SunnySide Receives New Features in First Major Update to Brighten Your Farming Adventure

SunnySide Update

SunnySide, the charming farming game from developer RainyGames, has received its first major quality-of-life update. This new update brings a plethora of enhancements and additions, ensuring there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of farming, adventuring, or building your dream home.

For those who find the outdoors less appealing, you’ll be pleased to know that the update introduces a cozy Shack to kickstart your interior design journey earlier in the game. Philip, the friendly retired architect, is ready to assist you in getting settled. He gifts you the blueprints for a Starter House, along with plans for a charming teahouse that once attracted visitors to the farm.

Check out the PC Steam launch trailer for the game below:

But the update isn’t just about architecture. If you enjoy wandering through town, you’ll appreciate the improved opening hours of Sunnyside’s vendors. Now, you can shop for seeds and farm goods more conveniently, unlike the limited hours you might have experienced with Marnie in Stardew Valley. This change ensures you can maximize your farming efficiency without any time constraints.

For the adventurers and explorers among you, there’s good news too. No longer will you lose progress if you happen to fall asleep in the caves. The update ensures that your progress is saved accurately, allowing you to pick up right where you left off and venture even deeper into the mysterious underbelly of Sunnyside.

SunnySide Update Demo

SunnySide offers a modern twist on the classic farming and life simulation genre, drawing inspiration from popular games like Persona, Animal Crossing, and Boyfriend Dungeon. This latest update makes it the perfect summer game for fans looking for a new adventure in the idyllic Japanese countryside.

SunnySide is currently available on PC via Steam however a digital console release is also slated for PS5 and Xbox consoles in August 2024. A physical edition is also in the works exclusively at Signature Edition and if you prefer adding it to your collection, pre-orders are now live.


Are you looking forward to playing SunnySide and its new update featuring new indoor options? Let us know in the comments section below.

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