Goofy. As a reward for completing the quest, Goofy will gift you the Fishing Rod to keep it as your own.

Shovel Location

The Shovel can be found towards the right of the Fountain in Plaza. You can pick up the shovel just outside of Chez Remy, buried in such a way that it sticks up and stand up straight. It is very easy to spot and obtain when you reach Chez Remy.

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That’s how you can find all the Royal Tools as shown in this Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Tools Locations Guide. Post your comments below.

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