Action Arcade Game StarCrossed Releasing on Xbox One and Switch

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Contigo Games and Whitethorn Digital have just announced that the recently released game StarCrossed is set to launch this month on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. This comes after PC release of the game in February.

StarCrossed will be available on both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One when it released on April 29 for $9.99. There is no word if the game is going to release on the PlayStation 4, considering it has been received positive results on Steam since its launch in February.

StarCrossed is an action arcade game that features magical girl aesthetic and cooperative twice centered around themes of togetherness and unity. The game is supposed to be played by two players, and you can play a Story Mode and an endless Arcade Mode.


Right from the start, you get to choose from a pair of five playable characters that each come with their own unique abilities and personalities. As you play, you will see their relationship develop as you travel in this space journey filled with adventure and sparkles. You will be traveling from planet to planet by working together and strengthening your bonds between each other. All towards defeating a looming evil that threatens the existence of the galaxy.

Here are the key features of the game:

  • Cast of 5 playable characters to choose from, each with their own unique ultimate ability!
  • Designed from the ground up for 2 player local co-op! Split controller offers the option for solo play or an even cozier two player experience.
  • Get competitive with Arcade Mode, featuring a global high score leaderboard!
  • Explore the galaxy in Story Mode, with visual novel style dialogue scenes and an epic quest!
  • Original soundtrack of magical and spacey tunes, composed by PearlPixel!

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