Everything Announced at the Future of Play Direct 2024 – All Trailers, Reveals and Announcements

Future of Play Direct 2024

This year’s Future of Play Direct 2024 saw the V-tuber Melios return to take her role as the host and brought to the table big announcements, trailers, and world premieres. Featuring mostly indie games coming to PC and consoles this year and beyond, the show was an impressive one. Let’s dive into the game announcements and their trailer directly.

Alzara: Radiant Echoes

Here’s your look at the Alzara Radiant Echoes reveal trailer for the upcoming 3D turn-based JRPG inspired by beloved classics. The trailer for Alzara Radiant Echoes showcases the vibrant world, characters, combat, and more from the upcoming RPG. In Alzara Radiant Echoes, players explore a fantasy Mediterranean archipelago in a world on the brink of war. Alzara Radiant Echoes will be available on PC and consoles in 2026, and a Kickstarter campaign is available now.

Abyss X Zero

Explore an expansive world in this 3D Metroidvania with carefully crafted dungeons and stylish low-poly visuals, inspired by classics of the 32 and 64-bit generation.

Zodiac XX Leo

Check out the trailer for Zodiac XX: Leo, an action sci-fi thriller in which you pilot the infamous Zodiac Squadron, taking them on dangerous missions at high speed while maintaining both the health of your squad members and your acrobatic ship.

Battlesuit Aces

Lead a plucky crew against a star-consuming threat in this charming character-driven, card battling RPG. Brought to you by the creators of the award-winning Battle Chef Brigade, recruit ace pilots, upgrade their mecha Battle Suits, grow meaningful friendships, and captain your personalized sci-fi saga.

All Systems Dance

Automation is not the answer; DANCE is the key to disruption! Help liberate fellow citizens of a consumption-obsessed, corporate dystopia in All Systems Dance – an expressive dance battle adventure. Connect moves, express yourself, and feel the music. Join The Movement. The revolution will not be choreographed.


Check out the Yooka-RePlaylee reveal trailer for a look at what to expect with this upcoming enhanced definitive version of the 3D indie platformer game. Yooka-RePlaylee features an art and animation overhaul, enhanced performance and resolution, a new collectible currency, and more. Yooka-RePlaylee will be available on PC.

Nova Hearts

In Nova Hearts, follow Luce and her crew as they search for answers to the mysterious cosmic force that has turned them, and other hometown hotties, into powerful superheroes and villains.

A Date With Death

Compete against and romance the one hunting for your soul in A Date with Death, a romance chat simulator where you date(?) the Grim Reaper himself. Create your own character, decorate your apartment, and chat away with the charming yet dangerous Grim Reaper through text and video calls. Just try not to lose your soul along the way?

LOK Digital

A whimsical adventure of magical words and their mind-bending mechanics. Learn world-changing words and master their mind-bending effects. Help the LOK creatures thrive in this charming puzzle adventure. Discover magical words and learn their rules as you go, as each of these words has its own special ability to change the world around you.


Croakwood is a creative, relaxed town-building simulation game about frogs and nature! Design and create structures, plan and decorate towns, and explore an ancient forest to guide the growth of a charming community of tiny amphibians as they settle into their new life in the lush and wild woods.

Cozy Marbles

Here’s the Cozy Marbles trailer for the upcoming building simulation and physics sandbox game where you construct marble runs. You’re free to experiment, from creating short tracks to big, intricate marble races. Get a taste of what’s possible in this new Cozy Marbles gameplay.

Phoenix Springs

Phoenix Springs is a modern point-and-click adventure game where your inventory is a detective’s mind map of leads and clues. It’s up to you to talk to people and make connections as you solve this mystery. Check out the Phoenix Springs trailer for a look at the game.  Phoenix Springs will be released on September 16, 2024, on PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam.


See building elements and more in this latest trailer for Reka, an upcoming adventure RPG. In Reka, channel your inner witch. Build your cozy chicken-legged hut, practice witchcraft, and forage for ingredients in autumnal woodlands. Solve quests and uncover the great mysteries of the legendary witch Baba Jaga. Reka will be available on PC in 2024.

Sandara – A city of Thousand Eclipses

A story-driven roleplaying deck-builder set in a desolate desert where survival hinges on strategic card management.

Airborne Empire

Watch the new Airborne Empire trailer for another look at the open-world city-builder RPG. Explore a vast landscape and meticulously construct your city in the sky, but bear in mind that you’ll need to manage lift, balance, and propulsion as you build. Defend your inhabitants and uncover new technologies and treasures in Airborne Empire, coming to PC via Steam. You can check out the Airborne Empire demo now.

Dungeon Clawler

Watch the twisted trailer for Dungeon Clawler, an upcoming roguelike claw machine deckbuilder game. The trailer gives us a look at combat and gameplay, including two new characters in action. Dungeon Clawler will be available on PC and mobile. Build your unique deck, fight enemies by grabbing weapons and items from a claw machine, and find special artifacts that help you on your quest to reclaim something you lost… Aim carefully to claw your way through this dungeon!


Check out this new N.O.D.E trailer for the upcoming puzzle platformer game from Lapsus Games. Set in an abandoned Soviet nuclear plant, you must plan a route for your robot without having direct control of it. Set up sequences of commands and execute them to reach each checkpoint. Watch this N.O.D.E gameplay for a look at what to expect.


Copycat is a poignant, narrative-driven video game about the meaning of home. It follows the story of a newly adopted shelter cat who becomes the victim of an elaborate plan when a jealous, stray copycat steals her place in the household.

Light Odyssey

Light Odyssey is a Boss-Rush action game inspired by Shadow of the Colossus, the Dark Souls series, and Titan Souls. Set in a civilization robbed of its light by the Colossi, players embark on a journey to save the world. And there are more than 11 realistic and formidable bosses.


Psychroma is a narrative-driven side-scroller where you play as a digital medium. Confront the past by piecing together the broken memories of a cybernetic house, and exorcise the ghosts in the machine.

Slay The Princess – The Pristine Cut

You’re on a path in the woods, and at the end of that path is a cabin. And in the basement of that cabin is a Princess. You’re here to slay her. If you don’t, it will be the end of the world. She will do everything in her power to stop you.

Echo Generation

Here’s your look at the strange monsters and the colorful, voxel style and nostalgic ’90s setting of Echo Generation: Midnight Edition in this trailer for the turn-based adventure game with a supernatural twist. Echo Generation: Midnight Edition contains new features including fast travel, a quest tracker, refined combat mechanics, new language localizations, and improved voxel graphics. Echo Generation: Midnight Edition will be available on Steam and Nintendo Switch on June 19, 2024. Strange things are afoot in Maple Town: A mysterious crash leads you on a spooky adventure through your hometown. Battle monsters, complete quests, and unearth secrets to reveal a conspiracy that transcends time.


Rooster is a story-rich casual puzzle adventure game developed by Sticky Brain Studios. Players will explore a hand-drawn world with filled with a variety of activities from cooking, finding hidden objects, paper crafting, and more to tell a rewarding tale about love and family. Rooster is coming to consoles and PC (Steam) in Q1 2025.


Timberborn, the beaver-tastic real-time strategy game from Mechanistry, is celebrating its second anniversary with this new trailer that celebrates 1 million copies sold by showcasing beaver hot tubs, new vertical architecture, new water physics, new environmental challenges like droughts, robo-beavers, two beaver factions, and more. Timberborn is available now on PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG).

Bubblegum Galaxy

Here’s a fresh look at Bubblegum Galaxy in this latest trailer for the upcoming cozy narrative-building game. Check it out to see building elements and more as you join Haco on an adventure to rebuild the galaxy tile by tile. In Bubblegum Galaxy, discover and design new planets, complete missions, explore your office, and befriend your co-workers… all while trying to find out who deleted the galaxy! Bubblegum Galaxy will be available on Steam, and a demo is available now.

Retro Gadgets

Check out this announcement trailer for Retro Gadgets, an upcoming game where you invent, build, solder, code, and customize your own electrifying gadgets then share them with the world.


Enjoy 18 new puzzles and a complete overhaul of the game’s visuals, sound, and gameplay.

Margin Of The Strange

Take a tour of the mysterious world of Margin of the Strange in this trailer for the gardening-themed mystery-exploration game about the world of human dreams from the developers behind OneShot. Explore bizarre landscapes, meet new people, and build a dream world of your own through the power of agriculture. Connect with others to untangle the Strange things happening to the world – and yourself. A Kickstarter campaign for Margin of the Strange is available now.

Rose And Locket

The dead are rising and a retired outlaw needs to dawn her weapon once again to save her daughter’s spirit. Rose and Locket is a Metroidvania platform coming to PC with a demo out in October.

RA RA Boom

Meet the characters, see gameplay, and get another look at the world of Ra Ra Boom in this trailer for the upcoming four-player co-op beat ’em up game. Ra Ra Boom follows a team of ninja cheerleaders from space fighting to save the Earth from AI robots gone rogue. Ra Ra Boom is coming to Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and Xbox.


Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip

Step into Terry’s flip-flops as you freely explore the absurd tiny open world of Sprankelwater. An anarchist city filled with hilarious characters and wholesome.

Complete Future of Play Direct 2024

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