INDIE Live Expo 2024 Showcases Over 150 Games in Weekend Extravaganza; Steam Sale Unveiled

INDIE Live Expo 2024 Steam

INDIE Live Expo 2024, Japan’s premier online digital showcase series, illuminated screens worldwide over the weekend with a dazzling array of indie game delights. INDIE Live Expo 2024, now in its 10th edition, captivated audiences with more than 150 games, featuring world premieres, trailers, and updates along with announcing a mega Steam sale.

From seasoned developers to emerging talents, the INDIE Live Expo 2024 stage provided a platform for creators from across the globe to shine. Highlights included a presentation by gaming luminaries Suda51 (Grasshopper Manufacture Inc., No More Heroes Series) and SWERY (White Owl Inc., Deadly Premonition Series), who unveiled a new trailer and gameplay footage for Hotel Barcelona. This time-looping horror action game is slated for release on PC via Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 in 2024.

The May showcase of INDIE Live Expo boasted a diverse lineup of world premieres and content updates:

  • Nightmare Operator: DDDistortion’s supernatural third-person horror shooter promises spine-chilling experiences on PC via Steam.
  • Kemono Teatime: Studio Lalala serves up a delightful pixelated restaurant simulator set to tantalize players on PC via Steam in Fall 2024.
  • C.A.R.D.S. RPG: The Misty Battlefield: ACQUIRE Corp.’s tactical roguelike deckbuilder RPG invites gamers to declare war on PC via Steam.
  • Boyhood’s End: Alliance Arts presents a puzzle-filled narrative adventure, co-developed by WSS Playground and buriki clock, arriving on PC via Steam Early Access on September 6th, 2024.
  • Type-NOISE: Shonen Shojo: Dank Hearts delves into teen trauma with a story-rich puzzle adventure slated for PC via Steam.
  • Blade Chimera: PLAYISM brings forth a pixelated cyberpunk metroidvania developed by Team Ladybug and WSS Playground, set to release in August.
  • Witch and Lilies: Stromatosoft Inc. enchants players with a romantic JRPG dungeon-crawler, announcing its release date on PC via Steam.
  • All In Abyss: Judge The Fake: WSS Playground’s Texas Hold’em adventure RPG, published by Alliance Arts, ventures into the mystical realm of witches on PC via Steam in 2024.

INDIE Live Expo 2024 Steam

Additionally, Omega Crafter, the open-world survival crafting adventure from Preferred Networks (PFN), unveiled multiple milestone updates during its dedicated segment.

The Kodansha Game Creator’s Lab made waves with announcements including BAN: The Prologue of GUCHA GUCHA, a horror adventure from developer Ichimatsu Suzuka, and the celebration of BOKURA’s 500,000th download with a special trailer.

Exciting news awaited gamers as well, with the announcement of the INDIE Live Expo Steam Sale, offering discounts on all showcased games until Sunday, June 2nd at 11:00 AM / 2:00 PM EST.

Reflecting on the event’s success, Ryuta Konuma, Founder and CEO of Ryu’s Office, expressed gratitude to developers, sponsors, media partners, and the global audience. “Our first 2024 showcase is in the books! Many thanks to all of the developers who submitted their games to be part of the showcase,” Konuma said. “This would not have been possible without our gracious sponsors, media partners, and most of all, the millions of watchers around the world whose interest in indies means the world to us.”

If you want to watch the entire INDIE Live Expo 2024 showcase, we have linked it below:

Which reveals, announcements and trailers were your favorite from INDIE Live Expo Showcase 2024, and which game will you be grabbing from the ongoing Steam sale? Let us know in the comments section below.

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