Xbox Game Pass Getting Spookier with 2Spooky Game Drop

Xbox Game Pass

To celebrate the Halloween season, Xbox Game Pass is getting its own exclusive 2Spooky Game Drop with some of the best horror games making its way to the Game Pass. The new horror games coming to Xbox One Game Pass are Hello Neighbor, >Observer_, Outlast and Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition.

Announced recently, all these four titles have been added to Xbox Game Pass just in time before Halloween. This gives Xbox Game Pass owners to spice up their consoles with some really scary games of their own time. Titles such Outlast and Hello Neighbor really set the bar high for horror games and showed the world that players do not need very high and complex gameplay mechanics and visuals to get scared.

Let us take a deeper look at each of these horror titles added to the Xbox Game Pass.


Outlast is a survival-horror game in which players must survive the horrors in Mount Massive Asylum. Players get in the shoes of Miles Upshur who is armed with a camera and must investigate the horrors residing in the newly-reopened asylum which was home to criminally insane for a long time. Players will need to use their trusty camera to unveil the mysteries and the secrets and escape with their lives from the Asylum.

Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition

Dead Island: Riptide is the continuation of the original Dead Island game where players are trapped on a tropical retreat Island of Banoi when a zombie outbreak occurs and everyone is turned into mindless zombies. Riptide follows the players who have seemingly escaped the island but not the horror as they must now fight the undead horde once again to escape the deadly waters. The Definitive Edition brings all DLC content for the base game along with remastered graphics.


In >observer_, players will play as a detective who must invade his suspect’s minds in order to gain evidence and relive their fears himself to solve mysteries and find the truth. The game is set in Poland in 2084 when most of the world is populated by robots, augmentations and screens. This is a very unique game and will surely allow players to have one of the most unique horror experiences ever.

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor might not look like a horror game but it is genuinely a horror game at its core. In Hello Neighbor, players will face a single AI controlled man who learn from the player’s movements and adjusts its own patterns. Players will need to enter their neighbor’s house and investigate the secrets hidden in his basement. This is our favorite game out of all four games coming with the 2Spooky Game Drop.

Let us know in the comments section below whether you will be playing any game out of these four on Halloween.

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