Bread & Fred: Co-Op Platformer Brings Frosty Fun to Nintendo Switch

Get ready to dive into frosty adventures and chaotic fun with Bread & Fred, the beloved co-op platformer developed by SandCastles Studio and published by Apogee Entertainment. Having already sold over 500,000 units, Bread & Fred is set to make its debut on the Nintendo Switch on Thursday, May 23, 2024, as announced during Nintendo’s Indie World Japan event.

In Bread & Fred, players can team up with friends or family and experience the highs and lows of mountain climbing together. The game’s unique co-op mechanics attach players at the hip, creating hilarious and challenging scenarios as they navigate treacherous terrain. With the Nintendo Switch version, players can enjoy the game on the go, adding a new level of accessibility and portability to the experience.

Check out the Nintendo Switch trailer below:

One of the exciting additions to the Nintendo Switch release is the introduction of Pol the Polar Bear, the newest member of the mountaintop crew. Players can race against Pol in 10 brand-new time trial challenges, each offering special rewards for those who conquer the icy slopes with speed and skill.

For those looking to embark on solo adventures, Bread & Fred offers the option to play as Jeff the Rock, a versatile character who can sling and jump-throw across slippery slopes with precision. The game’s Speedrun Mode encourages players to find the perfect penguin partner or brave the climb alone to set record-setting runs and compete for leaderboard dominance.

Bread Fred Switch

Music plays a significant role in Bread & Fred’s immersive experience, with the “Super Duper Ultra Redux” mixtape featuring an hour of toe-tapping tracks from renowned gaming composers like Grant Kirkhope, Chipper Hammond, and Tim Stoney. Players can choose their favorite tunes from the Jukebox inside Bread and Fred’s house, adding a personal touch to their climbing adventures.

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Scott Miller, CCO and Founder of Apogee Entertainment expressed excitement about Bread & Fred’s Nintendo Switch launch, highlighting the game’s collaborative nature and its appeal to friends and families seeking memorable gaming moments. The game will launch with language support in multiple languages, ensuring a global audience can enjoy the icy challenges and catchy tunes of Bread & Fred.

Bread Fred Switch

Bread & Fred promises hours of laughter, challenge, and camaraderie as players embark on a tandem trek of a lifetime, racing against time, gravity, and each other to reach the snowy summit.

Have you played Bread & Fred before, or will you jump into this wholesome adventure for the first time on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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