Grim Visual Novel The Hungry Lamb Sells Over 230,000 Copies at Launch

visual novel The Hungry Lamb

The Hungry Lamb: Traveling in the Late Ming Dynasty, a dark visual novel that pushes moral boundaries, is celebrating a significant milestone, surpassing 230,000 units sold worldwide within its first month of launch. Developed by Zerocreation Games and published by 2P Games, the game made its mark this past weekend at the INDIE Live Expo 2024, captivating audiences with its compelling narrative and hauntingly beautiful visuals.

The success of The Hungry Lamb has been nothing short of astounding, with the game earning an overwhelmingly positive review status on Steam, garnering a remarkable 96% approval rating from players worldwide.

Check out the new trailer showcased at the INDIE Live Expo below:

Ji Ling, the Producer for Zerocreation Games, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from fans, stating, “We are very grateful for all of our fans’ support. Plans for additional language voice acting are underway, and we can’t wait to share the news with our global audience!”

The narrative of The Hungry Lamb follows Liang, a man who lost everything in the Great Tianqi Explosion and turned to a life of crime out of desperation. When presented with the opportunity to escort four young girls to a wealthy lord in exchange for riches, Liang accepts without hesitation. Set in Ming Dynasty-era China, players traverse the war-torn landscape to deliver these girls to the city of Luoyang, forging bonds and facing dark truths along the way.

With its branching narrative, The Hungry Lamb offers players the chance to make calculated decisions that lead to nine different endings, each unveiling a unique facet of the story. The game’s hand-drawn illustrations, blending traditional Chinese art styles with modern animation, create a visually stunning backdrop for the emotionally charged journey. Veteran voice actors further enhance the immersive experience, bringing the characters to life with their performances.

The Hungry Lamb: Traveling in the Late Ming Dynasty is currently available on PC via Steam for $9.99, offering support for Chinese, English, and Japanese text with Chinese voice acting. A Japanese dub is also in production, expanding the accessibility of this captivating tale to a broader audience. As the game continues to captivate players worldwide, its legacy as a masterful example of storytelling in the gaming industry only continues to grow.

Have you played the dark visual novel The Hungry Lamb yet or will you be jumping into it soon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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