The Hungry Lamb: Traveling in the Late Ming Dynasty Unleashes an Epic Tale of Redemption on Steam

The Hungry Lamb

Today marks the highly anticipated release of The Hungry Lamb: Traveling in the Late Ming Dynasty, a gripping dark visual novel set in ancient China, now available on PC via Steam. Developed by Zerocreation Games and published by 2P Games, this narrative-driven experience takes players on an emotional journey filled with moral dilemmas and profound revelations.

In The Hungry Lamb, players assume the role of Liang, a character who, after losing everything in the Great Tianqi Explosion, descends into a life of crime. His journey leads him to a fateful encounter with an unscrupulous merchant who tasks him with escorting four young girls to a wealthy lord. However, Liang soon discovers that this seemingly straightforward mission is shrouded in darkness, as the lord is revealed to be a swine demon with a sinister appetite for young girls.

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As players navigate Liang’s complex moral landscape, they must make decisions that will shape the story and determine its outcome. Each girl Liang encounters has her personality and challenges, requiring players to forge meaningful bonds and navigate intricate narrative branches. With over 260,000 words of text and nine different endings, The Hungry Lamb promises a rich and replayable experience.

The Hungry Lamb

The game’s hand-drawn illustrations blend traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern animation styles, immersing players in the vibrant yet tumultuous world of the Ming Dynasty. Adding to the immersive experience are the captivating voice performances of industry veterans such as Hanser and Hua Ling, known for their work in Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail.

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Ji Ling, Producer for Zerocreation Games, expressed excitement about the game’s release, stating, “The Hungry Lamb keeps a similar tone to our first title, ‘The Peach Blossom Spring,’ and plays to its strengths, with improved pacing and writing style.” Ling also mentioned the game’s accessibility to players worldwide with support for Chinese, English, and Japanese text, along with Chinese voice acting and an upcoming Japanese dub.

The Hungry Lamb: Traveling in the Late Ming Dynasty is now available on Steam for $9.99, inviting players to embark on a dark and unforgettable journey filled with twists, turns, and moral quandaries.

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