Overcooked 2 Beginner’s Guide – Important Mechanics and Strategies

Overcooked 2 Beginner’s Guide

In this Overcooked 2 Beginner’s Guide, we will share some strategies and tricks with you if you are starting new on this fun competitive game. Overcooked 2 is the sequel to Team 17’s original title and it brings back the same action packed gameplay loaded with tons of new features. This time around, you get tons of new recipes, new features, play modes and stages for you to conquer all while making sure that your friendships survive the ordeal.

Our Overcooked 2 Beginner’s Guide will cover every aspect of the game whether it’s the single player or multiplayer and deliver some of the best strategies and tricks for you so that easily jump into action with your friends. With these tricks and tips, you will be earning three stars in all stages in no time and survive the intense action of Overcooked 2.

Overcooked 2 Beginner’s Guide

Our Overcooked 2 Beginner’s Guide details everything that you need to know about playing Overcooked 2 for the first time.

Overcooked 2 Beginner’s Guide
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Use Dash and Throw

Two of the most important mechanics of playing Overcooked 2 is using Dash and Throw. They are excellent gameplay moves that will help you out in tricky situations. Sometimes the ingredients will not be in reach of all players so to help them out; you will be required to throw items at each other. This also works if you decide to throw the ingredients directly in the cooking pot. They will land in the cooking pot if you do not miss with your aim.

Dash works when you need to quickly get somewhere. All stages are unique in the game and sometimes certain platforms or surfaces will fall down or explode while you are on them. It is best to use dash on them to quickly get over them using dash. It also helps when time is running low and you want to quickly move around the map. Dash is must use mechanic for any dynamic level.

It is vital that you use these two mechanics as much as possible while playing the game because you will not be able to win certain stages or help other players if you cannot use them properly. Practice using Dash and Throw and you should be fine in the game.

Bring in the Crew

Overcooked 2 is at core a multiplayer game and it is meant to be played with friends. We recommend that you play the game with a full four-player squad to really experience the cooking mayhem that the game is made for. With a full squad, you can easily assign roles to players; you can help each other out or not depending on the situation. This is multiplayer fun at its best.

It is true that the game can be played in single player as well, where you will be required to control two chefs at the same time but the real fun and experience of Overcooked 2 lies in the multiplayer. Bring in your full crew of chefs and have the most unique chef experience of your lifetime.

Learn the Maps

Each map is Overcooked 2 is different and unique and it is vital that you learn them all in order to be more efficient. When a level starts, quickly go through the map, see where the ingredients are located and make a quick strategy with your friends on how you will tackle the map. Since each player will start at their own location, they will be required to do the same for themselves.

Every map will feature certain obstacles and hazards that will hinder your cooking so make sure that you know the places of all such obstacles and hazards so you do not end up in them again and again. Practice on each map again and again and you will eventually know everything about it when you start playing with your friends.

Focus on One Order at a Time

In Overcooked 2, you will get different orders at the same time and a time will come when you will eventually lose track of all orders that you have to deliver. At this time, it is vital that you focus on one order and try to complete them as soon as possible. If you plan on focusing on more than one orders at the same time, chances are that you will end with both half cooked dishes and in the end you will not be able to deliver even a single dish.

Keep your focus and do not get too lost in all the ingredients. Keep you focus on a single at one time and you should be fine. Even if you have to skip certain orders, it is fine. You do not have to complete every single order as it sounds impossible given the amount of work and time needed for a single order.

If you do skip an order, you will get some money cut but it can be recovered later but if you manage to miss most of the dishes because you were focusing on more than one dish at a time and you could not make even a single one, that loss will be much higher than skipping a single dish or two. Always focus on one dish and go for another one if all basic requirements for the first one are met.

Communication is Key

While playing in a party of four, it is vital that all of you are well connected to each other. This means that all of you must be communicating with each other as it can help players immensely. You can ask others about locations of ingredients or ask them to bring it for you.

In all the cooking madness, an effective communication can be the reason behind success and loss. We recommend that all players communicate with each other and try to be as cooperative with each other as possible.

We recommend that you avoid playing with random strangers, as you will not be able to fully enjoy the multiplayer element of Overcooked 2. Bring in your friends, stay connected and experience Overcooked 2 like it is meant to be experienced.

Keep an Eye on Plates

As you advance in Overcooked 2, advanced stages will require you to clean up the plates as well. You do not start the level with enough clean plates and it will not be long before you are required to clean up the plates. As you send out dishes, dirty plates will start coming back after a certain time. Always keep an eye out for them and clean them as they go or you will not be able to send out your order in time if you do not have a clean dish even after cooking a dish.

Pick up the plates and quickly take them to the sink in order to clean them up. Press and hold the throw/chop button to wash them. Bring them back once they are clean. This will not be a problem in earlier stages but keep an eye out for these dirty plates in later stages and they can cause you a great deal of trouble if you forget to wash plates along with cooking dishes.

This concludes our Overcooked 2 Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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