Fallout 76 Wastelanders

Bethesda Announces Massive Update Wastelanders for Fallout 76, Free Trial Starting Tomorrow

Bethesda has announced the biggest update for Fallout 76 to date called Wastelanders during its E3 2019 event. It will come with tons of new features and updates that will…

Fallout 76 Repair Kits

Fallout 76 Update Adds Repair Kits Raising Pay-to-Win Concerns

Bethesda’s new update for Fallout 76 has brought in Repair kits as a micro transaction item. Repair Kits are designed to repair weapons and armor without needing to waste resources….

Fallout 76 The Wild Appalachia

Fallout 76 The Wild Appalachia Update is Out Now, New Questline Added

Bethesda has just launched the Wild Appalachia update for Fallout 76, as this is the first major content update added to the game since its launch last year. Bethesda also…

Fallout 76 2020 Roadmap

Bethesda Flattens Rumors of Fallout 76 Going Free-To-Play

In a tweet response, Bethesda has denied all rumors that Fallout 76 is going free-to-play. In a response to fan’s tweet, Bethesda firmly states that this is not going to…

Fallout Classic Collection Free

Fallout Classic Collection is now free to all Fallout 76 Owners

Earlier Bethesda had announced that all Fallout 76 players who purchased and played the game in 2018 will get the Fallout Classic Collection free of charge in 2019. The classic…

Fallout 76 Nuclear Codes

Fallout 76 Taken Offline Temporarily for Fixing Nuclear Codes

Fallout 76 troubles are far from over as Bethesda recently had to take down the game to fix the Nuclear Launch codes in the game which were rendering the nuclear…

Fallout 76 Events Quests Guide

Bethesda Giving Three Free Games to Fallout 76 Players

Bethesda Studios recently launched Fallout 76 and we all know how it went. Fans of the long running franchise have been extremely disappointed since the game’s launch and it is…

Fallout 76 Nuclear Codes

Fallout 76 Players On PS4 Unsurprisingly Low, GTA V Most Played Game

Sony might have just released the player count for every game on the PS4. The My PS4 Life system gives you the number of people that earned a specific trophy…

Fallout 76 canvas bags

Fallout Canvas Bags will Take 4-6 Months before Delivering to Customers

A few weeks ago, Bethesda announced that they will replace the nylon bags to the promised canvas bags of the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76. This was welcoming news,…


Bethesda Trouble Ticket Exploit Leaks Customer Information

Looks like troubles for Bethesda are far from over as a recent exploit on their official website left the details of all the customers leaving their information for the Nylon…