Enshrouded – Melodies of The Mire Arrives with New Sub-Biome, New Features

Enshrouded – Melodies of The Mire

Keen Games, the developers behind the immersive survival adventure Enshrouded, have unveiled their second major content update titled “Melodies of the Mire.” This substantial update expands the game world with a new sub-biome, introduces exciting features like musical instruments and dual-wielding weapons, and implements various quality-of-life improvements.

The focal point of the update is the introduction of The Blackmire, a sprawling expansion of the Revelwoods and Deep Forest area. Here, players will encounter towering trees, labyrinthine roots, and hidden dwellings nestled among the branches. Verticality takes center stage, with new areas accessible via jump pads, providing an exhilarating exploration experience. However, adventurers must beware of the Vukah, a formidable faction of forest dwellers, and other menacing creatures lurking beneath the canopy and within the swamplands.

Check out the new Melodies of The Mire launch trailer below:

Responding to player feedback, Keen Games has fulfilled the long-awaited request for musical instruments in Enshrouded. Players can now channel their inner bard by strumming a lute, plucking a harp, beating the drums, or playing the flute. Gather around a campfire with friends and engage in a musical jam session to receive buffs that aid in prolonging adventures on the road. Additional instruments are slated for future updates, promising even more musical variety.

The introduction of new trees in The Blackmire not only expands the game’s environmental diversity but also introduces fresh building materials, decorations, props, and furniture. Builders will delight in the newfound creative possibilities, whether constructing elaborate treehouses or crafting eerie swamp abodes. Moreover, the update addresses community-requested features such as player and world progression, customizable naming for structures, and improved visibility of character names.

For players on the Steam Deck, Enshrouded now offers smoother performance, allowing for seamless gameplay on the go. Additionally, combat enthusiasts will appreciate the addition of dual-wielding daggers, offering new tactical options in battle. Other enhancements include rebalanced class combat, expanded vanity system options, server settings configurations, and improved chest content protection.

Enshrouded – Melodies of The Mire

Enshrouded launched on Steam Early Access on January 24th, 2024, garnering acclaim from players and critics alike. With a full 1.0 release and console versions slated for 2025, the game continues to captivate audiences worldwide, boasting over 2 million players in the weeks following its launch and maintaining a Very Positive rating on Steam.

Would you be jumping back into Enshrouded to try out the new Melodies of The Mire update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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