Assemble Entertainment Announces Release Dates for Growth and Windy Meadow

Publisher Assemble Entertainment has announced the release date for two of its upcoming games Growth and Windy Meadow. Growth is a grid-based soft strategy game while Windy Meadow is a visual novel and both of them will launch on October 16, 2023. Both titles will release exclusively on PC via Steam and both games will bring the high level of quality that players expect from Assemble Entertainment’s titles.

Growth is a cozy, hex grid-based soft-strategy game that has been developed by VoodooDuck. It features vibrant colors and plenty of replayability thanks to its gameplay style. In Growth, you will populate and expand upon the procedurally generated land by working together with animals. With the help of these critters, you will turn barren sections of land into densely packed forests and meadows while also exploring your surroundings. Exploration plays a vital role in the game and as you continue to grow, you will find new animals offering new unique abilities that will help you overcome many obstacles in the game.

Windy Meadow – A Roadwarden Tale is a visual novel set in the Roadwarden universe developed by Moral Anxiety Studio. The novel progresses based on player choices and every little choice will have a major outcome in the universe. Windy Meadow is set in the tranquil world of Viaticum and features three protagonists Vena, Fabel, and Ludicia. All three characters have intertwining stories in unexpected ways and are equally important to the narrative. The game features beautiful character sprites which come to life alongside an evocative musical score. Based on the choices that you make in the game, you will impact the NPCs’ behavior, dialogue options, and ultimately the ending of the game.

Both Growth and Windy Meadow will be released on the same date October 16, 2023, and you can add both games to your Steam wishlist by heading to their dedicated Steam pages: Growth and Windy Meadow. Assemble Entertainment earlier released the fast-paced adventure platformer Super Catboy.

Are you looking forward to playing the new games Growth and Windy Meadow by Assemble Entertainment later this week? Let us know in the comments section below.

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