There Will be No Faction Rallies or Trials of the Nine in ‘Season of the Forge’ Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Black Armory downloadable content will become available December 4, 2018 across all three platforms. There will be new additions in Season of the Forge. Also, two key features will not return in Season of the Forge.

Community Manager Cozmo confirmed in a Reddit thread that Faction Rallies and Trials of the Nine will not return in Season of the Forge. The two modes are from Destiny 1 and they continue to be a part of Destiny 2 up till now.

Bungie Community Manager mentioned that due to waning popularity, the modes were pulled ahead of Season 4 and it’s likely we won’t be seeing them until March at the earliest.

The achievement ‘Meet an emissary from beyond’ in Season of the Forge update requires you to play Trials of the Nine. Players questioned that if there will be no Trials of the Nine in Season of the Forge, how will we unlock the achievement. Community Manager Cozmo replied that they are adding a new way to complete this achievement that will be available with the Black Armory patch.

Both of the events will not be available till March 2019. Bungie has promised to keep Destiny 2 fans updated whenever the Trials of the Nine and Faction Rally modes will be planned to return. We will keep you updated.

Destiny 2 Black Armory downloadable content is brining in new Exotic weapons to the game. So far, the team behind Destiny 2 has confirmed names and first perks of the four Exotic weapons. There will also be a fifth Exotic weapon that will make its way into Destiny 2 Black Armory but the team did not mention its name. They said its an unnamed ‘favorite weapon’.

Destiny 2 Black Armory downloadable content is also bringing new Pinnacle weapons to the game. They will not be easy to earn, their quest line will require a lot PVP and PVE dedication from you.

Are you playing Destiny 2? Are you looking forward for new Exotic weapons? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.

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