Official PlayStation Music Channel Hints The Last Of Us 2 To Release in 2019

The Last Of Us 2

This year at E3 we witnessed Ellie in action, penetrating enemy territory and brutally killing who stood in her path. Regardless of all the action, Naughty Dog remained silent on release date of The Last Of Us 2. Also, the PSX 2019 will not be staged as confirmed by Sony Executive, hence we are left with the option to wait till the official announcement on release date.

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However, according to official PlayStation Music channel, The Last Of Us 2 will release in 2019. This information comes from a reddit user who spotted PlayStation Music channel uploading videos on the Outbreak day that happened few days back. The interesting part is that the videos were tagged with 2019 as a release date.

The Last Of Us 2

The year 2018 will end in couple of months and since we know PSX is not happening this year, it is safe to assume that Naughty Dog has still lots of work to do for The Last Of Us 2. Hence, it is safe to assume the game may come later in Q4 2019.

The Last Of Us 2 picks up the story after few years of the first game. Naughty Dog says Joel will be also part of the game, however, Ellie will be the most playable character through out the story.

Fans of the game were looking forward for PlayStation Experience so that get more information on The Last Of Us 2. However, since it is not happening, more detail on the information is out of question.

The first part of The Last Of Us sold impressively good. The game earned its name based on solid story and amazing voice acting by Troy Backer for Joel and Ashley Johnson for Ellie.

The game initially released June 14, 2013 exclusively on PlayStation 3. The game was later remastered for PlayStation 4 system and released July 29, 2014. The remastered version was bundled with the base game and The Last Of Us: Left Behind DLC.

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