Nintendo’s Original Mobile RPG, Dragalia Lost – Gameplay, Release Date

Dragalia Lost

Nintendo has announced to launch its first original mobile game called Dragalia Lost. Co Developed by Cygames, this RPG will be released on September 27 for iOS and Android.

Dragalia Lost takes place in a place called Kingdom of Alberia, a place where dragons and humans lived together in harmony. You play as the Seventh Royal Prince in this role playing game. It is up to you to save the kingdom from monsters as the Sacred Shards lose their power and ability to keep the monsters away from the kingdom.

Your character is not alone as you have the dragon’s blood in your veins and you must rebuild the pact between dragons and humans, which has not happened in centuries. The Prince that you play with will need to bond with Midgardsormr, a dragon who once held a pact with the founder of the Kingdom of Alberia.

Dragalia Lost – Gameplay

The battles that take place are in real time that requires you to tap and swipe at enemies to defeat them. Slide to move and tap to attack are your basic movements that allow you to dodge and counter an attack.  The enemies are highlighted by a red marker in the game.

You can also use skills and abilities to your advantage in a battle by transforming into a dragon once you have filled up with crystals. You can collect these crystals by destroying enemies. There are also several dragons that you can unlock that each has unique abilities.

There are also boss fights intervals during the game that get difficult to beat during a battle. Once their overdrive meter fills up, the bosses become much stronger. To counter this, the more you attack, the more damage it will deal to the enemy of the boss fight.

Lastly, Dragalia Lost supports four player co-op in all the quests that you take. In addition, developers have also announced that there will be multiplayer events in the future where many players will combine in a fight to take down a massive enemy.

Dragalia Lost – Release Date

Dragalia Lost is set to be released on September 27, 2018 for iOS and Android, in the US and some East Asian countries followed by a release worldwide. You can also pre register now where you can get a chance to receive 1500 Wyrmite as an in game gift item.

Are you looking forward to this Nintendo’s original mobile title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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