New Update Brings Tanks, Bulletproof SUVs, More to Shakedown: Hawaii

Shakedown: Hawaii Tanks

Vblank Entertainment has released a brand new update for Shakedown: Hawaii and it adds tanks, bulletproof SUVs and many other new features to the game. Along with new vehicles, the game now has tons of new features to explore such as off-island travel, the ability to purchase vehicles from the showroom and a much-needed zoomed-out camera.

This is the second major update for Shakedown: Hawaii and is dubbed ‘Full Tank’ update. The main highlight of this update is the brand new vehicle tanks. You can now drive tanks in the game and they come with unlimited ammo. They come with built-in rockets however you can choose to fire any other weapon that your character has as well. Along with the tanks, bulletproof SUVs have also been added to the game.

To get yourself a tank or a bulletproof SUV, all you have to do is reach level 6 of chaos and then wait for one to appear. Get in the vehicle, take it your garage and save it for future use. If you purchase the prison, a tank will always spawn at the back of the building. You can also rotate the turret on the tank to fire in any direction that you want.

Check out the new features from the Full Tank update in action in the trailer below.

New enforcement types now join in the pursuit as you level up. Reach level 5 and agents will spawn equipped with a big arsenal of artillery. Survive and reach level 6 to spawn military in bulletproof SUVs and tanks which can be acquired and driven by the player as well. A brand new camera option has been added to the game as well which allows you to zoom out and see more of the screen.

A few more shakedown scenarios have been added to the game as well along with a brand new shakedown heat system. With the new system in place, if you shakedown too many businesses over a small period of time, it will alert the authorities. You will need to get a new disguise or wait until the heat has cooled down enough before you shake more shops. You can now purchase the airport and travel to different off-island areas as well which include farms and jungles.

Head to the car dealership in the middle of the map to purchase new vehicles. If you need some quick money, sell some to the auto export that you don’t need anymore. You can also transfer your pocket cash to other characters or your company from the Salary Management screen. The developer has also made the game console playable in the living room.

The developer has also announced that the physical editions for PS4 are now available for pre-order. They will begin to ship next week. The 3DS version is still under development and the release date will be announced soon. The 3DS version will include all updates for the game which have been released until now.

Shakedown: Hawaii Tanks

The Full Tank update is now live for Shakedown: Hawaii on PC, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch.

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