Everything Announced at the Wholesome Direct 2024 – All Trailers, Announcements and Reveals

Wholesome Direct 2024

Probably the most loaded show at this year’s Summer Game Fest, Wholesome Direct 2024 came filled to the brim with cozy and wholesome titles. These beautiful and colorful worlds bring happiness and coziness to everyone who plays them as these are low-stress titles whose only purpose is relaxation and eliminate any sort of stress.


Check out gameplay, meet the characters, and learn how you can help mortals in this announcement trailer for Mythmatch. Mythmatch is coming to Steam and consoles. Mythmatch is a community-building sim set in Greek Mythology. Play as Artemis, recently hurled down from Olympus and stuck in the Mortal Realm. Rebuild Ithaca, create cute creatures, and defy the gods.

Caravan Sandwitch

Caravan SandWitch is an action-adventure exploration game developed by Studio Plane Toast. Players will explore diverse environments, make new friends, and investigate a bewitching mystery. Caravan SandWitch is coming to PlayStation 5 (PS5), Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam) with a demo available now on Steam.

The Book Shop

Tiny Bookshop is a management simulation bookshop game developed by Neoludic Games. Players will stock the shelves of the bookshop with different books and items, set up shop in scenic locations, and run a cozy second-hand bookshop while getting to know the locals. Tiny Bookshop is coming to PC (Steam) in 2025 with a demo available now.


Été is an adventure exploration game developed by Impossible. Explore a city in the summer, collecting ideas, creating artwork on canvas, and decorating a studio by selling art to neighbors. Été is launching on July 23 for PC (Steam). 


Discounty is an RPG strategy simulation game developed by Crinkle Cut Games. Manage your own supermarket and organize shelves, check customers out, make local trade deals, and befriend a quirky cast of characters. Salvage a falling shop in the once-thriving town and grow it into a thriving business empire. But be warned: not everyone in town wants you to succeed. Discounty is coming to PC and consoles in 2025.


Rooster is a story-rich casual puzzle adventure game developed by Sticky Brain Studios. Players will explore a hand-drawn world with filled with a variety of activities from cooking, finding hidden objects, paper crafting, and more to tell a rewarding tale about love and family. Rooster is coming to consoles and PCs (Steam) in Q1 2025.

Playdate Reel

Into The Emberlands

Meet the cute inhabitants of Into The Emberlands, check out gameplay, learn how to repair villages, and dive into the charming world of this upcoming adventure game. Into The Emberlands is heading to Steam Early Access on June 19, 2024, and a demo is available now on Steam.

Squeakross – Home Squeek

Squeakross: Home Squeak Home is a puzzle home decor game developed by Alblune. Players will solve and transform puzzles into furniture to decorate the perfect home. Collect decorations, accessories, stickers, and more. Squeakross: Home Squeak Home is coming to Steam Deck and PC (Steam).

Critter Café

Watch the Critter Cafe announcement trailer to learn about this upcoming game where you rescue critters and build a cozy cafe with them. The trailer gives us a look at the colorful world you’ll explore to find new critter friends, a peek at puzzles, character customization, and cafe decorating and management. Critter Cafe will be available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Garden Of The Sea

Explore the colorful world of Garden Of The Sea in this trailer for the upcoming adventure game. The trailer showcases how you can grow your garden, decorate your home, some of the creatures you’ll meet, and areas you can explore. Garden Of The Sea will be available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Fantastic Haven

Watch the Fantastic Haven trailer to see gameplay, including building elements, learn about your objectives, and see some of the magical creatures you’ll care for in the vibrant fantasy world of this strategy city-builder game. Fantastic Haven will be coming to PC (Steam), and the free prologue is available now.

Crab God

Get a deep dive into the oceanic world of Crab God in this trailer for the upcoming atmospheric underwater strategy game. The trailer gives a breakdown of what you can expect from Crab God, including your mission to restore diverse coral reefs and more. Crab God will be available on Steam, and a demo is available now.

Ila – A Frosty glide

Embark on a magical adventure, check out the charming world, and learn about your journey in this trailer for ILA: A Frosty Glide. A Kickstarter campaign for ILA: A Frosty Glide is coming soon, and a demo is available now on Steam. Set foot on a magical island as ILA, a spirited young witch-in-training. Start your journey fueled by determination and your trusty skatebroom. Explore, find secret places, and collectibles, and improve your magic and flying abilities as you make your way to the summit.


Fellow Traveller Reel

Dungeons Of Hinterberg

Dungeons of Hinterberg is an action-adventure RPG developed by Microbird Games. Players will explore the beautiful alpine village of Hinterberg and uncover the magic hidden within its dungeons with a sword and a tourist guide. Master magic, solve puzzles, slay monsters, and more in Dungeons of Hinterberg launching on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC (Steam) with a demo available now as part of Steam Next Fest.

Fruit Bus

A journey of flavors and friendships awaits players in Fruitbus. Explore a new open world where taste is everything in your fully customizable food truck; create new dishes and feed new friends to unlock unique stories and memories; and forage for fresh ingredients to feed tummies and souls with an abundance of home-cooked meals.

Free Ride

Get a deeper look at Freeride in this latest trailer for the upcoming RPG. The trailer showcases how you can tackle problems in different ways and more. Freeride will be available in Q1 2025 on Steam and Nintendo Switch, and a demo is available now on Switch and Steam.

Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge

Foster a sanctuary for frogs and restore the biodiversity of the wetlands in Kamaeru, a cozy farming sim where you raise frogs by playing mini-games and decorating your habitat. Hop right to it!

Lost And Found

Lost and Found Co. is a 2D hidden object adventure game developed by Bit Egg Inc. Players will join a cast of quirky characters on their epic journey across countless magical locations. Find lost items, solve puzzles, and help a tiny dragon regain her power. Lost and Found Co. is launching on iOS, Apple Arcade, Android, Steam Deck, and PC (Steam) with a demo available now.


Dive into the cute world of Littlelands in this trailer for the action-adventure game that’s coming to Steam. A demo for Littlelands is available now on Steam. The Littlelands region is brimming with strange characters and magical landscapes to discover if you know where to look. For a big-headed little youngster like you, every moment exploring, growing berries, searching for buried treasures or walking through these lands can be an epic adventure.

Usagi Shima

Usagi Shima is a bunny adventure game developed by pank0. Players can now access the new Bunny Paradise Update for the game bringing 5 new bunnies, building a new bunny paradise with the island expansion, and utilizing new content such as hats, toys, and more. The Bunny Paradise Update for Usagi Shima is available now for iOS and Google Play.

Minami Lane

Get ready to build your own cute street, unlock and customize buildings, manage your shops, and maximize your villagers’ happiness to complete quests in Minami Lane. Check out the Minami Lane trailer to learn all about this cozy, casual management sim. Minami Lane is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2024.


Here’s your look at gameplay in this POOOOL launch trailer. POOOOL is a small, pool-inspired physics puzzler where you combine balls of similar sizes to create even bigger ones, all while trying to save room for more. Chase your hi-score, share scores with friends, and master your flinging skills!

Tiny Lands 2

Watch the Tiny Lands 2 announcement trailer for a look at the miniature worlds you’ll find in this upcoming game. Tiny Lands 2 will be available on PC (Steam, Steam Deck, Epic Games Store) and Nintendo Switch in 2025. Tiny Lands 2 brings miniature worlds to the next level featuring dioramas that mix photorealistic daily objects in 3D.

Moonstone Island

Moonstone Island is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 19, 2024, and it is available now on PC. Watch the latest Moonstone Island trailer for another look at the colorful locations, combat, characters, and more. Moonstone Island is a creature-collecting life-sim set in an open world with 100 islands to explore. Make friends, brew potions, collect Spirits, and test your strength in card-based encounters to complete your Alchemy training!

Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills: Make Sushi, Make Friends is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Game Pass. Check out the Rolling Hills launch trailer to see gameplay and more from this life-sim game. Serve up sushi as a robot chef in Rolling Hills, a life sim about running your own restaurant in a cozy village. Make new friends, purchase ingredients, enhance your shop, and improve the lives of your neighbors as you perfect your craft!

On Your Tail

On Your Tail is a mystery adventure life simulation puzzle game developed by Memorable Games. Players will embark on a seaside getaway to relax, investigate, and learn how to play the cards right to attain a desired outcome. On Your Tail is launching on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) with a demo available now.

Spilled Demo-Graphics Update

Take a look at the graphics update in this latest trailer for Spilled!, an upcoming game where you clean up ocean waste. Spilled! will be coming to Steam, and a demo will be available in summer 2024. In Spilled!, recycle, earn coins, upgrade your boat, repeat! Explore and clean up new areas with more waste and new challenges.

The Palace On The Hill

The Palace on the Hill is a life simulation adventure exploration game developed by Niku Games. Experience a story of ambition, struggle, and friendship told from the perspective of a young boy in fictional 90s rural India. Explore ancient palace ruins, set up your garden, cook Indian food, run errands for quirky characters, and learn about your history by making art. The Palace on the Hill is available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, iOS, Apple Arcade, Android, Steam Deck, and PC (Steam).

Traveller’s Rest Update

Travellers Rest is a farming life simulation game developed by Isolated Games. Players will use all the available tools to become the best tavern keeper in the realm. A new City and Story Update is arriving to the game soon bringing new content for players to enjoy. The City and Story Update for Travellers Rest is launching in July 2024 for PC (Steam).


While Waiting

While Waiting is a comedic puzzle adventure game developed by Optillusion. Clear the game by doing nothing, but discover the power of acceptance and patience in numerous situations from birth to death. Learn to embrace life as you wait with While Waiting, coming to iOS, Apple Arcade, Android, and PC (Steam) at a later date.

SOPA – Tale Of Stolen Potato

Get another look at Sopa: Tale of the Stolen Potato in this trailer for the upcoming emotional narrative adventure game about the things we pass along. Sopa: Tale of the Stolen Potato will be available on Game Pass, Xbox, Windows, and Steam.

Tracks Of Thought

Get a deeper look at Tracks of Thought in this launch trailer for the card-based, talk-’em-up RPG. Meet characters, see card-based gameplay, and learn more about your adventure in Tracks of Thought, available now on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Closing Montage Featuring Plenty of Wholesome Titles

Complete Wholesome Direct 2024

Below, you will find the stream link to the complete 59-minute Wholesome Direct that was aired during the Summer Game Fest 2024 if you want to watch it in its entirety.

Check out our complete Summer Game Fest 2024 coverage below:

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