Fallout 76 The Forest Bobblehead Locations Guide – Where to Find

Fallout 76 Cranberry Bog Bobblehead Locations Guide

In this Fallout 76 The Forest Bobblehead Locations Guide, we will guide you on the locations of where you can find Bobbleheads in The Forest region of Fallout 76. Fallout 76 covers the entire West Virginia so there are plenty of regions in the game. One of the main regions of the map is The Forest which is pretty huge on its own and has different sub-areas.

We have curated this Fallout 76 The Forest Bobblehead Locations Guide in which we have detailed the location of all the Bobbleheads that are currently present in The Forest region of Fallout 76. These bobbleheads are used to gain temporary boosts in the game and they can help you greatly in various situations.

The Forest Bobblehead Locations – Detailed Guide

You need to keep in mind that the Bobbleheads might not appear for you if another player has already picked them up. Since the game is online, this will happen often if you are playing on a busy server. We will share all known locations where the bobbleheads are found. You can try them out to find as many as you can in the game.

Vault 76 and Flatwoods

This section of the guide lists the locations of all bobblehead locations in Vault 76 and Flatwoods.

Landview Lighthouse

  • Check the desk in the bedroom on the first floor of the yellow house near the lighthouse. There is one located between a typewriter and the Keeper’s Terminal.
  • Inside the lighthouse, head to the gantry platform and look on the window sill right before the lamp chamber.

Alpine River Cabins

  • Inside the southeast cabin, check the top of the corner bunk bed.
  • Inside the south cabin which has the bear rug, check the floor under the bunk bed located in the corner.

Wixon Homestead

  • Look for a Bobblehead sitting on the right of the metal shelf south wall of the curvy hay barn and the garage.

Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center

  • Inside the men’s restrooms, look inside a urinal near the stairs.
  • Check the fridge located on the left side of a wooden door in the corner of the hydroponics room.
  • Head to the basement of the laboratory and check the table with the broken terminal.
  • Head to the upper east side of the office where you will find a filling cabinet tray. A Bobblehead is usually present here.

Northwest Section of the Forest and Point Pleasant

This section of the guide covers all the Bobblehead locations found in the Northwest section of the forest and the Point Pleasant.

WV Lumber Co.

  • One is located at the edge of the roof inside a waste basket. Also, check the small structure with the ‘protect your hands’ poster on it in the broken garage located next to the stacked wood.
  • Head inside the Red Barn storage warehouse and check the upturned filling cabinet and first aid box.

Darling Sister’s Lab

  • Check the roof of the ‘welkcom’ metal caravan trailer.

Groves Family Cabin

  • Check the top of the bunk bed located in the corner inside the cabin with the American flag.

Aaronholt Homestead

  • Check under the baby’s crib in the corner of the bedroom upstairs of the blue and gray cottage.
  • Head to the white farmhouse and check inside the burgundy bedroom. One is located behind the bookcase in the southeast section of the room.
  • Check the foot of the wood and metal stud wall on either side of the Power Armor in the silo garage.

Tyler Country Fairgrounds

  • Check above or below the token machines in the open metal sheds located near the Hoop Shots game.
  • Check the base of the big Nuka-Cola bottle. One is located on a metal shelf between Nuka-Cherry and Nuka-Cola bottles.
  • Check the large warehouse. You might find a bobblehead on the long table inside sitting with some pumpkins and a scarecrow.

Deathclaw Island

  • Check the bench and the ground under it on the north side of the island.

Marigold Pavilion

  • Head inside the Pavilion and check the attic area near the broken floor between the vertical support pole and two mattresses.

Hunter’s Ridge

  • Check the roof of the treehouse shack in the northeast section of the area where a living tree trunk is also located. If the Bobblehead is not located on the roof, check the floor as it might have fallen there.

Morgantown and Eastern Forest

This section of the guide details the locations of Bobbleheads found in the vicinity of Morgantown and Eastern Forest.

Morgantown Trainyard

  • Head inside the tall tower of the main trainyard and check the table near the ham radio and the Supervisor’s safe.

Morgantown Airport

  • Head inside the Responder Laboratory hangar and check the narrow shelf on the southwest corner of the hangar.

Morgantown Highschool

  • Inside the school, check the blue-checkered wallpaper office where a tall bookshelf is present. There is a Bobblehead here.
  • Check the boys’ restroom. One is sitting often in a toilet.
  • Head to the upper storage roof of the gymnasium where you will find a basketball hoop. A Bobblehead is found here sitting on a cinder block. You can access it from the stands.

Portside Pub

  • Head to the roof and check the group of AC outdoor units. Look for them in the northern section of the building.

Mama Dolce’s Food Processing

  • Sitting on a small wooden side cabinet shelf near the door in the northern corner of the dormitory in the underground Fujiniya Intelligence Base.
  • In the laboratory chamber, check the metal shelf in the underground Fujiniya Intelligence Base.
  • Head to the southwest corner of the main processing chamber and look near the top of the mainframe computer located near the huge cylinder in the underground Fujiniya Intelligence Base.
  • Check below the linked computer and phone terminals in the southwest corner of in the underground Fujiniya Intelligence Base.

Vault-Tec University

  • Check behind the filling box inside the Dean’s office which is Room 203. You can reach it via the hole in the wall.
  • Head to the gym and check the showers. One is located near the black mirror and the sink.
  • Head to the cafeteria and find the refrigerator inside the simulation vault.

Grafton Dam

  • Check the metal typewriter desk on the top floor in the blue gantry hut office.

Gauley Mine

  • Head to the south of the mine entrance and enter the locker room. Enter via the hole in the wall and check the left locker for a Bobblehead.
  • Inside the mine, enter the first mine tunnel and reach its end. Here you will come to a mine junction shack. Check on top of the ceiling mine support here.
  • Look for a blackened wall AC in the northwest wall of the main generator and gantry chamber.

Arktos Pharma

  • Head inside the Arktos Pharma building and look for it on the floor between the Protein Sequencer Terminals and the collection chamber in the Protein Sequencing Laboratory.

Greg’s Mine Supply

  • Check on the Greg’s Terminal inside the Mine Supply Store.

Bolton Greens

  • Outside the mansion, near a green bench in the playground, you will find a pram. Check for a Bobblehead on this pram.
  • Head to the roof of the mansion and check near the ammo box.
  • Access the locked door near the kitchen to enter the narrow golf course reception office and look at the floor near a golf bag.
  • Inside the mansion, head to the north mezzanine balcony and check on the side table.
  • Head upstairs in the mansion to the bunk bedroom and check near the large fireplace and the round table near the burgundy chairs.

New River Gorge Resort

  • Head North across Interstate 59 and complete the adventure course in the woods. You will then reach the top of the adventure tower where a Bobblehead is sitting.


  • Sitting on the rooftop of the Liquor Store. The roof is accessible from other buildings. There is no rooftop access inside the building.
  • Head to the Overseer’s Childhood Home in the northern side of the town and head to the Tinkerer’s Cellar. Here look at the wicket basket sitting on top of a white locker.

Horizon’s Rest

  • Check inside the highest metal hut.
  • Find the crashed plane and look on the floor behind the cockpit seats.

Relay Tower HN-B1-12

  • Check the southern corner of the interior hut. A Bobblehead is sitting on the small mainframe computer bank.

Tygart Water Treatment

  • Head to the middle of the upper Raider base defensive wall and check the small wooden crate lying near two mattresses.

Southwest Section of the Forest

This section of the guide details the locations of the Bobbleheads located in the southwest section of The Forest.

Ohio River Adventures

  • Go inside the fishing boat’s cabin and check on the boat’s computer.

Silva Homestead

  • Enter the gray roadside farmhouse building, go to the first floor, and check the dresser behind the small vase in the bedroom.
  • Check the Arktos Pharma Terminal inside the red silo barn.

Lewis & Sons Farming Supply

  • Head to the southeast section and check the floor or on the engine right next to the Power Armor station. This is inside the tractor barn.
  • Head to the upstairs balcony of the tractor barn and check behind the barrels placed in the corner.
  • Check inside the greenhouse. There’s a Bobblehead near the register on the counter or on the ground near it.

Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant

  • Head inside the plant and check the locker between the two largest chambers.
  • Head to the upper floor and inside the Snackability R&D laboratory and look for one sitting on a metal shelf inside the large storage pantry.
  • There is also one sitting in the blue maintenance hut on a computer. You can access it from the locked hatch on the roof by climbing the orange and white trailer.

The Giant Teapot

  • Head inside the Red Rocket Gas Station and check the register on the counter or the ground near it.
  • Head to the restrooms upstairs and check the toilets of the gift shop.

Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06

  • Enter the main building and head to the end of the giant T-shaped horizontal pipes that enter the first of the two cooling towers. This is near the skeleton lying on the ground. You can access it from the gantry stairs in the northern section of the main building.
  • Head to the topmost roof of the main building and check the crate sitting at the end of the catwalks circling around the smokestacks.
  • Check the west corner of the expansion cooling tower roof. A skeleton is also lying here along with some chems scattered in the area.
  • Head to the Fuel Storage chamber and check the largest pool on an underwater girder.
  • Head to the Reactor Room on the south side and then check the girders supporting the top of the reactor. You can reach this place by jumping from the computer bank on the highest gantry.

Charleston and Surroundings

This section of the guide lists all Bobbleheads located in Charleston and its surroundings.

Charleston Railyard

  • Head to the main brick office building located south of the bridge which connects the road to the main unloading rooftop and check the corner table for a Bobblehead.

AVR Medical Center

  • Head to the upper broken balcony in the northwest section and jump to the top of the entrance lobby ceiling. Check the light here for the Bobblehead.
  • Head to the big hole in the basement and the cafeteria and get access to the level 2 balcony. Enter the office here and check the metal desk with a terminal.
  • On the third floor of the south side office, check the wooden and metal cabinet which is accessed by a hole in the wall.
  • In the upper lab room where you will also find a Chemistry Station, check the terminal shell in the southwest corner.

Hornwright Industrial Headquarters

  • Head to the reactor lab room located on Floor 03 and check the metal counter behind a wooden crate.
  • Head to the External Connection System Chamber and you will notice that some part of the area is sunken. Check the small alcove of the red mainframe computer here near the circular Protectron calibration pad.
  • Check the small alcove of the red mainframe computer in the northern computer room which is above the Sub-Level Basement.

Charleston Capitol Building

  • Check the judge’s table in the first courtroom. The door leading to this says ‘State Courthouse’.

Summersville Docks

  • Check the shelf or the ground inside the small red storage shed.
  • Check the west side of the fish store shack and you might find a Bobblehead sitting on a metal shelf among some other stuff.
  • Check the dry lakebed on the northeast section of the boathouse. Look by the red fishing boat.

Burdette Manor

  • Outside the western side door of the manor.
  • Check the rock cliff between the dry lake and the manor below some Soot Flowers.

Overlook Cabin

  • Check by the pool table and the game room on the ground in the northern section of the cabin.
  • Check on a rock between the dry lake and the northern side of the cabin near the blue car.

Riverside Manor

  • Head inside the manor and up to the second floor. Enter the bedroom and check the tall dresser in the west of the room.
  • On the second floor, check the bureau outside the master bedroom.

Torrance House

  • Head to the roof and check the eastern side of the roof. It will be near some ‘Hubba Hubba’ wood blocks.
  • Check the top of the corner of the stone wall of the hedge maze.

Hornwright Summer Villa

  • Check the top of the gazebo located near the greenhouse.

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This concludes our Fallout 76 The Forest Bobblehead Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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