Rest in Jelly an Upcoming Indie Game for PC in 2018

Rest in Jelly

Rest in Jelly is an upcoming indie game for PC developed by Little Miracles Games. It is a single button platform game that will test your skills as it requires “non-human accuracy” and nerves of steel as said by the developers. The game is expected to be released in 2018.

In Rest in Jelly, you play as Jack, who is a clumsy devil that finds himself in the center of a terrible jelly rebellion in a place called Jelly Land. You must fight the jellies that have plotted for the demise of the world. The gameplay will feature 4 different worlds that you will journey to end the jelly rebellion.

Even though the story seems simple, the developers and the gameplay suggest that it will be a tough game to beat. The developers elaborated that:

We wanted to create a game that dares you to become a platformer king in a different way. We love games where you die constantly and still feel the urge of starting again to get it right. But we wanted to make it even simpler and purer: the main character is always running, so it’s all reduced to your ability to jump, which we believe is the quintessential element of platforming games.

Rest in Jelly – Features

Rest in Jelly

  • Game design at its purest form – An entire game that can be only controlled with just one button.
  • Lots of challenges and dangers – Campaign mode with 4 different worlds and over 50 levels to beat.
  • Stop the Jelly Rebellion – A funny and engaging plot around the jelly rebellion that will lead you to unlock over 10 hidden characters.
  • Wit and ability – Each level will test you: you will need to understand what it takes to beat the level and then you will need to be enough skilled to do it.
  • Multiple modes for 1 and 2 players – “Rest in Jelly” includes 2 solo modes and 2 local multiplayer modes so you can beat those nasty jellies alone or with a friend.

The trailer for Rest in Jelly was shown in 2016 and was announced to be released in 2017, but after some delays the date was pushed further. The developers are now expected to release the PC version of the game in 2018. While the mobile and console versions will follow at a later date. You can follow the devlog updates for more news and updates.

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