New PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Specification Details Reportedly Revealed

PS5 Xbox Scarlett

The next generation consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett have already been confirmed to be in development and even though we have heard rumors that they should release by 2020, we have no clear information what these upcoming consoles might offer.

Cradle Games’ technical director Marc-André Jutras sat down to talk about the specifications of the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Scarlett and the following is what he had to say about the next-generation consoles:

I don’t think we will see 16GB of RAM, most games don’t use that much RAM anyway. I think the next generation will be between 8 and 12, probably. What you will see however is probably a good amount of cores. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next gen was Ryzen 2600 or something like that. Because it is really stable, cheap, and has a good amount of cores.

AMD Ryzen is great value for money and this is not the first time that we are hearing that it could power the upcoming generation of consoles. AMD CEO Lisa Su has already confirmed that AMD will power the upcoming consoles but has not talked about the details of the hardware.

Jutras also mentioned that the upcoming consoles will have more VRAM. He talked about how more VRAM is needed for 4K gaming and that if the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett are going to run games at 4K then they will need additional VRAM. He further went on to mention the following:

So if you end up with a 4K buffer, you need four times the VRAM. So I think you will see, you won’t see shared RAM space next gen like you do with the PS4. I don’t think you will see that because it’s a big bottleneck. You’ll see more VRAM to support 4K and 5K and whatever else comes around. Just how much of that? I wouldn’t be surprised if the PS5 had 8GB of RAM and 8GB of VRAM.

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Let us know what you think about these upcoming consoles and what will make you pick one up in 2020.


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