Ghost of a Tale Launching Early 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One

Ghost of a Tale

SeithCG has announced that their Action RPG indie game; Ghost of a Tale, will be launching for a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One early next year, 2019. The game was launched this year on pc after a five year development and was expected for a full console version launch this year as well, but it in a new update the developing studio has pushed the date to next year.

In Ghost of a Tale, you play as Tilo who has to traverse in a world inhabited by other animals, where Tilo has to stealthily sneak around and lookout for helpful items in the lands of Dwindling Heights, with many mysteries to solve and explore the world. The game is set in a dark fantasy world where the rats are attempting to purge the mice. Take a look at the launch trailer below:

The game looks to be featuring high quality models and animations, adorable rodent characters, and interesting stealth only gameplay, as Tilo is not a fighter. Therefore, the game has been a highly anticipated indi game during the course of its five years of development.

The developer; SeithCG transparently elaborated why the launch was postponed, saying that the decision was made because of the Holiday season that is just around the corner, which may overshadow the game for the spotlight and the coverage that it needs.

Ghost of a Tale

Following a discussion with our distributor we’ve been made aware that releasing the Xbox One version of Ghost of a Tale smack in the middle of the holiday’s season is Not a Good Idea™. That is unless we want it to go totally unnoticed.

Important semantic point here: a distributor is a partner who is paid by a developer to make a game available on as many platforms, worldwide, as possible. A publisher actually finances and drives a game’s development, and as a result can impose its rules (likely dictated by marketing considerations). It often owns the final game’s intellectual property and sometimes owns the developer itself.

Now as you all know we don’t have a publisher. By choice. Which means we’re absolutely independent and as such we can do pretty much what we want. However we’re still capable of recognizing sound advice when we hear one!

In parallel with this we have also been informed that the PlayStation 4 version of the game will be ready towards the beginning of the year, for a potential release in February.

So the decision was straight-forward: We will do a simultaneous console release of Ghost of a Tale on Xbox One and PS4 in February.

This way we’ll stand a much better chance at getting noticed by the specialized websites, which at this point is exactly what the game needs.

What do you think of the game? Let us know in the comments below on what you think about the delay of the game release for consoles.

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