How to Get Gold Nuggets in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gold Nuggets Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gold Nuggets are an important crafting item in Disney Dreamlight Valley that you can convert to Gold Ingots, and use it for various tasks, and also to unlock Ariel in the game. Gold Ingots require a decent amount of Gold Nuggets for crafting and this is where our guide will show you how to get Gold Nuggets in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Get Gold Nuggets in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gold Ingots can be found in three of the game’s biomes that are:

  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Frosted Heights
  • Forgotten Lands

Each of the three Biome contains enough sources for Gold Nuggets, but the most accessible ones are the Sunlit Plateau and the Frosted Heights. If you have enough Dreamlight to access the Forgotten Lands, you can also farm Gold Nuggets from this biome. Otherwise, it is best to stick to Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Heights to look for the nuggets.

To actually get this material, you need to harvest the gold nuggets from the black rocks found scattered around the walls of these biomes. To further increase your chances of getting Gold Nuggets from these rocks, you can tag along a mining companion that will also look for this item alongside you.

Once you have enough Gold Nuggets, you can now craft a Gold Ingot using 5x Gold Nuggets and 1x Coal Ore. Since you will be needing a lot of Gold Ingots, make sure you can hoard as many Gold Nuggets as you can when you are in either three of these biomes.

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That’s how you can get Gold Nuggets in the game. Post your comments below.

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