Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins Farming Guide – How to Get A Lot of Star Coins

Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins Farming Guide

Star Coins is the main currency in Disney Dreamlight Valley which is obtained through various activities and used to buy items and upgrades. This Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins Farming Guide will show you the best way to get a lot of Star Coins by farming the various Gems found in different biomes of the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins Farming Guide

The best way to get a lot of Star Coins is by farming the many gems found out in the wild. This is because these gems can be sold to get Star Coins, and they also come in a Shiny version besides the normal version, which sells for even more money.

In total there are 9 different Gems that can be found in the different regions of the game. Gems vary in prices, whether in their normal or shiny state, where Diamond, Amethyst, and Tourmaline are the most valuable and rare gems that sell for a lot. Having said that, you don’t necessarily have to rely on these three top gems, as other gems, especially in their Shiny state can give you a decent amount of Star Coins when sold.

The table below lists all the Gems and their locations. The list starts of with the most common gems and finishes with the rarest at the bottom of the table.


Where to Find

Garnet The Plaza, Peaceful Meadow
Peridot Peaceful Meadow, Dazzle Beach
Topaz The Plaza
Aquamarine Forest of Valor, Dazzle Beach
Emerald Forest of Valor
Citrine Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau
Tourmaline Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights
Amethyst Frosted Heights, Forgotten Lands
Diamond Forgotten Lands

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That’s all the gems that you can find and sell to get Star Coins in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Post your comments below.

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