Everything Announced at the Horror Game Awards May 2024 Showcase – All Trailers, Announcements and Updates

Horror Game Awards Showcase May 2024

If you love playing horror games then the recently held Horror Game Awards May 2024 Showcase is heaven for you since it features tons of upcoming horror games. If you missed the entire event, we have everything announced during the Horror Game Awards May 2024 Showcase. Check it out below:


Indika is available now on PC, and it will be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S later this May. Watch the launch trailer for Indika for another look at this game that blends gameplay elements from adventure TPP games—including perplexing environmental puzzles and platforming. Indika is set in a surreal version of early 20th-century Russia centering around a simple nun’s bizarre and spiritual journey.

Poltergeist Watcher

Can you survive the night watching the haunted house?

Madison VR ( Cursed Edition)

The scariest game ever (Science of scare project) is out now on VR. Play if you dare.

The Cursed Tape

Fear The Moon

A cryptid survival horror game takes place in an Ohio forest, about a werewolf creature named “the Wolfman”. Play as Jane along with her three friends who unknowingly camp the night in the Wolfman’s territory deep in the forest on a long abandoned property that holds dark secrets.

Cannibal Tales

Horror thriller visual novel written by cult director Ruggero Deodato. A cannibal story in three episodes. Embark on a challenging journey, where every choice has a price and consequences. Will you be able to reach the end without getting your soul devoured? Dare to decide!


Kamla is a first-person survival horror game set in 1970s India. Based on traditional Indian folklore, you play as a tantrik (Indian priest). Your goal is to exorcise a newlywed bride named Kamla by completing a ritual and solving puzzles.

Crypt Master

Get your first look at this narrative adventure from developers Paul Hart and Lee Williams that’s best described as “Scribblenauts meets D&D.” Cryptmaster will be released for PC in 2023.

Crow Country

The year is 1990. It’s been two years since the mysterious disappearance of Edward Crow and the abrupt closure of his theme park, Crow Country. But your arrival has broken the silence, Mara Forest. If you want answers, you’ll have to venture deep into the darkness of Crow Country to find them…

A survival horror game, where you’ll test yourself against puzzles and riddles as you investigate the eerie tranquility of the abandoned theme park. Don’t be deceived by the whimsical surroundings, something is awfully wrong in Crow Country. As you unlock new areas, backtrack, and discover more, you gradually piece together why Edward really shut down his park and where he mysteriously disappeared.

You’ve heard some pretty disturbing rumors, but they couldn’t possibly be true…..right? For visitors to the park who are more interested in spotting crows and taking in the sights, Exploration Mode allows you to journey on without the fear of being attacked by the mysterious monsters roaming Crow Country. If you knew what those monsters really are…..

Just how far would someone go to follow their ambition? Are some sins too wicked for redemption? A tale of reckless hubris and human greed, and now at the center of it all… you.

Who are you really, Mara Forest?

The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication

Learn about the mysteries that await and see some of the puzzles you’ll solve in this trailer for The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication, an upcoming first-person survival horror game. In this second part of The Bridge Curse series, face the horrors of a deadly curse as you navigate through puzzles and confront supernatural forces. You control four characters during Wen Hua University’s “Carnival of Horror.” What lurks around the corner is foreboding dread, a few laughs, and of course… pure fear. The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication is coming to PC.

Animal Well

Hatch from your flower and spelunk through the beautiful and sometimes haunting world of ANIMAL WELL, a pixelated action-exploration game rendered in intricate audio and visual detail. Encounter lively creatures small and large, helpful and ominous as you discover unconventional upgrades and unravel the well’s secrets. This is a truly unique experience that can make you laugh in fear, surprise, or delight.

Garten Of Ban Ban VII

Bigger. Scarier. Banbannier.

My Adaptation In(to) Human

MY ADAPTATION IN(TO) HUMAN is a horror point-and-click novel in which you play as an alien body snatcher.

The Stairway 7

The Stairway 7 is an endless loop anomaly hunt and observation “spot the difference” game where you are stuck in an endless loop of stairways with a cat and you have to observe your surroundings carefully to reach the exit. Anomalies are watching, and ready to hunt you down. Don’t take them with you.

Indigo Park Chapter 1

Indigo Park is an immersive first-person exploration game that takes you on a thrilling journey through the eerie remnants of an abandoned amusement park. As the protagonist, you will step into the shoes of an adventurous soul eager to uncover the mysteries hidden within this once vibrant and lively attraction. Explore a desolate world where time has stood still, and nature has reclaimed its territory. The amusement park, once filled with joyous laughter and cheerful music, now echoes with haunting silence and faded memories. Guided by an A.I. assistant*, help restore power to the destroyed amusement park while you avoid the reason it shut down. Once one of the most renowned theme parks in the world, Indigo Park was suddenly shut down after a mysterious, horrific incident.


Father Mandus, armed only with his sacred crucifix and the hallowed verses of his Bible, embarks on a daring crusade to vanquish the malevolent presence that lurks within the cursed confines of the Williams mansion.

The Tower On The Borderland

The Tower on the Borderland is a survival horror action-adventure game developed by DascuMaru. With graphics inspired by classic PlayStation 1 (PS1) visuals, players will embody a special ops soldier named Erin who finds herself trapped in an otherworldly domain. Gather more powerful weapons and equipment through progression and manage not only resources, but the actions taken to survive. The Tower on the Borderland is launching on May 20 for PC.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

In-game cinematics and gameplay captured by Ninja Theory on Xbox Series X, with music by Heilung. The sequel to the award-winning Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, sees Senua return in a brutal journey of survival through the myth and torment of Viking Iceland. Intent on saving those who have fallen victim to the horrors of tyranny, Senua faces a battle of overcoming the darkness within and without.

The Glass Staircase

The Glass Staircase is a homage to the PS2 survival horror (especially Haunting Grounds) and Italian zombie movies. Uncover the horrible secrets of the manor as your friends disappear one by one.


Out Now.

Sonar Shock

Harvest Hunt

The village of Luna Nova is cursed by the looming shadow of the Devourer. The appointed Warden must use stealth, strategy, and handcrafted tools in order to survive against the emerging horrors of each night. Will you rise as the village’s salvation, or become the next victim of an endless hunt? Harvest Hunt is coming to PC on May 24, 2024.


ENDLOOP – エンドループ Is a game where you are trapped in an infinite stairway. You will have to solve puzzles to progress and maybe you’ll be able to escape your fate.

Witch’s Doll

The official trailer of our upcoming horror indie game, Witch’s Doll. Show your support by Wishlisting our game on the Steam Store.

It Sleeps Below The Haar

It Sleeps Below the Haar is a short horror exploration game, set in a secluded coastal village in Northeast Scotland. Explore Kellas Bay and its surrounding forests, caves, and ocean to uncover what lies beneath the fog-covered village.

The Black Within

The Black Within is a single-player first-person psychological horror game that takes players on a chilling journey into the depths of the human psyche. When selling her soul for fame and fortune, Laila Rose faces the consequences of her actions. A tale where greed, fear, and change intertwine.


Be ready for a multiplayer survival horror game. PANICORE is a survival horror game that mixes permadeath, AI monsters, and a co-op experience. Try to escape and don’t get caught, but beware: they don’t only hear your steps, but also your voice. Powered by Unreal Engine 5.

Nightmare Kart

Zoom through gothic city streets in this combat kart racer!

The Devil Is Within The Details

You’re trapped in hell, and the only way out is to beat the devil at its own game. With the help of a mysterious entity known only as ‘The Arbiter,’ navigate through ominous surroundings and place talismans on cursed objects while trying to survive the many traps and foes lurking in the shadows.


Change is brewing, threatening the established ways of alluring supernatural aristocrats. Sustain your facade as one of the living and struggle with your morality as a young vampire. Will you retain your humanity or descend further into the horror you have become? Cabernet is now available to wishlist on Steam!

Sorry We’re Closed

Get a deep dive into the world of Sorry We’re Closed in this latest trailer for the upcoming single-player survival horror game. Check out the trailer for a breakdown of what you can expect, including the story setting, gameplay, exploration of the game’s demon world, and more. Sorry We’re Closed will be available on PC and a demo is available now on Steam. In Sorry We’re Closed, explore unsettling locations with fixed camera angles. Fight in first person with demonic weapons. Open your Third Eye to see between worlds, uncover secrets, and solve puzzles.

Psychopath Massacre

Psychopath Massacre is a first-person short psychological horror game with a VHS effect. (It’s a short puzzle game) Be cautious and observant because a sinister psychopath lurks within these rooms, hidden in the shadows and monitoring your every step. George Dinescu kidnapped you in his home in Romania.


Unfollow is a surreal, hyper realistic horror game that puts you in the shoes of a victim of bullying. Explore the dark impacts that social media can have on mental health in a nightmarish world where you must escape terrifying monsters and uncover the mystery of Akidearest. Watch the chilling new trailer for a glimpse at the horrors that lie ahead. Unfollow is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Its demo is available to play now.

Painted In Blood

Steam Wishlist is open now.

Gym Nights

Psychological horror with a true immersion into the nightmares of the main character. You are the caretaker of an old abandoned gym, but what is this place hiding? Immerse yourself in this nightmare to deal with it all forever.


PALEOPHAGE is a third-person dinosaur survival horror game set in an urban resort. Fight or attempt to outrun over ten varieties of prehistoric creatures, solve puzzles, and uncover the secrets of the Paleophage, a prehistoric biological nightmare capable of reconstituting ancient life.


See the unsettling world of Necrophosis in this reveal teaser trailer for the upcoming first-person horror adventure game. In Necrophosis, enter a nightmarish-hellish world filled with bizarre forms and somber visuals. Explore eerie-surreal landscapes and unravel mysteries in this atmospheric journey through the macabre.

Dark And Deep

Dark and Deep is a horror mystery exploration game developed by Walter Woods from Savannah College of Art and Design. Players will complete puzzles through a thought-provoking and deep narrative as a dramatic tale of intrigue and betrayal where the real and surreal collide. Dark and Deep is launching in 2024 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Dying Breed

Here’s your look at Dying Breed in this announcement trailer for the upcoming game from developer Sarnayer. Dying Breed pays homage to the golden era of RTS games and features a nostalgic art style and gameplay. Take on hordes of evil arch-enemies and zombies and discover retro-futuristic technology when Dying Breed launches on PC.

Bye Sweet Carole

Bye Sweet Carole is a horrific thriller game inspired by the greatest animated movies and created by Chris Darril. (Remothered series) Be ready to jump into the world of Corolla and meet the rabbits that have infested it.

Documentary: Still Wakes The Deep

Take an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at QA and Production of Still Wakes the Deep. 1975. Disaster strikes the Beira D oil rig off the coast of Scotland. Navigate the collapsing rig to save your crew from an otherworldly horror on the edge of all logic and reality.

Dead Faces

A Randomized Mind-Bending Psychological Horror – Live through each day in your apartment as your hallucinations increase every day.

The days seem to blend together as you slowly forget the world outside your apartment. Visions of people you’ve known begin to plague you through increasingly worse hallucinations. Explore and live through each day in your apartment and face your past as you gradually lose your grasp on reality to reclaim your memories.

Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days

Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days is a new side-scrolling zombie survival game part of the Into the Dead franchise. Prepare for a survival experience unlike anything that’s come before by fighting to stay alive on the zombie-infested streets of Walton, Texas. Guide a group of survivors in an overrun city, scavenging for supplies, crafting weapons, and fighting back against shambling corpses. Build up a fortified shelter while managing group members’ physical and psychological needs and uncovering terrifying stories that explore the true cost of surviving in a zombie-infested urban environment. Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days is launching on PC in 2024.

They Are Here

They Are Here: Alien Abduction Horror is a first-person alien abduction horror game developed by Deklazon. Players will take up the role of a journalist who has witnessed a real and true alien abduction at a local farm. Explore where the alien craft landed, take photos for analysis, and seek the truth. They Are Here: Alien Abduction is launching in 2024 for PC.

Karma: The Dark World

Watch the unsettling trailer for Karma: The Dark World, an upcoming first-person cinematic psychological thriller set in a dystopian world where the Leviathan Corporation is omnipresent. The time is 1984, the place is East Germany, and things are not quite what they seem. Karma: The Dark World will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG).

In Karma: The Dark World, you are Daniel, a Roam Agent for Leviathan’s Thought Bureau, and you have been brought in to investigate actions that have happened at a very specific moment in time. A moment that opens the mind to a world of espionage and betrayal, littered with deep and dark secrets. Fall into the rabbit hole to see what lurks in the darkest corners of people’s minds.

Night Of The Consumers

Nightmare Operator

Star Wars: Deathtroopers  

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