Bethesda Will Replace your Nylon Bag with the Promised Canvas Bag

Fallout 76 canvas bags

After much global backlash over the game and specially the quality of the bag that was included in the $200 Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition, Bethesda has announced that they are going to replace everyone’s nylon bag with the promised canvas bag.

Bethesda originally advertised that the $200 Power Armor Edition will include a high quality canvas bag with it but when the special edition was shipped, they somehow swapped them with a much lower quality nylon bags with no prior warning or notification. Naturally, fans who paid top dollar for a game that hardly deserves it, got even mad when they found out about the bag.

This was announced by Bethesda is a tweet recently. Their official tweet is as detailed below.

This is not the first announcement Bethesda has tried to fix this mess up. Earlier, Bethesda had announced that they will give each affected player an embarrassing 500 atoms, in-game premium currency, to make up for it. This further fueled the fans of the series who has paid $200 for the edition and they were being compensated with something that costed less than half of its price.

Let alone the bag, the fans of the series were not even happy with the game which simply is a Fallout 4 with online features. Bethesda has since issued multiple apologies to its fans and promised to fix the game with two upcoming major updates of the game. Now it seems that they are also working towards fixing the bag that came with the Power Armor Edition.

According to their tweet, all buyers will need to go to the website here and submit their ticket along with pictures and proof of purchase. This will then get them in queue for the canvas bag. The last date for this submission is January 31, 2019 so everyone has plenty of time to do this. Bethesda will later ship the bags to all buyers once the bags are ready.

It is currently not known when the bags will be made let alone shipped to players. Bethesda is still making plans on making the replacement bags but for the time being, them offering a replacement is good news for players who got a poor quality nylon bag with the Power Armor Edition.

Developers being stubborn and not accepting their mistakes is one thing but it seems like Bethesda is finally listening to their fans and have promised to fix the game and replace their bags in the near future as well.

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