Joystick Ventures Unveils New Titles and Trailers at Guerilla Collective 2024

Joystick Ventures Guerilla Collective 2024

Joystick Ventures, a champion of indie games, lit up the Guerilla Collective 2024 annual summer showcase with an array of exciting announcements and world premieres. The event, which featured a dedicated Joystick Arcade segment during the Guerilla Collective Publisher Spotlight, offered viewers a tantalizing glimpse into their upcoming lineup of innovative titles.

Chicken Police: Into the HIVE!

Set to launch in Q3/Q4 2024 on PC, Chicken Police: Into the HIVE! is a gripping film noir detective adventure from The Wild Gentleman. Players will ruffle feathers as Sonny and Marty, the Wilderness’ toughest detectives, as they navigate a tale of murder, betrayal, and conspiracy. The latest trailer, now available, promises a story rich in character and intrigue. Add to your Steam wishlist.

Big Boy Boxing

Big Boy Boxing, developed by Soupmasters, is an energetic boss rush game scheduled for a Q4 2024 release on PC via Steam. The new trailer showcases the game’s vibrant and quirky style, as players, with the help of Coach Hank, aim to become the biggest champion by sucker-punching an ensemble of hard-headed boxers. Add to Your Steam wishlist.

Hell of an Office

From developer 43 Studios, Hell of an Office is a satanic speedrunning first-person platformer now available on PC via Steam Early Access. The game’s latest animated trailer invites players to speedrun through a corporate underworld with reality-bending physics across 100 demonic levels, avoiding an encounter with Satan himself. Add to your Steam Wishlist.

Enter the Chronosphere

Effort Star’s Enter the Chronosphere debuted a new gameplay trailer, showcasing its psychedelic turn-based bullet hell roguelike mechanics. Players will assemble a crew of alien misfits to survive turn-based skirmishes, equip new load-outs, develop strategies, and create intergalactic mayhem. The trailer promises an out-of-this-world experience. Add to your Steam Wishlist.

Toy Tactics

Toy Tactics, developed by Kraken Empire, is a family-friendly, physics-based RTS that encompasses the history of warfare in toy form. The new trailer reveals a game filled with collectible miniatures, spells to master, and challenging boss fights, offering a fresh take on real-time strategy. Add to your Steam Wishlist now.


Set for a Q2 2025 release on PC, StarVaders is a fusion of deckbuilding roguelikes and grid-based tactics from developer StarVaders Studio. The new trailer highlights the game’s grid-based shoot ‘em up combat, arsenal of collectible cards, and strategic depth as players face off against alien foes. Add to your Steam Wishlist now.

Trailblazers: Into the March

“Trailblazers: Into the March,” from developer Strangers, is a unique title where players build and manage a thriving community aboard landships. The reveal trailer showcases customizable ships, recruitable crew members, and exploration of uncharted territories, promising a rich and engaging experience. Add to your Steam Wishlist now.


ANTONBLAST, developed by Summitsphere, premiered a new animated trailer featuring its fast-paced, explosive action platformer gameplay. A demo is available now on Steam and Nintendo Switch, with the full launch set for November 12, 2024. The game is all about destruction and high-octane action. Add to your Steam wishlist.

WILD Tactics

The world premiere of WILD Tactics, a turn-based strategy game set in the universe popularized by Chicken Police, was also featured. This XCOM-inspired tactical experience from Guerilla Collective unveiled an animated debut trailer, adding another layer of excitement to Joystick Ventures’ lineup. Add to Your Steam Wishlist now.

Based in Sherman Oaks, Joystick Ventures is an investing and publishing company dedicated to supporting indie developers. Known for their 2022 release “Lost in Play,” which sold over 100,000 copies, Joystick Ventures aims to encourage honesty and experimentation in game design across all genres, styles, and geographies.

The Guerilla Collective 2024 showcase underscored Joystick Ventures’ commitment to bringing diverse and innovative games to the forefront, cementing their reputation as a pivotal supporter of indie game development. Stay tuned for more updates and releases from this dynamic publisher. You can check out the complete Publisher Spotlight below as well:

Check out our complete Summer Game Fest 2024 coverage below:

Which trailer, announcement, or reveal showcased by Joystick Ventures was your favorite from the Guerilla Collective 2024 showcase? Let us know in the comments section below.

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