Shakedown: Hawaii Gets a New Trailer at PAX WEST 2018

Shakedown: Hawaii PAX WEST 2018

VBlank Entertainment has just dropped a new teaser trailer for Shakedown: Hawaii, a sequel for Retro City Rampage, at the PAX WEST 2018. It shows the amazing action packed gameplay and different environments that will be included in the game. Check out the teaser trailer below before we jump in all the details.

As you can see from the trailer above that the game will take us on a nostalgic trip back with its 90s visual scheme and open world mayhem. The gameplay looks very smooth as you cause utter mayhem throughout the game’s various environments with a variety of weapons.

In the trailer we can see our protagonist exploring a variety of environments such as beaches, jungles, farms suburbs and cities. There will be a large variety of vehicles that we will be able to use in our mayhem ranging from vans, cars, monster trucks boats and other off roaders.

Coming to the weapons, the game features a wide variety of different weapons as we can see in the trailer. In one of the scenes, the player can be seen using a flamethrower to dispatch a large number of enemies easily. There are shotguns, grenade launchers, machine guns and many other weapons to cause mayhem with.

You will be able to acquire properties to expand your empire and aim to become the biggest corporation on the island. You can even use some nasty tactics to make sure that you remain on top such as market manipulation, sabotage and any other thing that will keep the completion down.

Shakedown: Hawaii will be coming on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS VITA, 3DS and Steam. We do have a release year of 2018 but since half of the year is now gone so we can really hope that it launches soon.

We might get a release date during the PAX West 2018 happening right now. We will keep you updated on any developing story relating to Shakedown Hawaii.

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